The hawks pay Vick’s stock price

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick faces charges of animal cruelty and sponsorship of dogfighting operations across state lines, but his legal troubles are the least of the concerns facing the Atlanta Falcons franchise. . Though Vick ultimately faces jail time if he’s convicted, what happens between now and then could affect the organization for years to come.

The indictment puts the Falcons in an awkward position. There are many people who were outraged by the lurid details of the torture and abuse the dogs suffered at the hands of Vick and his associates, outlined in the 18-page indictment filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District. of Virginia. There is some expectation that the team will take a hard line against Vick. Others plead for Vick to have his day in court before public opinion crucifies him.

Formally, the latter is also the opinion of the Falcons organization, which wants nothing more than for Vick to stand trial to prove his innocence, if possible. Truth be told, the outcome of the legal action probably won’t make a difference to the team from a business standpoint. If Vick is found guilty, he won’t play for the team anyway. And even if Vick is found not guilty, he has already poisoned the team’s season just by being charged. Maybe that’s unfair to Vick, but that’s exactly what happened in a short time.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank issued a statement that read in part: “This is a complicated and emotionally charged matter.” And furthermore, although he didn’t say it explicitly, this is also a no-win situation for his team. Vick is his star player, the face of the franchise, and he’s been a big draw for ticket sales since the day he was selected first overall in 2001. And there’s also a financial consideration. He is owed $6 million this year alone in salary. Blank must find some way to balance what Vick represents as the star of the organization against the consequences if Vick simply plays as much of the season as he can.

The problem is that if Vick plays, he will draw the ire of protesters throughout the season, as well as considerable attention from fans and media alike. Every Falcons press conference, every Michael Vick news story will mention the indictment and the trial, whether Vick is ultimately found not guilty or not guilty. And what if the Falcons have a losing season? Suddenly, that scrutiny is exacerbated to the extreme.

The alternative may come down to a quiet deal between Blank and Vick. Blank also said in his statement that “there are a wide range of interests and legal issues that must be carefully considered as we move forward, including our need to respect the due process that Michael is entitled to.” While it may seem like Blank would rather wait for legal action to conclude, he may also ultimately indicate a gentlemen’s agreement that Vick would take the season off, likely paid leave. This is also a less than ideal solution. The Falcons traded quarterback Matt Schaub to the Houston Texans. Heading into the season, they have Joey Harrington and Chris Redman to back Vick up.

Regardless of who steps up to replace him, releasing Vick may not be an option for financial reasons. Vick will have $13.57 million against the salary cap this season and $15.1 million in 2008. Because of his 10-year contract and a $37 million signing bonus, the Falcons would save virtually nothing to release him in either year.

And none of this takes into account the consequences that will affect the Falcons tangentially. It already started after an announcement by National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell that Vick would be allowed to practice and play with the Falcons while federal investigators continue their case against him. The activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals immediately issued a public protest and will take its complaint in person to the league’s main office today. PETA spokesman Dan Shannon called the charges against Vick “staggering” and there is talk of boycotts against the Falcons organization and/or the NFL itself if Vick is allowed to play. The Humane Society has also said that he will protest in some way.

Also, after the indictment was announced, Nike brought out a line of exclusive shoes bearing Vick’s name. The Air Zoom Vick V has been shelved indefinitely, though Nike’s other Vick-branded shoes will continue to be available at retail stores.

There will be more of this type of reaction as companies and other athletes strive to get as far away as possible from the negative stigma Vick’s actions have placed on him, the Falcons and the NFL. Some people will wholeheartedly support Vick. Others will claim that he is being singled out for his status as a high-profile athlete. But all these things are really beside the point. As NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy put it succinctly, “We are disappointed that Michael Vick has put himself in a position where a federal grand jury has returned an indictment against him.”

That’s right, guilty or not, the price has already been paid.

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The Injustice of California’s Record Sealing Statute

If you were arrested and tried for a crime where there wasn’t even “reasonable cause” to believe you committed the crime, you may be left with a criminal record that can prevent you from getting a job, housing, volunteering in your children’s classroom , and other basic things that people with clean criminal records can do. All this damage comes from a crime you clearly did not commit.

California Records Sealing Statute, Penal Code Section 851.8. is designed to prevent this gross injustice by allowing people who are found not guilty to have all records of the arrest and court case sealed and destroyed. In most situations, the statute successfully balances the state’s right to preserve information against an individual’s right to preserve its reputation. However, in a large number of situations, wrongfully accused people are left with lifetime damages caused by arrest records or court cases in which they were innocent, but the statute allows the records to be sealed.

The California Department of Justice (CDOJ) maintains a complete criminal record on every person who has ever been arrested or charged in court with a criminal offense. This report is commonly known as a rap sheet or background report. Among other things, the rap sheet shows the date, place, and reason for the arrest or court case. Even if a person is found not guilty or charges are dropped, the record of the arrest and any court cases are shown on the person’s rap sheet.

Unlike reports kept by credit bureaus or the Department of Motor Vehicles, which only show negative history for a limited number of years, once something shows up on the CDOJ rap sheet, it stays forever; unless the person successfully petitions to have the record of the arrest and trial sealed. A successful petition to seal a record with a clean expungement of any evidence of the arrest or court case from the CDOJ rap sheet.

The CDOJ will only release the rap sheet to authorized state agencies for limited purposes or to the person who requests their own rap sheet by filing a petition, submitting fingerprints, and paying a nominal fee (to the which can be waived for people who cannot afford the fee). . Despite an apparent attempt to prevent the rap sheet from being released publicly, rap sheets are widely used for private purposes. According to a 2006 study by the Society for Human Resource Management, 80 percent of medium and large employers conducted criminal background checks to screen prospective employees. That’s 26 percent more than in 1996. Rap ​​sheets are often required by a wide range of other people and organizations, from owners to little leaguers.

Information contained on rap sheets often determines which applicant gets things like housing, employment, or the ability to interact with their children. There is no law in California that prevents these decisions from being made based on arrests or charges for which the person was factually innocent. Consequently, it is good public policy that rap sheets are accurate and do not contain information that could unduly prejudice an individual. California’s record sealing law provides most wrongfully accused citizens with a way to clear their criminal record of negative information.

The procedure is established in section 851.8 states:

“In any case where a person has been arrested and an accusatory plea has been filed, but no conviction has occurred, the defendant may, at any time after the dismissal of the action, apply to the court which dismissed the action to determine that the defendant is factually innocent of the charges for which the arrest was made.”

If the individual is successful, the status indicates:

“The court will also order the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the crime and the Department of Justice to request the destruction of any arrest record they have turned over to any federal, state, or local agency, person, or entity. Each state or local agency, person, or entity within the State of California that receives such a request shall destroy its arrest records and the request to destroy such records, except as otherwise provided in this section.”

One of the main problems is that statute does not expressly allow partial sealing of an arrest record. Courts have yet to interpret PC 851.8 as allowing “surgical removal of certain portions of arrest records.” people vs. Matthews 7 CA 4th 1052 (1992). So, if an individual charged with two crimes is found not guilty of one of the crimes and guilty of the other, no part of the record can be sealed. Consider this scenario that leads to an unfair and unexpected result:

A couple is having a heated argument. A neighbor who fears violence calls the police. When the police arrive, one of the suspects, who is in a fit of rage, wrongfully accuses the other of sexual assault. Police arrest those accused of sexual assault and disorderly conduct. An hour later, the accuser calms down, loses his anger, and retracts his testimony to the police. The wrongful charge of sexual assault is never brought to court. However, the defendant goes to court and pleads guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct and is sentenced to a $200 fine. Unknown to this defendant, and most defendants, is that there is another sentence they will face for life. Every time someone else looks at your rap sheet, they will see that the defendant was arrested for a felony sexual assault. The defendant will have to spend his entire life waiting for people to believe the negative history explanation on the rap sheet and dealing with the likelihood that he will cause unfair harm.

This unfair and unexpected outcome harms the individual and society by placing major lifelong obstacles in the way of a person trying to reach their personal and professional potential.

Legislative history makes it clear that the legislature found it unfair for a citizen to be placed on an arrest record for a crime that was not committed. There is nothing in the plain language of the statute or in logic to suggest that the legislature would tolerate the unjust charging of one charge simply because the defendant is justly charged by a separate charge.

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The Jagons of African Democracy

“There can be only one kind of democracy and that is democracy that recognizes certain pristine notions…” (Muyiwa Falaiye).* Democracy undoubtedly remains the best form of government in Africa. As a result of the dictatorial leadership of our colonial masters, it is logical to return power to the people, after independence. In general and general terms, democracy refers to a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is a form of government that empowers the people, and that is what Africa needs. Unfortunately, democracy has been altered and excessively polluted here in Africa.

Africa pretends to practice Western democracy, while the political modus operandi is “African democracy”. In other words, while other continents practice Western democracy, Africa has settled for “African democracy.” This gives us a dichotomy between “democracy in Africa” ​​and “African democracy”. The first is Western democracy unaltered, while the second is democracy intertwined with African cultural values.

Historically speaking, the status quo in most African nations was the practice of African democracy. Apart from our communal social configuration, African democracy existed, even before the advent of our colonial masters. In pre-colonial African societies, African democracy allowed the ruling “party” to view the opposition “party” as an enemy. An enemy that will seek any means to destroy the ruling ‘party’. But when the British came, they introduced their own Western democracy which allowed the opposition party to act as checkmate to the ruling party. Furthermore, in this type of government system, the opposition party is expected to make constructive criticism of the ruling party, not destructive criticism. In fact, this type of system was alien to most African societies. But unfortunately, particularly during the early post-colonial era, this pure democracy that the British introduced was abandoned and most African countries practiced half of this democracy (which led to the practice of African democracy today), or none of it. . It was at this point that Western democracy became excessively contaminated with cultural values.

Due to the wide spread of this African democracy, ordinary people no longer have a voice in politics. African democracy is simply full of inequality, corruption, nepotism, etc. Perhaps that is why most African countries are underdeveloped today. As a continent that recently freed itself from the clutches of colonial dictatorship, African democracy is not what we need right now.

At this point, it is paramount to add that I am not advocating the complete eradication of our cultural values. Rather, I am advocating the complete exclusion of our cultural values ​​from our politics. There is nothing wrong with our African cultural values. But amalgamating cultural values ​​with Western democracy implies giving a grotesque vision of the very concept of democracy. For example, our cultural values ​​demand that we respect our elders, and young people have no part in the discussions or dealings of our elders. In fact, a young child has no right to question the opinions of our elders. In a Democratic setting, this is stark inequality. Democracy demands that all those involved in the political institution of their society have the same rights, regardless of their age. As you can see, there is a conflicting gap between our cultural values ​​and Western democracy. Other examples of these cultural values ​​include the godfather (a political figure who determines who rules, and is also often worshiped by young “godchildren”), the power to rule is in the hands of a specific class of wealthy people, and so on. .

My point is that democracy must be a government of equality, free from all forms of patronage, and where people have the same rights to participate, either directly or representatively, regardless of their age. Therefore, democracy should not be situated or practiced within the limits of cultural values. To do this amounts to distorting the very concept of democracy. Unfortunately, this is what is being done here in Africa.

Democracy is a government of the people. They decide the kind of ruler they want. However, some scholars have argued that democracy is not the best form of government for Africans, and the reason for this is the high rate of uneducated people in Africa. But this also means that African leaders must take up the task of providing an environment conducive to learning, adequate learning facilities and more establishment of schools and higher institutions. When this is done, the illiteracy rate in Africa will drop dramatically and Africans will elect their leaders in a completely democratic environment.

Western democracy is the best form of government for Africa. But the practice of African democracy, enmeshed with cultural values, is like sticking a dagger into a man’s chest. In the end, the man will die. Therefore, something must be done. We cannot stand by and watch this continent drift. “The biggest problem facing Africa now is the absence of ideology” (Franz Fanon). We need to think, provide ideas and act on these ideas. Our founding fathers of independent Africa (Azikwe, Nkrumah, Senghor, Peter Abraham, Awolowo, Hastings Banda, Jomo Kenyatta and George Padmore) expressed ideas about how Africa can gain political independence and acted accordingly. “Evil prevails when good men fail to act.” Therefore, I challenge the youth as leaders of tomorrow to end this African democracy (especially the godfather and political inequality), before it is too late.

Thank you


How to get Low Doc Commercial Loans

Get Low Doc Commercial Loans

Low doc small business loans were first introduced by non-bank lenders in the 1990s. The aim of these loans is to offer fast, convenient financing to small businesses and self-employed individuals without the need for financial statements or extensive documentation. The loan application process for small businesses can be lengthy and cumbersome, but the new breed of lenders recognise that the risk associated with lending to established businesses is far lower than many lenders would initially think.

When applying for a low doc loan, it is important to remember that most of these loans come with arrangement fees, which should be factored into your cost/benefit analysis. It is also important to choose a realistic repayment schedule for the loan. You should use projected income to work out a reasonable repayment schedule, which will help you avoid any issues in the future. However, before applying for a low doc loan, consider contacting a lender for a free quote.

Another option is to apply for equipment financing. This type of loan involves getting a quote on a new piece of equipment or a large sum of money for an existing piece of equipment. The lender will often front most or all of the cost of the equipment, which secures the loan. As long as you have a healthy income, this type of loan is easy to apply for and approved within a few days. A few lenders even don’t require financial statements or tax returns, making it easy for you to qualify.

How to get Low Doc Commercial Loans

The maximum loan term depends on the lender. Some lenders offer a 1 year, three year, or 25-year loan term. Others offer a longer term of 25 years, with no annual evaluations or rollovers. You can apply for a low doc loan for as much as $100,000. However, if you don’t have all the necessary documentation, you may want to consider a low doc business loan instead.

Many people find it difficult to obtain business finance from banks or other institutions. They have low credit scores or fluctuating incomes and may not be able to provide adequate documentation. Luckily, there are low doc lenders available that can provide the necessary funds. With a low doc business loan, you can easily get the funds you need for your company. If you need funding for your business, check out Universal Finance. They provide Low Doc Commercial Loans at competitive rates.

When applying for a low doc small business loan, make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions of the loan. Make sure to check the APR carefully, and do not agree to an APR that is significantly higher than you would expect. As a general rule, the lowest APRs are available only to those with excellent credit. However, the actual APR varies widely depending on your credit history, the amount of money you need, the loan term, and the lender.


What Kind of Whisky is Macallan?

Whisky is Macallan

You might wonder: What kind of whiskey is Macallan? Listed below are a few things to consider when choosing your next bottle. Macallan whiskey is an excellent example of a single malt. While it is not the only brand to feature this distinctive style, it is one of the most complex. To determine its quality, you should try a few of them to see which one you prefer. Read on to learn more!

The Six Pillars of The Macallan whisky are the hallmarks of a great whiskey, and the company is no exception. Its 485-acre estate serves as the spiritual home of the brand. To produce their unique whiskies, the Macallan uses small stills to concentrate the spirit and give it its characteristic rich flavor. A very small portion of the spirit is used to produce their single malt whiskey, which matures for at least 18 months in oak casks.

In 1824, Alexander Reid obtained a license to start his distillery. He called the distillery “Macallan,” and began to blend malts. By the mid-1980s, the company was making so much money from single malt whiskey that it created a collector’s market. Eventually, they began releasing bottles of their 60-year-old brand. The whiskey quickly became one of the best-selling labels.

What Kind of Whisky is Macallan?

Speyside whisky is known for its rich heritage and its ability to stand the test of time. It is matured in American oak bourbon casks and is blended with European whisky to create a unique blend. Speyside whisky never fails to please. Its abundant natural resources make it possible for the distillery to endure for centuries. It is also home to a thriving community, whose lives revolve around making this fine Scotch.

The distillery is nestled on the banks of the Spey River. Speyside is home to most of Scotland’s distilleries. It is also the home of Speymalt, the second most popular single malt in the world. Speyside is one of the five regions where whisky is made. Macallan has opened a new distillery in Speyside to showcase its new visitor experience.

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of a Macallan bottle. Obviously, the brand’s whiskies are produced using the finest barley, increasing the final product’s cost. In addition to evaluating barley constantly, Macallan invested in its own strain to use in making its whiskies. The result is a whisky that has a distinct flavor and mouth-feel. The high-end brand sells for as much as $250, making it an excellent investment for the connoisseur.


Where to find babysitting payroll services

There is a lot to consider when it comes to hiring a babysitter. Not only will you have to do a thorough search to find someone with whom you and your children feel comfortable, but you will also have to deal with a lot of administrative tasks when you become an employer.

This can be especially daunting if you’re a busy parent without a lot of free time, so you’ll need to find someone who can help you complete the necessary tasks with minimal effort, in time for your new hire’s arrival.

Fortunately, there are specialists who can help you meet your payroll obligations. They’re also surprisingly affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget. Most of these services have been designed for parents, by parents, so you know you’re in good hands.

Online payroll services are tailored to meet your needs. You can also buy an employment contract, which is the first thing you should think of when hiring a new employee to work at your home – UK law stipulates that you must provide a legal employment contract within two months of to your start date.

However, your obligations do not end there: you must also pay your nanny’s weekly or monthly salary, including taxes and national insurance contributions. To stay on top of these responsibilities, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of an expert who can help you meet your obligations quickly and efficiently.

In addition to adding taxes and national insurance to your employee’s salary, you’ll also need to make employer contributions. To manage the payment of income tax and NICs, it is necessary to establish a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme. This is the system HMRC uses to collect contributions from an employee’s pay as they collect their earnings.

A payroll service will cover setting up your PAYE scheme and registering you as an employer with HMRC, so you don’t have to worry about finding time to do these things yourself. In addition, the company you hire to take care of your payroll will also provide you with monthly or weekly payroll so you know how much to pay your nanny.

Once the service has been set up, if there are ever any changes to your employee’s salary due to sick pay, maternity pay or a change of personal details, you will be able to contact an advisor and they will implement the changes for you. .

You will also receive quarterly statements establishing income tax and national insurance for you (the employer) and your nanny. This is required by HMRC to show a summary of each salary amount you have paid, including your tax liabilities.

The service will also cover your annual statement, which will be sent to HMRC summarizing your payroll figures for the year on your behalf. The company will then prepare a statement for your employee showing their pay detail and the taxes that have been deducted during that annual period.

The company will also take care of any paperwork if and when your nanny ends their employment, thus keeping you covered throughout your entire period of employment. It’s nice to know that she has this kind of security when she has so many other commitments to handle.

Nanny payroll services are usually provided by professional experts with years of experience in the industry. Many of them are parents themselves, so they will have first-hand experience of the challenges of looking for child care. If you haven’t found the perfect employee yet, a recruiting consultant can also help you conduct a successful search.

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The biggest problems with knives and cutlery

Looking back, knives were first used millions of years ago as essential tools, first made of stone and flint. It was through technology that he has developed blades made from copper, bronze, steel, ceramic and titanium along with the practicality of flint as an effective cutting tool. These have inspired the production of a wide range of different patterns and styles of modern blades that we know today.

Generally, we see different versions of a knife depending on the culture and origin, but still, the useful feature of the knife made it the best time-passing tool in the hands of cooks and chefs. Different types of kitchen knives provide different efficiency and precision when cutting different types of food, but we didn’t know that the biggest problem in almost every home kitchen is dull knives. Many people find it the biggest obstacle in the kitchen.

In almost every kitchen of my friends that I go to, I see different types of knives, but very few are sharp. The only kitchens I have been in where there are sharp knives are the ones where the meat butlers are selling meat and the ones where no one is cooking and where the knives and cutlery are kept inside the drawers. If most of your kitchen knives are dull and you don’t sharpen them regularly, even on high-end cutlery, your knives are almost certainly dull.

The myth says that a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. This is because using a dull knife requires excessive force to cut through the food, which can slip and cause injury to the user. A sharp knife cuts food finely requiring only a little force, so cutting becomes much easier along with good knife control, and the user is more likely to be safe. Since kitchen knives dull over time, you just need to take better care of them by sharpening them regularly. It is also one of the ways we can make our knives useful and durable.

Another thing the knife myth says is that it must have a full tang. This will probably work for heavy-duty knives forced to cut through thick leather and firewood, but not for kitchen knives that are generally only designed for delicate cutting of soft food ingredients. On the contrary, it will give you trouble getting full tang knives, as these are rarely high-end kitchen knives, or even full tang stainless steel knives. In short, learn about the types of knives you need most so you don’t fall for the marketing hype.

Another thing that is both true and false is that knife sets are better than individual knives. Although you get more metal in a set compared to buying the same pieces individually, large sets usually come in a large number of knives that you won’t use. On the other hand, you can use the other metals when the tools become dull, dirty or broken. So, you can buy a set of premium knives, cutlery and accessories or get individual pieces of premium chef’s knife, small vegetable knife, carving knife and bread knife, both of which can be considered the best deals.

Having a professional set of knives, cutlery, graters and mandolines in your kitchen, I don’t think you’ll ever have a problem working with them. That is if you spend most of your life in the kitchen.


Guide to Low Cost Auto Insurance Quotes: How to Find and Compare Different Policies Online

The best way to get affordable auto insurance is to first shop around for quotes, then take the time to compare them. Learn about the companies that offer quotes and decide which one offers everything you need at a price you can afford. Since there are many companies that claim to offer low-cost car insurance quotes, you’ll need to learn a little about each one before making a decision.

Don’t just look at big-name insurers, either. There are smaller local auto insurance companies that offer affordable quotes. And, because they are smaller, they can provide more personalized service to their customers.

Liability-only auto insurance will always be the cheapest option, as it is the absolute minimum coverage required in each state. However, it only covers things like property damage and medical bills from the other people involved in an accident for which you are responsible. What about your own medical bills? How do you get repairs for your own vehicle? These are comprehensive/collision insurance coverage options you’ll definitely want to consider.

Finding low-cost car insurance quotes isn’t just about finding the lowest monthly payment, and should only be considered if you have an older car that isn’t worth the money you pay to insure it. However, you’ll still want to factor in your medical costs. Another thing to think about is what would happen to your family’s finances if you were seriously injured in an accident and unable to work for an extended period of time? Some insurance quotes will include solutions for this as well.

Low cost car insurance quotes with good deductibles and premiums

As with any type of insurance, there is the debate of premiums VS deductibles. The deductible is the insurance company’s way of having the policyholder share some of the responsibility for an accident. The lower the deductible, the higher the premium, and vice versa. Decide what would be a better solution for your needs. If you’re not sure, ask your insurance agent or financial advisor for advice.

You can also do a little math on your own. If you opted for a higher deductible, how much could you save with a lower premium? Would the amount of money you save be equal to your deductible in case you have an incident and have to pay some of the repair costs out of pocket?

Regardless of what you decide, you may still be able to save a lot of money with discounts. Each company offers a variety of discounts, and there’s a chance you could qualify for at least one. One place you can go to find good deals and low-cost auto insurance quotes is esurance. You can start by working with a “Coverage Counselor” to find the best coverage. Also, check Esurance discounts – there are plenty and you just might qualify for one.

Digital Marketing

Micro Niche Finder – Secret Formula for Competitor Strength Calculation

Micro Niche Finder (MNF) is an excellent keyword analysis software. For each niche market, you get a list of similar and related keywords. For each keyword, you get local and global search counts, Google search trends, exact phrase counts, ad cost, online business intent, backlinks measure, and SOC: search strength. the competition. This parameter is crucial to correctly estimate the effort required to be successful with this keyword.

For a profitable micro-niche, you need phrases with high search volume (lots of people searching for this word) and weak competition (small number of pages related to it). Search volume needs no further explanation. It is the number of monthly searches. More searches mean more potential visitors, more visitors means more chances to sell items or services. However, the number of pages related to your target keyword can be used to estimate the competition, but the number itself says little about the content on the competitor’s pages. Fortunately, Micro Niche Finder provides an additional feature to estimate strength of competition (SOC).

This SOC parameter is a simple number. If it’s below 50, it’s green, which means weak competition and little effort is needed to rank high for this keyword. Higher SOC values ​​mean more effort is needed to rank higher. If you click on this SOC number, you get three additional parameters: inanchor count, intitile count, and inurl count. These three parameters are directly related to the Google search operators, in fact, they are exactly the operators used in the search query. In this way you get the number of pages where your target keyword is present in the anchor text of a link, in the title of the page or in the URL. The question is how is the Strength of Competition parameter calculated?

Here’s the secret formula: the SOC parameter is the intersection of the pages with the three search operators. Simple as that. In other words, the parameter strength number displayed in MNF is the number of pages that have the target keyword in the page title, URL, and anchor text at the same time. The MNF searches up to 1,000 results. This is the actual query example for the keyword “long domain name”:


This is a part of the Google search query URL, you need to enter it in the browser’s address bar after

As you can see in the query parameters, the starting number is 900 and the num parameter is set to 100 to get the actual number of intersecting pages up to 1000. The best way to test this formula is to enter the query in your browser and try it with your keywords.


Parenting daughters: tips to improve the mother-daughter relationship

Raising girls who feel valued in a society that portrays the feminine in less than desirable terms can be a real challenge. These tips are great reminders and relationship builders for mother-daughter pairs, though with a little healthy forethought they can also be used successfully by parents:

1. Keep communication open and flowing

Communication is such an important piece in building any relationship and is critical to the parent-child relationship. Despite this, when my daughter was in that pre-teen stage, she started to withdraw and act like someone I didn’t like. She truly believed that she was the problem and a part of me even swallowed the idea that this stage was inevitable. As we got further away, I realized that she was giving in to a societal belief about pre-teen girls and not following my heart.

I scheduled an appointment with my rolling-eyed daughter so we could sit down and have a very open, heart-to-heart conversation. I told her that she had never been a parent to a teenager before and that she really didn’t know what she was doing most of the time. I discovered that I was at least half the problem (correcting her, giving her homework when she walked into the room, sharing unsolicited advice) and that what she really needed from me was acceptance, information, and honest communication. That day I changed from mother to mentor and what a difference she has made.

To help with these moments of ‘open discussion’, it can be helpful to set up a Girls’ Club where no topic is off limits and no repercussions are experienced from what is shared. This gives her daughter the opportunity to verify what her friends are saying, gain access to her wealth of knowledge (without a lecture), and gives her the chance to discover that she really doesn’t know all the answers.

Sharing your experiences with your daughter does not ‘spark ideas’ or give her permission to make the same mistakes you did; it simply opens the door to trust and openness between you.

two. Talk freely about negative stereotypes.

Openly discussing how women are portrayed in movies, magazines, billboards, etc. increases connection, self-awareness, and opens the door for great discussions.

An activity you can do with your daughter is to look at magazines and talk about who looks happy, who looks real, speculate about why she isn’t happy, etc. When my daughter and I had these conversations, they led us into a discussion about her Bratz dolls, teen behaviors in shows, and of course Barbie.

Dove provides some videos on how far the means will go – removing blemishes, changing hair, altering facial features and even lengthening the neck – in an effort to create natural beauty! This leads women to strive for an unattainable version of beauty as if it were physically possible. Talking to her daughter about this can prevent eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and make her the go-to person for important information.

Another great topic to discuss is the Divine Feminine and how this beautiful energy, required by all of us to live a balanced life, has been downplayed and portrayed as weak and undesirable.

You can search together for information on this topic and enjoy the beautiful and positive impact it can have on both of your lives. Simply put, the Divine Feminine is what allows us to gracefully receive, connect with others, fully embrace pleasure, and care for others. It’s a huge topic and worth learning more about.

3. Focus on loving and accepting your daughter as she is

When you love someone unconditionally, you accept who they are even when they don’t behave exactly how you’d like them to. You won’t always agree with your daughter, and sometimes you may not really like the way she’s behaving. As her father, she is always in her right to set limits and provide guidance. Only do this while still accepting and loving your daughter for who she is.

Acknowledge your very real responses to your daughter as you progress through the different stages. When you don’t like the way she’s behaving, ask yourself: is she a safety issue or a moral threat? If so, enforce her boundaries without attacking her as a person and stand by her decision. If not (which is often the case), allow him the space to be who he is, make his own mistakes, and live with the consequences.

You won’t always like or relate to the way he behaves or the decisions he makes, but you can allow him the space to fully live his experience without fear of rejection or ridicule from his strongest supporters.

Put your energy into focusing on what you have in common and enjoying those things together. Host a spa day, either at a spa or in your own home. Enjoy face masks, hair treatments, body scrubs, pedicures, all of which can be done on a shoestring budget. Take a walk, play a game, bake, or make a meal together. Find something you’re both willing to participate in and make it happen.

Take this time to talk with your daughter about what’s going on in her world and share some of the stories you remember from that time in her life. This is not an interrogation or a lecture, but an opportunity to really connect and build something special.

When you spend time with your daughter and keep communication open and flowing, you’ll find that your relationship flourishes instead of drifting apart at a time when you really want your guidance to be effective.