Earn easy and beyond your expectations with online trading opportunities

Before launching an online business, the entrepreneur should create a lucrative website that showcases their business goals and the type of products they will offer. The business website is actually the face of the business for those virtual global customers who are consumers or vulnerable customers of the products or services. An attractive, clean and professional website that presents the profile and vision of the entrepreneur will attract the target audience base.

To generate more profit from online business opportunities, turning customers into permanent assets is essential. It is advisable to make the customer happy and satisfied with the products and services offered and misleading the consumer and the customer with false promises and advertisements can become a great disadvantage for the business owner. A cordial and friendly behavior is essential in the virtual deal.

Virtual trading domain is very competitive. Therefore, entrepreneurs must have a deep understanding of the market scenario and the new challenges. One must be creative and innovative in order to introduce a unique business idea or product that will give them an edge over other competitors in the market. Uniqueness is something that goes viral nowadays and leaves a mark for others to follow.

Many start-up ideas are proliferating in the market, but before diving into any business idea, it is important for the founder to identify and know its potential, only then will it be possible to achieve the desired results. Knowing one’s strength and quality will help gather the courage to frame the online business into a successful future venture.

There are many business opportunities in the web world for long-term profitable income. What:

Online Knowledge Exchange – If someone is an expert in your field of expertise, be it teaching, cooking skills, sewing, etc., and is willing to start an online teaching portal, it is a very lucrative business idea. The owner may charge interested candidates for offering courses and study materials.

Online Content Writing – This is a very profitable idea for those who are talented writers. One can write content for various companies, students, and many small businesses who are always in search of quality and creative content writers for their various business needs.

Freelance Marketing: This type of marketing is done to promote various businesses online and is effective if the founder owns a blog portal. The promotion is carried out for various products and services of a company in exchange for the marketer receiving a commission on the percentage of sales.

Web Design: An expert web designer can adopt an online web design business to reach the maximum customer base. These skilled designers are always in demand for their creation. Once their work is appreciated, they are inundated with offers from friends and other sources and earn a profitable income.

Online Retail Store: This is an online business opportunity for creative people who have a knack for designing or who are willing to show off their skill to as many customers as possible. By selling various products online, any entrepreneur can reach the global web buyers earning good income for them.

The web world provides a productive platform for online business. People are tired of running to earn money and after a certain time life becomes monotonous. The thirst to do something different draws them to the Internet, where they look for different profitable ideas to make money fast. Although online startups have great potential to flourish, one should dive into them only after thorough research, otherwise the chances of a failed initiative are guaranteed.

Home Kitchen

Restoration of a fir wood floor

Do you have fir floors in your home that need to be redone?

Fir flooring is one of the most beautiful flooring found in many North American homes. It was one of the most popular types of flooring installed here for many years due to its easy availability.

But fir floors have many unique features compared to real hardwood floors like red and white oak. This means that the appearance and performance of your floor will be significantly different than an oak floor. If you want to be completely satisfied with your floors, it is very important to understand these differences. To get started…

-Fir is very soft-

Fir is 100% more vulnerable to impact damage than red or white oak. The hardwood flooring industry has a guide for determining the density of different types of wood called the Janka hardness scale. This test measures the force required to embed a 0.444-inch steel ball half its diameter into different types of wood. On this scale, white oak is rated at 1360, red oak at 1290, and fir at the bottom with a low 660. Because they are so smooth, fir floors are much more difficult to restore.

Great care must be taken to ensure that the absolute minimum amount of wood is removed during the sanding process. This requires a lot of skill and years of experience. This is one of the easiest floors to mess up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Many fir floors are ruined by very deep drum marks caused by inexperienced hardwood floor restoration companies.

Once these drum marks are made (caused by leaving the drum sander in one place too long), the only way to remove them is to sand the surrounding areas flat to the same depth. This takes decades off the life of a floor and, in cases of floors that are already thin, can mean having to replace large sections with reclaimed wood.

Fir is definitely not the type of floor to practice your sanding skills on.

– Stains or bruises –

Refinished fir floors often exhibit another characteristic called mottling or bruising. The extent of these bruises can vary greatly from room to room and even from area to area within a single room. In high-traffic areas or near the perimeter of a room, spruce often shows darker, blotchy areas. Most of this is caused by many years of foot traffic and wear and tear. The fiber and cell structure of soft fir is very different from that of hardwoods such as oak. As traffic moves across the floor over many years, the spruce bruises and this appears as darker, blotchy areas on the floor.

It is not uncommon to be able to tell exactly where furniture has been placed for many years in a room. You will be able to see a light spot that is exactly the size of a bed or dresser surrounded by a darker area that shows the path of the occupants. Usually there will also be a darker path to the closets and the entrance of the room. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to ensure that this natural appearance of blemishes, bruises, or blemishes does not occur. In fact, the only guarantee it won’t show up is if you install new flooring.

– Your fir floors can be very thin –

Over the years, your floors may have been refinished many times, especially if you have a heritage home built before 1940. Due to numerous sandings, the thickness of the wood eventually decreases and the nail heads begin to chip. see between the boards. If your fir floors are so thin, sometimes finishing isn’t an option and a new floor may need to be installed.

Sometimes, however, this can be a false assumption, especially if only a few nail heads are visible and they are scattered unevenly across the floor. The original installer may not have fully driven the nail and it is now higher in the floor than the rest. Also, these fir floors installed over a ship’s lapped subfloor can be very loose and have a lot of movement. It could be the case that the nail has slowly worked its way to the surface over the years and just needs to be reattached. So don’t let anyone tell you they can’t be restored unless you’re absolutely sure they’re unrecoverable.

Another clue that they may be too thin is to look at the tops of the slots. If they are splitting and breaking, there is most likely not enough wood left to sand. You can also place a knife blade between one of the boards (if there is a gap) and measure how much wood is left. The measurement will be the difference between the surface and the distance to the tab. If it’s 1/8 inch or more, you may be in luck.

– Movement And Squeaks –

Old fir flooring is also much more prone to shifting and squeaking than other types of hardwood flooring. This is due to the way they were installed and the fasteners used. Back then, screws were not used to fasten the subfloor, or ship lap as it is called under these types of floors. The lap of the ship was attached to the beams with nails. (If your house is old enough, they can even be square head nails.) Then the tongue-and-groove fir floor was blindly nailed to the ship’s lap.

Over the years, through many winters and summers, her house settled and the ground settled and moved along with it. Especially in high traffic areas, the spruce and lap of the boat will often come loose from the nails, causing these areas to shift and possibly creak.

Movement and squeaks are normal on these beautiful vintage floors. If you don’t have squeaks, consider yourself one of the lucky few. Attempting to repair this type of movement can be extremely expensive. This involves very carefully removing the existing flooring to expose the lap of the boat, which then needs to be properly screwed down. It is not an easy, fast or cheap process. It is much better to accept this as part of the character of your floors and get used to it.

– Wide spaces –

Another characteristic of fir floors is that they often have large gaps between the boards. This has a lot to do with the settlement and movement described above. As they contract and expand over the years, the boards can slowly pull apart and leave gaps between the joints. Many painters trowel the putty over the entire floor to fill these gaps just as they would an oak floor. But this may not always be in your best interest with spruce.

Because these floors can move so much, dry fill will have a hard time staying in place. In addition, the spaces between the boards will be full of dirt and debris that have accumulated over the decades and this will further interfere with the adhesion of the filler. Loose fill will chip into the surface of the newly finished floor, scratching it and shortening its life.

Fir also varies greatly from board to board with respect to color. Some boards will be very red, others a lighter brown, and others will have significant streaks of light color. Because of this, no fill color will match perfectly. Always keep these points in mind before deciding whether or not your floors are candidates for backfilling.

Many of these older floors are also in need of repair due to previous sloppy renovations such as removing walls etc. Make sure reclaimed antique fir is sourced from the same era as your floors to match as closely as possible. Unfortunately, the new spruce is nothing like the old spruce from years ago. If you use this new flooring to patch areas on your floor, they will stand out like a sore thumb.

So there you have it, the soft wood, the bruises, the movement, the squeaks and the gaps are all part of the charm, beauty and character of these beautiful vintage floors. If you accept these features for what they are, then you’ll love these floors as much as we do.


Run Your Car On Water – Exploring Alternative Fuel Sources

In these times of ever-increasing fuel prices, many people are exploring alternative fuel sources that can help them reduce fuel costs and help solve environmental problems like air pollution and global warming. If you’ve heard of technology that can make your car run on water, here are some things you might want to know.

These cars that can run on water are actually hybrid cars that can run on gas and water. These are often called water hybrid cars and have been around for some time. These are also called green cars as they also go a long way in reducing air pollution and global warming.

One of the main benefits that you can obtain with a water hybrid car is the reduction in your fuel costs, since you will be reducing your fuel expenses. It will also improve your mileage and with a clean fuel source running your vehicle, it will also help increase the performance and life of your engine.

With hydrogen from water as part of your fuel, it will also help you reduce your maintenance costs and make your car’s performance much smoother and cleaner. By driving a ‘green vehicle’, you also have the incentive of getting a refund from the IRS.

If you are interested in how you can run your car on water or if you are interested in how you can make your own hybrid vehicle, there are many manuals and guides that you can use to be able to convert your car to a hybrid. a. These hybrid water vehicles actually run on hydrogen from water.

In fact, you can find some conversion kits that will allow you to modify your car’s engine and allow it to burn hydroxy that has been extracted from the water through electrolysis. With this technology, you can use hydrogen to partially fuel your car while still allowing it to run on gasoline.

Although this hybrid vehicle doesn’t completely eliminate emissions and air pollution, it will dramatically reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, pollution, and of course, it will really help you lower your fuel costs.

This hydrogen hybrid fuel technology gives people hope to choose a better and cheaper fuel source. However, this water fuel technology is not new. It was even used during the world war with the use of water fuel injections and was even used in the early 90’s to experiment on various machines.

In fact, this technology in hydrogen hybrid fuels can be very beneficial in these days of rising fuel costs. If you are interested in how to convert your vehicle to a hybrid, get a good manual on how to convert your vehicle’s engine. You can also get conversion kits that you just have to set up to extract that hydroxy to power your hybrid vehicle.

Digital Marketing

6 ways to increase sales after the holidays

Your Business Guide to Beating Post-Vacation Fatigue

It’s no surprise that people shop more during the holiday season. A report from Adobe Analytics found that consumers spent $80.3 billion — and that was online alone — from November 1 to December 6, 2018.

If you were lucky, your business enjoyed great seasonal success.

But whether you’ve made a big profit or experienced a dip in holiday sales, there are ways to increase sales in January. I am sharing 6 of my favorites:

1. Launch another sale.

While customers may feel post-holiday fatigued after an overwhelming number of Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, and Boxing Day deals, you can still reach your target audience with a tempting winter discount.

Here’s a good example: Home and clothing retailer Anthropologie is having a winter sale on all sale items. By taking another 40% off items that are already at a reduced price, they are enticing customers and removing old stock to make room for new spring inventory.

Remember that your fans are smart, so be authentic instead of just putting a sale sign on a poorly selling product or calling a small discount “winter clearance.”

2. Bind New Year’s resolutions.

No matter what product or service you’re selling, there’s probably a way to tie in the “New Year, New You” angle.

A 2018 survey by Tangerine found that nearly 70% of Canadians have made resolutions. More than half of those surveyed focused on improving their physical health and almost a third wanted to improve their financial management.

So start by thinking about how your product or service improves:

  • Financial, personal or professional success.
  • health or wellness
  • Confidence or self-esteem
  • productivity
  • Relations

Then, brainstorm ways you could incorporate New Year’s resolutions and goals into your sales program to avoid a post-holiday sales slump. For example, we created a publication for one of our clients, using personal success in 2020 to drive sales of their book Crash Course in Human Resources for Small Businesses.

3. Create a buying guide or blog.

While we tend to pay most of the attention to Christmas, don’t forget that people want gift ideas all year long.

According to the 2019 Holiday Shopping report, 47% of surveyed gift shoppers didn’t know what to buy. To turn browsers into customers any time of year, guide your visitors. For example, you can create a list of the top 10 popular gifts for teens or moms, or highlight the most popular gifts for Father’s Day.

People will be less overwhelmed and more likely to add an item to their cart with a little guidance, which can really help you boost post-holiday sales.

4. Update your newsletter subscription.

With so much going on in the life of a small business owner, it can be easy to overlook this important marketing tool. Are you offering an ebook that has been active for years with a newsletter signup or promoting an outdated promotion?

Take a look at your e-newsletter subscription page and think about the year ahead. Is there a way to make it more attractive to attract leads and sales?

Maybe you could create new content, like an ebook or video tutorial, or offer a free consultation.

5. Improve your social networks.

If you gave your social media accounts a festive touch, now is the time to take down the decorations, so to speak. Even if you didn’t add any Christmas flair, now is a great opportunity to reflect on the messages you’re posting.

While you shouldn’t update your logo or branding just because it’s a new year, at least do a sweep of your social media to see if you need to change/add:

  • Your business hours and location on Facebook and Google My Business.
  • Old tweets pinned to your Twitter account.
  • Images for Google My Business and Instagram.
  • Profile photos for all your social media accounts.

While you might argue that this isn’t a direct way to increase sales after the holidays, you’d be surprised! If you have old assets gathering dust or can’t be bothered to change a Christmas sign on a social media platform, people may wonder how efficient and trustworthy your small business is.

The Right Reasons to Rebrand Your Company Logo

Over time your business will grow and evolve. You can offer new services or products, enter different markets, or target another demographic. If this happens, you may need to consider changing your marketing graphics.

However, you need to be careful not to undo all the hard marketing and branding work you’ve put in and to fully understand how to rebrand for the most effective results. Read more on our website.

6. Get creative with celebrations throughout the year.

There’s a long list of January “holidays” you can check out online to help you get started. As you take note of relevant dates throughout the year, there are sure to be some fun ways to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

You could offer a discount, a free gift or a promotion related to what you sell. Here’s a delicious example: Italian chain Carrabba’s Italian Grill celebrated National Pasta Day last year with a $10 pasta deal.

One of my favorite examples is what WWF did for World Penguin Day (April 25th coming up!). They shared an informative article “Top 10 Emperor Penguin Facts,” with a call to action to “adopt” one of these lovable waddling birds.

This campaign wowed us so much that we adopted some ourselves! Since the Emperor Penguin is our official mascot, why not?

No, we didn’t get our own penguin, but we did get a plushie, regular updates, stickers, and other cool stuff to support the initiative.

There is no reason why you should wait and accept a drop in sales after the holidays. While we tend to focus a lot of our marketing (and staffing) energy on the festive season, we need to remember that our customers are still out there! They want to hear from us in a meaningful and relevant way.

With a little planning and creativity, you can overcome post-holiday fatigue and set your small business up for a prosperous 2020.


Little Boy Gan, by: Lisa McDonald – Book Review

“The Beginning” is how Lisa McDonald ends her book, a technique that completely caught my thoughts by surprise and reverberated the lessons of her story in my mind. Passion-Filled Everland’s Little Boy Gan is a creative collaboration of indelible images coupled with a timeless story that results in a delightful literary asset for any personal collection or library.

Perfect for reading to a child before bed, or for anyone to take a few minutes throughout the day, McDonald taps into the timeless power of gratitude to amplify awareness of the moment and accentuate the smaller things in life that, according to her, have the greatest enjoyment.

Within the enchanted forest of Everland is a cast including a talking willow, a caterpillar, a deer, a frog, a goose, a turtle and a squirrel who ask Gan the same question: “What makes you glow with happiness? ” Drawn by Gan’s glory of being, each of the characters learns a lesson derived from Gan’s peace, love, and gratitude. Gan’s bounce on his walk contributes to his happy thoughts; his kind words come from feeling comfortable inside his own skin; his humble stillness allows him to listen to the universe. These are all very important Zen techniques of self-realization, and by reading this book, children can develop these skills by watching the lessons Gan tells his fanciful friends.

One can’t help but slow down and think how peaceful Everland is, as the visuals create an angelic vision of the characters’ interaction. Illustrative viewpoints float whimsically in perspective and are zoomed in using highly creative art. Gan is humble and clear with his answers to questions as to why he is so happy. Those answers are found in everyone; only in Gan’s case, he understands the “why” at such a young age, showing other youngsters that wisdom at any age can be achieved if given time for quiet meditation. One learns to appreciate the blessings that the “here and now” creates.

This book is one of a series of other children’s books written by Lisa McDonald. In Little Boy Gan, she created a piece that stands on its own merits for its integrity, but fits into her message of other works like a puzzle for young minds to make sense of life’s lessons. It is a spiritual book although it does not mention God, a philosophical book without citing the eastern prophets and a classic of the image in soft but detailed illustrations.

In the competitive children’s book market, Lisa McDonald has established herself as a visionary author capable of linking illustrations to concise yet powerful messages, poetically using phrases and dialogue to convey lessons on building self-confidence and wisdom in children. Small children.

Health Fitness

The Snowball Effect: Weight Loss and the Snowball Effect!

Almost everyone reading this article will have experienced the situation where the weight they lose keeps coming back; this is actually a very common problem that people experience with weight loss and it’s called the snowball effect. This is the most frustrating problem you’ll experience in weight loss, but luckily there are things you can do to help you overcome this effect and beat it.

How to beat the snowball?

Drinking Water – This is probably the most important aspect of any diet; You will not be successful in losing weight without drinking a balanced amount of water! Water helps flush your body and gives your stomach that full feeling; this will help you control cravings.

Exercise – This is also a very important aspect of any diet, you need to exercise, it will help your body lose weight and help make you healthier.

Stop consuming alcohol – If you are in the process of losing weight or dieting, you will need to stop consuming alcohol, this will help improve weight loss dramatically! Alcohol is a dehydrator and you will gain weight, come now, if you want to lose weight, you can do this!

Eat smaller meals – By eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day you won’t be as hungry during normal meal times resulting in less food and your body will be able to work with that easily and quickly, remember to eat more healthy too, eating healthy will do wonders to combat the snowball effect!

Don’t eat late: Don’t eat too late at night, this will put pressure on your body when you go to sleep and your digestive system will go into sleep mode. Eat between 6 pm and 7 pm to give your body enough time to convert food into energy, when you feel hungry, drink water to calm the feeling!

Avoid Diet Drinks – Don’t be fooled by brainwashing marketing campaigns into thinking that diet soda is great to use when on a diet, this is false, cold diet drinks will definitely help the ball effect. snow settles in your diet, wreaks havoc and you won’t know where it’s coming from!

We can go on and on about how to combat the snowball effect but for this article we will stick to these tips, you can do some research yourself or just sit still and think about it for a while, I am sure you can get a lot of other ways. to combat the snowball effect. The snowball effect is nothing to get derailed from, stay focused on your weight loss goals and with a few simple things you can do like the few in this article, you can eliminate the snowball effect! Get out there and take your diet seriously, you can do it!

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Herxheimer’s reaction

So, in the last few days I have been shockingly reminded of how bad I could feel. In fact, I had made significant progress over the past several months since having my mercury amalgams removed. I was on the road to recovery and enjoyed the benefits. I was able to do activities that were once too much for me to even think about. That was until today! Boy, what a rude awakening. Last night I went to sleep with a headache. I could barely think or do anything. I was watching a movie, not really looking at it, as if I was hypnotized. I couldn’t work. My head ached and I was very tired. I fell asleep just as I went to bed that night. During the night I woke up about 5 or 6 times to go to the bathroom. Every time I had a headache, I was dizzy and parched. I probably drank 1/4 gallon at night alone. His mouth was cotton like you couldn’t believe it. I felt my heart beat out of my chest. Just walking to the bathroom took my breath away. Every time I woke up I was covered in sweat with a dull roar of nausea. Several times I swear to you that I was about to fly to pieces. I was in and out of my weird sleep state every 2 hours or so. It was horrible. I had the craziest dreams/nightmares, and not just one, but a few. It was weird. The next morning I woke up with a massive headache and feeling dizzy. I did my daily routine and started eating breakfast. Halfway through I got nauseous and stopped eating. I felt sick. I headed to work. When I walked in I was breathing like I had just run a marathon. During the morning I urinated almost 6 times. I did not do any work. It was hell on earth once again. Back to my old ways.

I began to think “what could have triggered such a sudden onset of feeling so bad?” So then I fallen in reason. I had just started a regiment of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) 3 days prior to improve my skin and kill off some Candida that I had let take over while I cut back on my low carb diet. diet (I love potatoes). “Uhh…” I thought. I was having a Herxheimer reaction, dieback or herx. And it was a bad one. I haven’t had one in a long, long time, so I guess it was due. I started taking too much MSM (0 grams a day to 2 grams a day). I didn’t even think about going gradually. I got a little arrogant, I guess. Regardless, I’m writing this to share the effects of extinction and the symptoms they produce, so you know what to expect when introducing new natural supplements to your daily regimen.

The Herxheimer reaction is the release of endotoxins after the death of a large number of bacterial, fungal, or parasitic organisms. During a herx. the amount of endotoxin released far exceeds the body’s detoxification capabilities, resulting in “fever, chills, chills, hypotension, headache, tachycardia, hyperventilation, vasodilation with flushing, myalgia (muscle pain), and exacerbation of skin lesions” . This sounds so familiar, especially the tachycardia that was really freaking me out. My heart was probably at 120 BPM while I was sleeping!

When you start experiencing a herx. reaction should immediately begin a detoxification protocol. Actually, if you plan correctly, you may be able to completely eliminate herx. reaction of your healing process. If you start detoxing before adding a new supplement, that could kill off a whole host of pathogens, which may be safe from a herx. reaction. If you gradually increase the dose of your new supplement, you can also be safe from a herx. Personally, I feel that herx feeling. sometimes it’s a good thing, reminding you that the new supplement is actually doing what it’s supposed to do. It is a blessing in disguise.

You can expect a herx. To last from a couple of days to a few weeks. They should not be felt for more than 2 weeks, however in some extreme cases this can happen. I’ve only had a few that last more than 3 days. Generally, when you start to feel a withdrawal reaction, you should decrease the dose to a lower amount until the symptoms are more manageable. Once symptoms begin to subside, you can increase the anti and take more of the supplement, eventually reaching your desired dose.

A good way to help your body eliminate endotoxins is sweat, water, and vitamin c. Make sure you drink about a gallon of water a day. Take a detox bath at night before bed. This bath includes 2 cups of Epsom salt and 1 cup of baking soda. You can add a little lemon or lavender if you feel the need for a little aromatherapy (it always helps). Don’t make it too hot because this will add more load to your body. Soak in this solution for 30 minutes. When you go out, drink plenty of fluids and then go straight to bed. In most cases, you will be so tired that it will be difficult for you to get to bed. Also, be sure to get plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants throughout the day. Taking 1 gram of vitamin C every few hours is a good idea. This will help your liver remove toxins. Don’t forget to take your daily dose of milk thistle to support your natural biological filters. Remember to eat healthy and avoid sugars and caffeine. Get plenty of fresh, natural air. Go for a walk; try to keep your mind off the symptoms. Thinking about it only makes it worse. I would not suggest pain relievers or over the counter medications during a herx. These just plug your natural detoxes and make things worse.

In general, a Herx reaction can be very painful and discouraging, especially if it comes out of nowhere like the last one did. It can make you feel very bad for several days and affect your emotions and mental progress. Keep in mind that it is only temporary and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. When you get there, the bluest of blue skies will be revealed. You will feel clearer and pain free. It’s a nice surprise. Your energy will improve, your brain fog will calm down, and your overall sense of well-being will be greatly improved.


Saving and Restoring California’s Historic WPA Mural, Richmond – Industrial City

One would think that Victor Arnautoff, the artistic director of the sprawling murals at Coit Tower in nearby San Francisco and protégé of Diego Rivera, would garner some respect. But even an important oil-on-canvas mural (on the wall) commissioned by the US Treasury Section of Fine Arts for the downtown post office in Richmond, CA, painted by Arnautoff in April 1941, was ripped unceremoniously from the wall.

Records show that during a post office lobby renovation, the historic 6′ 6″ X 13’4″ WPA mural of “Industrial City of Richmond” depicting prominent people and places in Richmond… was considered, at the time, so historically important…and Arnautoff was a leading figure in the New Deal art projects, a national federal program!

Apparently it languished, undetected in the basement of the building for nearly half a century. Then, in 2014, staff at the Richmond Museum of History and Culture learned from longtime member Fran Cappelletti that a mural had once adorned the lobby of the Post Office. Executive Director Melinda McCrary took charge of the search for this important large painting that had been “lost”. Her search took her to the post office janitor and they found a huge triangular box in an unlit room, the tag clearly identifying it as the missing mural. This was exciting!!

Although appreciated by knowledgeable museum staff, getting action by USPS authorities was a different matter. We even had to deal with flooding at the base! When the box was finally opened, there was a collective sigh of relief as he realized that although there was a water stain on the outside of the box, the mural scroll seemed unaffected.

No Controversy Over This Once-Missing Arnautoff Mural
While recent controversy erupts over a mural in a San Francisco medical center as to whether valuable historical murals from the same period as this Arnautoff mural should be saved, there is no doubt at the Richmond Museum of History and Culture that the The city’s heritage is documented and is a legacy of valuable public art. The active historical museum hasn’t embraced the lazy fundraising techniques of begging with a tin cup in hand, but, thinking outside the box, has implemented a vision of community engagement that has been both fun and educational.

On Tuesdays, October 20 and November 10, Scott M. Haskins, the art conservator chosen for the mural’s restoration, in collaboration with the Museum of Richmond, will host a Zoom webinar to showcase, not just the community, the interesting pieces of this history and restoration, but also offers a super engaging educational presentation on what attendees can do on their own to “save their stuff” or preserve collectibles, family heirlooms, and family heritage at home or in the office. Mr. Haskins is a world-renowned author of several books on this subject and he makes it so much fun.

“This is captivating work that captures the diversity of Richmond, a working-class community,” says Melinda McCrary, executive director of the museum. “A wide range of occupations, ethnicities and landscapes demonstrate what life was like in those days. Richmond was a working-class American community.” It is a celebration of life that was created especially for this community.

When the Russian-born Arnautoff painted the mural, he was one of the most prominent and influential members of the San Francisco art community. Between 1932 and 1942, he completed 11 public murals, the best known of which is City Life (1934) at Coit Tower in San Francisco. The Richmond Post Office mural was Arnautoff’s last mural of this size and the first time since Coit Tower that he chose to depict a mix of city folk going about their daily business. His mural depicts life in Richmond beginning in 1941, when the United States was on the brink of World War II.

Restoring an artistic treasure: mural of the industrial city of Richmond

The striking WPA mural was finally declared lost after it was unceremoniously removed from its historic post office in the 1970s. Having found its home at the Richmond Museum of History and Culture under the enthusiastic care of Director Melinda McCrary, a great effort was made with the museum board to find a mural expert to preserve, restore, and install the mural for the enjoyment and education of future generations. I like it.

Scott M. Haskins, art conservator and author, and his team at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories were chosen as the “A” team. All conservation treatments of the mural are done with the idea that the mural will last for generations to come. When a paint company tells you their best quality paint, they mean it will last 10 years. We think in terms of generations, a century. Everything we do has the long-term future in mind,” says Haskins.

He is careful to point out that they (the art curators) are not artists and do not do anything creative. What they do is painstaking work that requires some detective work to determine how and why the original materials used in the painting crumble and how they respond to conservation treatments. “The art conservation process involves knowing how the artwork reacts to the environment.” Haskins and his team were trained decades ago in Italy and have an impressive history of experience restoring prized artwork and murals here in the US.

He points out that the government’s goal in funding art like Arnautoff’s was
establish a legacy. “It was meant to be the artistic mark on our community,” he says. “From a social consciousness point of view, it’s definitely worth saving.”

While art “restoration” might make one think restorers are painting over something, Haskins says they don’t even have oil paint in their lab. Instead, they work with special paint made for art conservation that can be easily removed, if needed in the future, without damaging the original. They use cotton swabs and work on one color, one dot at a time. They are touching it up with a very small brush with just a few hairs, one dot of color at a time. Then they apply the custom varnish in many very thin coats, first with a brush and then with a spray gun to make it very even.

Haskins says the Richmond mural visually appears to be in good condition, but “the drama and traumatic effect of removing it from the wall has taken its toll.” Especially since the glue used in those days is hard as a rock. And the mural needs to be cleaned. “We’re looking to have zero impact on causing more stress. We have to stabilize or cancel the stress in painting from the past,” he says.

Richmond’s Arnautoff Mural presents interesting conservation and restoration challenges. Haskins says that around World War II, there were a lot of new inventions and the war fueled new technologies: paints and varnishes, glues, resins, like for warships, radiators, new building materials, etc. “If the artists found a spare can of paint, they used it. As we get into our tedious and demanding work, we don’t discount the fact that the artist might have used some kind of random non-art paint. We’re hyperactive.” . -vigilant.”

Haskins shares Melinda McCrary’s commitment to preserving the mural: “The idea of ​​preserving our heritage and understanding our legacy is very important to the community,” she says. “Richmond doesn’t have a famous cathedral, but we do have things that spark or ‘trigger’ our memories. People tell stories that perpetuate the value and importance of the times. And this mural is not just a decoration or as an image on a book. It’s a bird’s-eye view to jog your memory.”

On both Tuesdays, October 20 and November 10, Scott M. Haskins, in collaboration with the Richmond Museum, presented a Zoom webinar to show, not only the community, the interesting aspects of the history and restoration of this mural, but also to provide a super interesting educational presentation. about what attendees can do on their own to “save your stuff” or preserve collectibles, family heirlooms, and family heritage at home or in the office. Mr. Haskins is a world renowned author of several books on this subject and made the learning process so much fun.

Richmond’s restoration as a factory town was completed in October 2020.

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Keemun Black Tea From China – Caffeine Content, Health Benefits And Other Properties

Keemun is a type of Chinese black tea, originating from Qimen County of Anhui Province, China. This article provides an overview of the caffeine content, health benefits, and other properties of Keemun.

Keemun is produced primarily in Anhui province, but Keemun-style teas have also begun to be produced in nearby Hubei, as well as in Jiangxi and even Taiwan. Keemun is generally described as having an earthy aroma, and its overall character is quite different from Indian and Ceylon teas. My personal perspective is that Keemun has a richer, warmer quality, often reminiscent of dried fruit and, in higher grades, a nice touch of wood or wood smoke. These teas are rich and full-bodied, and are among my favorite black teas.

Caffeine content:

Although you may be looking for more specific information, it is difficult to generalize about Keemun’s caffeine content. Although primarily originating from one region and sharing certain aspects of production, Keemun is quite diverse and comes in different grades. However, as a general rule of thumb, Keemun is often on the moderate to high end of caffeine content, among teas, meaning it still has considerably less caffeine than a typical cup of coffee. Historically, Keemun has been used in breakfast blends, where highly caffeinated teas were desired.

Health Benefits:

Keemun has been the subject of direct scientific study in association with weight loss in animal studies. However, there is only a small amount of research that pertains specifically to this variety of tea, so most of what can be said about Keemun must be gleaned from general studies on black tea.

Although green tea has a stronger association with purported “health benefits” in the US public consciousness, this association may be biased by historical factors. Much of the early research on tea and health was done in Japan, where tea is synonymous with green tea. Further research has found substantial evidence that black tea is also healthy. In the absence of more research looking specifically at Keemun, it seems reasonable to conclude that Keemun likely has a similar number of health benefits as black tea.

High Quality Keemun Localization:

My recommendation, if you want to buy the best Keemun, is to buy only loose sheets. My experience is that the best Keemun is usually sold by companies specializing in Chinese tea. Because they store relatively well, Chinese black teas, even those of considerably high quality, tend to be relatively inexpensive, with all but the highest grades (Keemun Hao Ya A and B, and Keemun Mao Feng) costing less. $10 for about 1/4 pound of gold about 100-125 grams. Some companies, including Rishi Tea, Arbor Teas, and Little Red Cup, sell Fair Trade Certified Keemun, produced in Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangxi provinces, respectively.

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Guide to select an Arcade Video Classics Multi Game Multicade

Hello! Are you ready to get much more for your investment in video games? Then start thinking about the latest trend: multiple arcade games in one cabinet, generically known as a multicade.

That’s right. Now, you can have several, not just one, classic games in a video game cabinet.

Instead of just, say, Ms Pac-Man in one Ms Pac-Man game cabinet, now you can have Ms Pac-Man, plus Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong and dozens of other classics all in one cabinet.

There are many possibilities for multiple games available in the market. Here is a brief description of some of the most common:

1. Multicade. The original Multicade system consists of a computer and game discs. However, the manufacturer is no longer in business. But, the system still exists, and there may be a new company that has taken over the brand.

Name multicade it is now commonly used to describe almost all multi-game setups.

2.Ultracade. Ultracade is another multi-game platform that features various classic arcade games emulated on PC hardware running a proprietary operating system and emulation code. The company is no longer in business. And the name ultracade it is also sometimes used generically.

3. Arcade Classics 60 in 1. This is a JAMMA printed circuit board (PCB) featuring 60 classic arcade video games.

4. Capcom 18 in 1. Are you a fan of head to head fights? Then check out Capcom’s multicade.

5. Choice of game 10. The Nintendo PlayChoice 10 system can be upgraded to play dozens of classic games.

6. Neo Geo. SNK’s NeoGeo Multi-Video System (MVS) is a widely available cartridge-based multi-game system. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary.

7. 1940-in-1 Multigame JAMMA System family of games. Yes, that’s right: 1940 games and many of the best too. it’s a monster

8. MOM. The MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator) is a computer system capable of emulating practically all arcade video games. This multi-chain setup is usually done only by very dedicated hobbyists.

9. Williams Classics. Several of Williams’ classic games (Joust, Defender, Stargate) are available in a dedicated cabinet.

10. Meeting of Ms. Pac-Man Galaga. This is a great dedicated game featuring two great classics. The game’s PCB (Printed Circuit Board) can be installed in any cabinet, including a Ms Pac-Man cabinet or a Galaga.

11. Multiple JAMMA PCBs. It is possible to install multiple JAMMA gaming PCBs in one case and switch between them.

12. Modified Ms. Pac-Man. It is possible to modify a Ms Pac-Man PCB to be able to play Pac-Man as well, and in the fast or slow version of both.

13. Galaga Switch Ms. Pac-Man. It is possible to add any of the game PCBs to the other game cabinet and be able to switch between the two.

These are some of the most common solutions for multiple games, but there are many others.

An important distinction between cabinets:

There is an important distinction to understand about arcade game cabinets.

Classic games like Ms Pac-Man and Galaga are played using a vertically mounted monitor. While there are some classics like Joust, almost all modern fighting games like Street Fighter use a horizontally mounted monitor.

More importantly, game types are not immediately interchangeable between cabinet types. It is possible, for example, to modify a horizontal cabinet to accept a vertical mount monitor, but the reverse is usually not possible. This is because the cabinets for the two types of monitors are built differently. The horizontal cabinet will be a few inches wider than the vertical cabinet.

The point is that the style (horizontal or vertical) of a cabinet matters – some will work for a classic multi-cade upgrade and some won’t.

My favorite multi-game solution: the classic 60-in-1 multichain:

Today, the most nostalgic multicade experience is achieved with the JAMMA 60-in-1 PCB.

It is possible to take any vertical mount monitor cabinet (Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, etc.) and install hardware that will allow you to play 60 great classic games on one cabinet (see exceptions below).

And, since the game would be a standard JAMMA install, the hardware is easy to repair and will be around for a long time. Also, a JAMMA enclosure is versatile in that it can accept many of the other 100+ JAMMA gaming PCBs.

Here are the classic arcade video games 60 in 1:

  1. Ms. Pac-Man
  2. galaga
  3. frog
  4. Donkey Kong
  5. Donkey Kong Junior
  6. donkey kong 3
  7. galactic
  8. dig-dig
  9. Crush
  10. Mr. Do
  11. space invaders
  12. cap man
  13. Galaga 3
  14. gyrus
  15. tank battalion
  16. ladybug
  17. Millipede**
  18. burger time
  19. J.R. Pacman
  20. Mappy
  21. pengo
  22. 1942***
  23. Centipede**
  24. Phoenix***
  25. time pilot
  26. Super Cobra***
  27. Swindler
  28. space panic***
  29. super break**
  30. New Rally X
  31. arkanoid**
  32. xix
  33. Juno first
  34. Xevious***
  35. Mr. Do’s Castle
  36. moon crest
  37. pinball action
  38. Struggle***
  39. super pacman
  40. bombjack
  41. The path of Shao-Lin***
  42. king and balloon
  43. 1943****
  44. Van-Van Car
  45. Pac Man More
  46. dig dug 2
  47. amidate
  48. Zaxxon
  49. pooyan
  50. pleiades
  51. Smoke gun***3 buttons
  52. The end
  53. 1943 Kai****
  54. congo bongo
  55. jumper
  56. Ms. Pac-Man (quick mode)
  57. Pac-Man (fast mode)
  58. Galaga (rapid fire mode)
  59. Jr. Pac-Man (quick mode)
  60. Pac-Man Plus (quick mode)


**Indicates a game that requires a trackball to play (numbers 17, 23, 29, and 31). Whether or not to install a trackball would be determined by the size and configuration of the control panel.

Therefore, the 4 games that require a trackball may not be feasible for some types of cabinets with smaller control panels.

However, all 4 games can still be played with the joystick. Although the game is not the same as with a trackball, many people learned how to play Centipede, for example, with a joystick.

If the control panel allows it, a trackball can be installed.

***Indicates a game that requires 2 (or more) buttons to play, for example a fire button and a jump button. However, most classic games only require 1 button, like a Galaga with only one fire button.

Therefore, the approximately 8 games that require the installation of additional buttons (7 require 2 buttons and 1 requires 3 buttons) will also be determined by the size of the control panel.

When the size of the control panel allows it (and it usually does), the installation of up to 2 buttons (fire and jump) is usually standard.

****Indicates a game (there are 2) that requires 2 sets of player controls to allow simultaneous play by two players. There is usually no room on a classic game’s control pad for comfortable gameplay with two sets of controls (2 joysticks with two buttons each).

One set of controls is usually standard, since most of the classics are played with two players taking turns. If two sets of controls were desired and possible, they could be added. But that would probably prevent the addition of a trackball.

Any of the 60 games can be turned off individually, so they don’t show up on screen in menu selection. Which means, for example, that it could feature only the three games with left-right controller action: Galaga, Galaxian, and Space Invaders.

Use the information in this article to help evaluate the many styles of multicades available. Multichaining may seem complicated, but it’s worth any extra effort. Simply because they are cheap to own, save space, and offer a wide variety of arcade video games.