NASDAQ Dozen – How to Research Stocks Easily?

Just In: NASDAQ tells investors the best ways to research stocks before buying

NASDAQ, which stands for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations,” is the No. 1 screen-based electronic stock market in the US and the second largest in the world in terms of market capitalization. NASDAQ raked in more trading volume than any other stock exchange anywhere. So when the NASDAQ issues guidance or advice, you need to know.

Recently, NASDAQ has published a report, where they have recommended how investors should carry out detailed research before buying a stock. NASDAQ recommends 12 steps to thoroughly analyze a stock, and has called it the NASDAQ Dozen.

What is the NASDAQ dozen?

NASDAQ Dozen is the 12 steps to research any stock. These steps are,

1. Income
2. EPS or earnings per share
3. ROE or Return on Equity
4. Recommendations
5. Surprise earnings
6. Expected growth
7. Earnings growth
8. The PEG relationship
9. Industry Earnings
10. Days to cover
11. Operations carried out by persons with privileged information of the company or use of privileged information
12. Measurement of the rise or fall of the stock, or the weighted Alpha

Here is a detailed explanation of the NASDAQ Dozen to analyze a stock.

Income – This one is quite simple and refers to the income earned by the business.

EPS – EPS or earnings per share is a mathematical calculation arrived at by dividing the company’s earnings by the total number of shares. The EPS of a good stock is always high, but also check if the EPS is increasing or not.

ROE – The total profit or loss after taxes and interest, and divided by stockholders’ equity. NASDAQ recommends stocks where ROE has risen for at least the past two years.

Recommendations – What do the experts say about this value? Since they are investigating all the time, it makes sense to find out.

Earnings surprises: Results are announced every quarter and analysts will always forecast earnings or EPS for the next quarter. Now, if you find that the actual EPS is more than what was predicted, then you can conclude that this is a good stock to buy.

Forecast Growth: While it’s important to know past earnings, you should also know what the experts are saying about future growth prospects.

Earnings Growth – This is a projection of expected earnings growth over the next 5 years according to stock analysts.

PEG Ratio: The ratio is obtained by calculating the stock price, the EPS and the expected growth of the company. NASDAQ is asking investors to pick those stocks where the ratio is less than 1.

Industry Earnings: The company’s earnings should be compared to other companies in the industry to get the big picture. If you find that the company is doing better than the industry average performance, then you should go ahead and pick it up.

Days to Cover: How many days will it take for short sellers to cover their positions? Of course, this should be based on the trading volumes of the shares.

Insider Trading: An analysis of whether members of the company are buying the shares or not. If the managers are confident, they will buy the shares themselves.

Weighted Alpha: This is an assessment of the stock’s rise or fall over time.

Home Kitchen

The importance of kitchen countertops

Remodeling your kitchen will not only cost you a ton of dollars, it will also cost you time and a lot of effort on your part. She will spend a lot of time in department stores looking for the best countertops to fit her dream kitchen.

This article will help you choose which countertop will be best for your remodeled kitchen. There will be a discussion of the price, durability and quality of the countertops to help you decide which countertops will be good for you and your pocketbook.

Although stainless steel countertops can be overpriced, sometimes as high as $200 per square foot, they are of good quality. They are sturdy and are very durable. They are very easy to clean. Also, stainless steel can make a good impression in your home when visitors come to see it.

For decorative purposes, you can purchase granite or marble countertops. They range from one hundred dollars and are also very durable. They make beautiful countertops and most kitchens today are filled with these types of countertops.

Synthetic countertops such as corian and silestones are the next alternative if you have a tight budget. They’re easy on your budget, but they make a great addition to your kitchen. Just be sure to consult a few people who are knowledgeable within the kitchen so you can make the right choice.

For those who are already stretched thin on their budget, you can opt for Formica or laminate countertops. They are cheap but they are not that durable when it comes to the wear and tear that goes on inside your kitchen. They can range from $20 to $25 per square foot.

Laminate countertops are the easiest to clean but do not have as desirable effects when it comes to aesthetic properties. It will also be a huge responsibility for you when it comes time to sell your home.

Check out the different department stores and home improvement stores so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


Hydrogen Car Kit – The Shocking Truth About A Hydrogen Car Kit!

A hydrogen car kit is the method of choice for smart people who have taken it upon themselves to educate themselves on a technology that has enabled them to say “no” to relentless oil companies and price gouging cartels using the oldest trick in the book: “offer and demand.”

Regular men and women like you and me literally laugh because they have understood the real story about a fuel source that has been available for decades. This powerful alternative to high gas prices has been kept out of the public eye so that big business can make huge profits and wield geopolitical power at the expense of an ill-informed public year after year.

The fact is, a hydrogen car kit will allow you to run your car, SUV, or truck on a combination of water and gasoline. Do you want to learn the secrets behind this incredible technology, or would you rather continue to believe that it is impossible and just another scam designed to separate you from your hard-earned money?

Let me clarify what this article is about; we mean technology that has been around for about 80 years. Hydrogen gas, which is converted from water, when mixed with gasoline/diesel will create an energy source that is 3 times more powerful than traditional fuel. Did you know that gasoline is only 20% efficient? The other 80% (of your dollars) is spent in the atmosphere as harmful emissions. Speaking of waste!

Installing a hydrogen car kit will increase your fuel consumption rate by up to 50%. Some vehicle owners have reported improvements of up to 100%, with some adjustments to the system. What makes this fuel saving method so attractive is that it can be installed in any type of vehicle, regardless of whether the engine is gasoline or diesel. Take a look at the following information.

1. How does this hydrogen and gasoline/diesel combustion process work?
A small container of water in the engine area in a place that is safe. Then you have to fill the container with a little baking soda, and direct a small amount of electricity into it, which can be obtained from the car battery. The water molecules split into hydrogen and oxygen and will give rise to what is known as Brown’s gas, HHO, hydroxy, or hydrogen.

This HHO gas will then be injected into the intake manifold where it is combined with conventional gasoline. The fuel will burn more completely and effectively.

You don’t need to make any corrections in your car’s computer system and it works well with the fuel injection system and carburetor.

2. Buy a hydrogen car kit online
There are many reputable companies online where you can buy the pre-assembled kit. They are quite expensive in my opinion, $400-$500 and up depending on the vehicle. It’s much more cost effective to buy the manual and assemble the kit yourself or let your mechanic do it.

3. Do it yourself: Converting your vehicle is cheap and easy!
You don’t need a lot of money, specialized parts, or skills to install a hydrogen car kit. You can probably find some of the parts at home and probably at your local hardware store. Some of the items you will need are baking soda, a sealed quart jar, a vacuum hose, an automobile fuse, and some electrical wires. There are excellent, easy-to-follow guides that can be downloaded from the Internet. Take a look at the following link. You won’t spend more than $200, and that’s the max! If you can use a screwdriver and wrench, you can handle the project.

Reflect on what you just read for a moment and ask yourself the following question. Do I want to continue paying high gas prices and follow the “herd” when the solution I need is “knocking on my door”? You’ll save thousands of dollars on a single vehicle. If you have two or more cars, you are interested in a significant amount of money that can go back into your household bank account, and not into the coffers of oil companies and the auto industry.

Installing a hydrogen car kit is a no-brainer, and I didn’t get into the other benefits that will save you even more money for an investment of several hundred dollars and an afternoon. You really owe it to yourself to take a serious look at this system; it will revolutionize driving as you know it.

Digital Marketing

Boosting Website Ranking: A Simple Technique That Works

We all want to have good rankings in Google, it’s no secret. The better we rank, the more traffic we receive and the chances of our business making a profit also increase. This article explains a technique that can help your site rank better in Google.

The technique:

Google is a search engine that wants to give its users the best possible experience, they hold their search engine to the highest standards. They want everyone to have instant gratification when using their search engine.

One way to earn the respect of the big “G” is to register your domain names for more than 1 year. Yes, this has come up in many SEO communities and many have agreed that having a domain name, registered for more than 1 year, gives instant credibility with Google.

If you register your web address for 5-10 years, it tells Google that you are in business for a long time and will stay more than 1 year and will not go away. This builds trust with the super search engine and will give you an SEO boost.

By doing this, you won’t instantly rank at the top of Google results. All of these little factors add up to good rankings in the end. The next time you want to register a domain name, why not do it for 5 years and show Google how serious you are about providing quality business on their search engine? They will give you an on-page SEO boost and you will be ahead of your competition.

As I mentioned in my other articles, you still need to do proper off-page optimization for your sites to rank well in the big “G”. Registering your web address for more than a year only makes the chance of ranking better that much stronger.

Health Fitness

Pros and cons of the cookie diet

You might be surprised by the idea of ​​hoarding cookies, like the commercial shows their models do, to get rid of flab, and if you really did, what a delicious and wonderful way to get in shape!

However, market reports of thyroid patients following the cookie diet created by Dr. Siegal suggest that these people with serious weight-related disorders could lose weight by sticking to a simple method of bingeing on cookies that it is light to digest.

All of Hollywood seems to be fascinated by the cookie diet claiming that a significant amount of weight can be lost by following it (30lbs in 8 weeks), enough to guarantee you a fantastic following like no other diet plan to date. enjoyment.

After all, most people who get the chance to be kids at heart would love to trade shopping for standard dietary inclusions and cooking regular meals, in favor of a treat like cookies.

Also, when a plan like this mentions weight loss of a minimum of 15 pounds up to 30 pounds per month, which could transform a borderline obese case into an average individual without the painful and expensive results obtained by methods like liposuction with laser treatment or even hypnosis, sounds appealing.

As a basic overview, the cookie diet consists of eating this low calorie form of diet friendly cookie comprising of 150 calories with 5 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbohydrates in a mix that contains 8 grams of sugar for 4 of fiber. So not only are they great meal replacements to cut calories, but since they’re also available in many flavors ranging from chocolate chip to oatmeal mixed with assorted raisins and lemon, they’re packed with the vitamins and minerals Essential for anyone looking for a wheat cracker pro-treatment instead of standard refined flour and additives. These cookies are enriched with the goodness of milk, eggs and soy to provide healthy benefits for those interested in losing weight.

However, their creator emphasizes that these cookies should be used as part of a low-calorie diet plan, which should be combined with a regular exercise routine for best results. Therefore, it is the restricted calories recommended for people who opt for the cookie diet instead of regular food that works for fast weight loss.

Disadvantages of the cookie diet include allergic reactions to those intolerant to wheat and a considerable amount of soy that is not recommended for men. Plus, doctors advise against giving up the goodness of regular meals for any number of cookies, which could force you to miss out on essential nutrients. (4 cookies is the recommended daily intake for dieters). These also contain appetite suppressants in significant amounts in coconut, chocolate and raisin flavors and can only be purchased at select outlets, for example fat loss clinics (5 in Florida and 1 located in Montreal), which it is a huge disadvantage as it limits access to these miracle weight loss bikkies to those interested who can afford the $400 per month fat loss program they are a part of.

On the plus side, oatmeal raisin flavor is a great tasting and fresh option for dieters who have never had such a tasty treat in the form of weight loss options. It consists of 800 calories and thus satisfies the body’s need to lose weight quickly without compromising regular eating habits as it is meant to work for short periods for specific weight loss needs.

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Student Jobs – Use your skills to earn

Many students consider student papers to be the basis for financing their time in college. The number of potential jobs is very varied, as this article demonstrates.

Wherever you are in the world, going to college is likely to be an expensive affair. Even if you get grants or loans from government agencies, there is almost always some kind of hardship for most students.

Even if this small drop is just about the ability to spend some time socializing, it is still something that is required for a full student experience. Only those with generous scholarships will be able to cover all of their costs; most others need to find one of the various student jobs.

When it comes to finding those student jobs, it can sometimes be a challenging matter that involves looking for work both off campus and on campus. While there may be definite benefits to finding work on campus (making friends, etc.), many people will likely find student jobs in the nearest city.

While cafes, restaurants, and other part-time jobs are common positions filled by students, there are a growing number of student jobs available in positions that are less traditional. There are companies that, for example, match students with companies so that the skills that the students have acquired during their time at university can be used by the company.

These types of setups often benefit both parties. The student gets invaluable experience, while the company that hires them gets high-quality services at a lower price than usual.

When students eventually leave college or university, the experience they gained in student jobs (especially if it’s relevant) can go a long way toward finding a full-time job later on. This experience is often seen as highly valuable because educational systems are so far removed from the realities of working life. In this way, they quickly enter the world of modern business and commerce.

It is a good idea for a student to look at the things they are good at and see how they might fit into the requirements of modern business. Student jobs can be anything from web design to photography, and it may surprise some students to find that their skills are really in demand. When you combine this with a more competitive set of fees, you soon see why profit-conscious companies like the idea of ​​hiring students so much.

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An apple cider vinegar sitz bath to relieve yeast symptoms

An apple cider vinegar sitz bath is a simple way to get rid of yeast symptoms. It is used by many women today to help soothe and reduce the burning and itching associated with a vaginal yeast infection. But not everyone has a sitz bath, and what exactly is a sitz bath, and why apple cider vinegar, anyway? Here you will find information on how to use your bathtub or normal bathtub.

A sitz bath, from the German ‘sitzen’ meaning ‘to sit’, is basically a small bath designed solely to cover the buttocks and hips only. Normally the rest of the body is outside, including arms and legs. Sitz baths have been around for a long time and are ideal for soothing and relieving pain and other discomfort in the anal, vaginal, penile and pelvic areas. Vaginal, penile, and anal yeast infections are obvious examples.

But who has a sitz bath today? Very few of us. But here’s the good news if he’s trying to get rid of his thrush; you don’t need a sitz bath, use your normal bathroom. But first, let’s see why apple cider vinegar is so popular as a home remedy for thrush.

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a home remedy for many ailments and conditions for thousands of years. It is mentioned as such in ancient Greek manuscripts, by none other than Hippocrates himself.

But back then apple cider vinegar was raw and without preservatives. And so today, as a remedy for candidiasis, it has to be raw, undistilled, unpasteurized and unfiltered, without preservatives or additives. Get it at health food stores or some grocery stores. Ask the assistant for help.

Apple cider vinegar is packed with ‘goodies’ like enzymes, minerals, trace elements, etc. And it helps rebalance the acidity/alkalinity, measured by pH, in the vagina, for example, which helps prevent yeast infections there.

Now here’s how apple cider vinegar is used as a sitz bath: Fill your regular bath with enough warm water to cover your hips and buttocks in a sitting position. Add 2 full cups of vinegar and mix well. Don’t add anything else like bubble bath etc! Sit upright in your sitz bath for a minimum of 20 minutes, keeping your lips open as long as you can to ensure maximum benefit. A man needs to pull the foreskin back. Do this twice a day until the yeast symptoms are gone.


Breeding Sibling Dogs Can Spell Trouble

We live in a fast-paced world. Waiting thirty seconds for a web page to load or three minutes for coffee to brew can seem like an eternity – there are always multiple tasks and projects that need to be done right now. Giving ourselves balance in this hectic, fast-paced life we ​​live in means that sometimes we just want something or someone who will always be there for us, will always love us, and will never have a day when they just don’t have time. for us Even when we’re busiest, people still bring puppies and adult dogs into our lives, and these new friends can be just what we need when life seems too hard or hectic.

But you are a sensitive adult, who cares deeply about little Sally. You can’t be home to her all the time and you don’t want her to be lonely. You are fully aware of your chaotic schedule and you are not kidding yourself about how much time you could spend with Sally each day. That’s why you not only brought Sally home, you also brought her sister, Molly. The decision made logical sense at the time. Molly and Sally already knew each other from the same litter. There was no need to introduce yourself, and you could keep each other company while you were away at work. In theory, it seemed perfect. But then you started noticing some behaviors that you didn’t like very much.

Does this sound like behaviors your dogs exhibit?
Instead of strengthening each other as they grow, they will become dependent on each other. You’ll see signs of Molly panicking when you take Sally to the vet without her, or even when you leave the room for a few minutes. Instead of two full dogs, Molly and Sally will grow up to be each “half dog”, completing each other and unable to function as individuals. The consequences go beyond limiting their mental and emotional growth. When dogs fail to fully grow mentally and are not allowed to gain independence and confidence, they can become destructive, fearful, or even aggressive. While Molly and Sally are bonding, this will also inhibit her ability to form the lasting bond she hopes for with you and the rest of her human family.

Once someone discovers that a potential problem is brewing, they do what anyone living in the information age does. They consult the Internet and start googling. Article after article written by trainers with several years of experience, describes in detail what you are likely to experience. Among the things that other owners of sisters, brothers or brother/sister puppies raised in the same household have or will experience:

• One is dominant; the other is shy
• Double aggression towards other dogs
• Inseparable, although seemingly neurotic relationship consisting of dominance and submission
• Antagonism on the part of the submissive, which appears to be unprovoked aggression on the part of the dominant

The condition that Molly and Sally experience is called litter syndrome.

That’s a terrifying list of problems that can occur, all the result of not wanting your new pup to feel alone. At this point, you may have only seen that they seem to panic when they get separated from each other. Unfortunately, litter syndrome is not something that will end once they mature into their own unique personalities. You have two options of what you can do to help Molly and Sally grow up to be independent. The first option, and most sources say the best option, is difficult and involves finding a new home for Molly or Sally. Separating them will give each one the opportunity to grow and not depend on each other. If you have a dear friend who is willing to adopt Molly, almost overnight you will see the changes in Sally and vice versa. But this is a difficult choice, and not everyone is willing to choose.

The second option is time consuming, but necessary if you want to keep Molly and Sally under one roof. You will have to perform a ‘double duty’. Basically, this means that you will have to raise them separately. Separate the boxes, take Molly and Sally on separate walks, and take them separately to the vet. They can play together, but whenever you interact with them, it must be individually and separately. This will only last for twelve to fourteen months, at which point they will be sufficiently established in their confidence and maturity to be fully integrated.

The sooner you make a decision about how you will overcome littermate syndrome with your new puppies, the better. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for them to establish their own identities as they age.

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The disadvantages of the reverse telephone directory

Reverse phone book is the online phone book that allows users with the exciting offer of looking up the identity of cell phone numbers that are completely unknown to them. Few of the websites that provide such a service to users do not ask for any fee to collect the data for them. But it is seen that the servers providing such online service charge a small amount of money in the form of user fees to give the complete and correct information of the person connected to that number.

Due to the advanced technology, it is studied that there are many advantages for users to use reverse phone directory. But at the same time it has its own drawbacks that the user should be aware of.

1) The main disadvantage of reverse phone directory is that anyone who has your cell number can easily look up all your personal data.
2) Yes, there is no privacy for your number in the reverse telephone directory process, providing the security of using advanced technology.
3) In case you have a cell number or an unregistered number, the phone book companies can still list all your personal information such as name, address, your email id, etc.
4) The information is available in a very short time to the user who is willing to pay the money for this simple online service.
5) Sometimes the servers that promise to give the real results turn out to be the fraud, as they maintain the goal only to earn money from the users in the wrong way.
6) Also the information provided turns out to be incorrect information.
7) It is also noted that some of these websites are unsuitable for performing the search for the required number as there is no record of that number in the reverse telephone directory.
8) It is also seen that there is irregular maintenance of the existing numbers.

The demand for such services is increasing day by day. As a result, many hosts have registered your company as the database provider company. All data is manually accumulated or collected from external sources. Mobile phone companies are authorized to forward the user’s mobile number information to registered online servers.

That’s why you should only use a reliable reverse phone directory that consistently gives correct results.

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Review: Hammond World Almanac 2006 World Atlas

Publisher: Hammond World Atlas CorporationISBN: 0843709375

Hammond World Atlas Corporation has partnered with the best-selling World Almanac and Book of Facts to create an excellent and educational publication, Hammond World Almanac 2006 World Atlas.

You can probably call this Almanac the bible of world-class mapping and data with its 200 pages of facts and figures on people, ethnic groups, languages, religions, area, capital, GDP, head of state, and governments. And then there are TerraScape’s 100 pages of digital maps that present three-dimensional relief of land and ocean terrain.

When I looked at the “Contents” section of the Almanac, I was delighted to see that there is a section dealing with map interpretation. How many times have you looked at a map and have no idea what all the symbols or scales and projections on the map mean?

In clear and precise language, the authors of this publication explain what map projections are and explore some of the most commonly used projections. They also present us with a new projection, the Hammond Optimal Conformal.

For those of us unfamiliar with the term map projection, we are told that the challenge cartographers face is projecting the curved surface of the Earth onto a flat plane. Consequently, to accomplish this feat, cartographers have developed map projections or formulas that govern this conversion of geographic data. It is possible to identify each point on the earth with the help of a geographic coordinate grid, and this grid is projected onto a flat surface.

From this starting point, explanations of general principles and terms, how to flatten a sphere, selected examples of projections, conic projection, and Hammond’s optimal conformal are provided.

This initial section is followed by a full explanation of how to use the map section. It is here that we discover how boundaries, name sources, map symbols, colors, labels, and map scales are determined.

Armed with all of this introductory data, we are now ready to examine the maps of the world starting with Europe and North Asia and then Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Africa, Antarctica, South America, and North America. At the bottom of each map there are color codes that differentiate the population of the different cities and towns. There is also a mileage scale indicated in miles or kilometers. Also included are detailed and comparative thematic maps, tables, graphs of each continent, topography, population, land use, mineral resources and consumption.

The final section or the World Almanac Section presents key facts and figures about each nation, such as its classification by population and area, major oceans, ocean depths and islands, rivers, waterfalls, continental altitudes, lakes, reservoirs, dams, highest mountains , temperatures, main languages, rainfall, population growth, energy and environment.

When examining facts and figures about a particular nation, we notice that what is included is the following: topography, capital city, date of independence, type of government, who is the head of state and head of government, GDP, industries, crops minerals, life expectancy at birth, literacy rate and link to country website.

This almanac is a magnificent achievement to be savored and enjoyed over and over again. It fills an educational niche and is a perfect addition to libraries, classrooms, and personal book collections, where vital geographic data is at your fingertips.

The above review was contributed by: STANDARD GOLDMAN Editor of Bookpleasures. CLICK TO SEE MORE Norm Goldman Reviews