Everything you need to know about registering your trademark

Any look at recent news will confirm that people have become more litigious than ever, especially when it comes to intellectual property. As a result, it has become increasingly necessary to have the best professional help available to secure a legal trademark for one’s own trademark or patent. Although individuals and businesses can register trademarks on their own, there are numerous legal issues that can arise if one does not complete trademark applications and follow legal protocol correctly. More importantly, it’s very easy to infringe on another trademark holder’s intellectual property, which could result in hours of wasted time, exorbitant legal fees, and possible loss of the trademark itself.

Experienced trademark attorneys can guide businesses through the intricate details of trademark registration while helping to avoid the pitfalls of copyright infringement. Trademark registration employs very specific guidelines, and without a qualified professional to guide you through the hidden and unknown intricacies of copyright law, it is almost inevitable that mistakes will occur that undo all the hard work that has already been done. made in the brand of the product.

For example, many people are unaware that trademark infringement does not necessarily mean that a new mark must be identical to an existing copyrighted item, but that it may somehow cause a “likelihood of confusion” in the consumer mind. The limits surrounding the public’s “likelihood of confusion” range from the strength or similarity of the mark expected to be patented to evidence of actual confusion in the public mind. In addition, there are a number of other legal conditions that a judge will consider when reviewing a copyright infringement claim. Essentially, if the original trademark holder can prove that a new trademark applicant, using a similar trademark, intentionally and intentionally attempted to mislead consumers into believing that his product is associated with someone else’s trademark, a lawsuit can be initiated. legal action.

Trademark attorneys are trained to conduct extensive national and international searches for currently existing trademarks that may be the same or similar to a business being patented. In addition, a skilled trademark and copyright attorney will also look for unregistered trademarks that may prevent a company from moving forward with their designs or plans. Copyright law is so complex that not only where a trademark name or image is used, but also how it is used, is taken into account.

With millions of trademarks, patents, and copyrights already in existence around the world, it may be impractical, if not impossible, to attempt to tackle the world of trademark registration alone. Only a highly qualified patent and trademark attorney is qualified to negotiate the labyrinthine steps of trademark registration and then best advise a company on what course of action will be most prosperous and effective.

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5 steps to a clutter-free garage

Quick tips for garage organization and storage.

1. Move

Thoroughly clean out the garage and move it to the driveway or patio. Review each item and decide when was the last time you used it. It’s a good idea to organize your items into 3 groups at this point. Frequently used items should be quickly accessible in the garage in low storage, items you use occasionally should be stored higher up and out of the way, and items you haven’t used in over a year get rid of.


Your garage is an expensive room, but most people don’t treat it that way. If you treat it like any other room in the house, it’s worth making a plan. Just like you would with your kitchen or bonus room, take measurements and write your plan down on paper.


Decide what items you store in the garage but use around the house. Keep those items near the front door of the house. Large items like a lawn mower, pressure washer, or snow blower should be stored under a shelf so they don’t take up as much space. Storing them in the corner is a waste of space and also makes keeping the floor clean much more difficult. Remove string trimmers, brushcutter, shovels, and rakes from the ground and place them in a storage system. There are many systems available to help store these items.


Ideally, everything should be stored off the ground. Keeping things in a cabinet, on a garage shelf, or in a bin not only allows you to get them off the floor, but also keeps them clean. Not only does it keep your items clean, but it also makes keeping your floor clean a breeze. Shelving is ideal for items you need to grab quickly or when your hands are full.


Chances are your garage contains hazardous materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, and paint. Keep them up high and out of reach or lock them in a garage cabinet. It’s also a good idea to store your sharp gardening tools and chainsaw in a locked cabinet or high on a garage shelf. The one item that should never be missing is a fire extinguisher. Chances are your garage has a lot of flammable items, so make sure you’re covered if a fire starts.

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Scary Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

1. If you are a teenager living on Elm Street, what should you never do?

a. go to sleep

B. Play with dolls

C. Go to the prom

D. Have sex

a. go to sleep

TOPICS: We all know from “Nightmare on Elm Street” that your dreams can get you killed by Freddy Krueger. Written by Craven, a former English teacher, the film’s premise is the question of where the line lies between dreams and reality. The villain, Freddy Krueger, exists in the “dream world” and yet can kill in the “real world”.

2. If you’re aware of your movie lore, then you also know that you should never accept what work on Halloween.

A. hotel receptionist

b. babysitter

C. Camp Counselor

D. Street vendor

b. babysitter

THEMES: Halloween (also known as John Carpenter’s Halloween) is a 1978 American independent horror film set in the fictional Midwestern town of Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween. Originally titled The Babysitter Murders, the film focuses on Michael Myers’ escape from a psychiatric hospital, the murder of teenagers, and Dr. Loomis’s attempts to track and stop him.

3. What should you tell a bad motel to check out?

A. No one else has signed up in weeks.

B. The clerk talks too much about his mother

C. The employee’s name is Norman.

D. You are a thief

B. The clerk talks too much about his mother

THEMES: At the end of the film, a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Fred Richmond (Oakland), explains to Lila, Sam, and the authorities that Bates’ mother, though dead, lives on in Norman’s psyche. Norman was so dominated by her mother while he was alive, and so guilty of her murdering her eight years before her, that he tried to erase the crime from her mind by bringing her mother back to life.

4. If you are looking for a job in Crystal Lake, which offer should you not accept?

A. Postman

B. Trucker

C. Camp Cook

D. Camp Counselor

D. Camp Counselor

TOPICS: On Friday the 13th, we learn what a bad job it is to be a counselor at Camp Crystal Lake, where counselors die extremely bloody deaths at the hands of an unseen killer who turns out to be the cook whose son Jason drowned 25 years earlier. while romantic advisers neglect it.

5. British actor Boris Karloff created a cinematic icon when he played the role of what monster?

A. Dracula


C. Frankenstein

D. Alien

C. Frankenstein

TOPICS: British actor Boris Karloff played the role of the monster in the 1931 film “Frankenstein.” The ghoulish makeup he wore and the wobbly gait he adopted in the film have become conventions, even clichés, of horror movies. And beyond the individual techniques Karloff used when playing the part of the monster, he created a sympathy for the character, a technique that has since become a more general trait of successful horror films, whose monsters often they also gain intensity by mesmerizing the audience. how to repel them

6. Béla Lugosi was a Hungarian/American actor best known for his portrayal of what monster?

A. Dracula


C. Frankenstein

D. Alien

A. Dracula

TOPICS: Béla Ferenc Dezso Blaskó, better known as Béla Lugosi, was best known for his portrayal of Count Dracula in the American Broadway stage production, and subsequent film, of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire story.

7. In this book and novel from the 1970s, a mother believes her son (played by Linda Blair in the film) is what?

A. An alien

B. The devil

C. Possessed by a demon

D. Give birth to the devil’s baby

C. Possessed by a demon

TOPICS: Novelist William Peter Blatty based his 1971 bestseller on the last known Catholic-sanctioned exorcism in the United States. Blatty transformed the boy from the 1949 incident into a girl named Regan, played by 14-year-old Linda Blair in the 1973 film. Suddenly prone to fits and odd behavior, Regan proves to be a big problem for her mother and actress. , Chris MacNeil (played by Ellen Burstyn, though Blatty reportedly based the character on her next door neighbor, Shirley MacLaine). When Regan spirals completely out of control, Chris calls the young priest Father Karras (Jason Miller), who becomes convinced that the girl is possessed by the Devil and that they must call in an exorcist: Father Merrin (Max von Sydow). His enemy proves to be no ordinary demon, and both the priest and the girl suffer numerous horrors during their fights.

8. In a horror movie, you should be worried if you come across a doll named how?


b. bonnie

c. chucky

d doll

c. chucky

TOPICS: Charles Lee Ray, or Chucky for short, is a fictional character from the Child’s Play series of horror films, the original screenplay was written by Don Mancini, John Lafia and Tom Holland. He is the main villain that appears in the series. Chucky is a doll who was possessed through voodoo magic by serial killer Charles Lee Ray, the notorious Lakeshore Strangler. During most of his time as a doll, Chucky chased after a boy named Andy Barclay because Andy was the first person he told his real name to as a doll.

9. The movies also teach us that if your son warns you to “redrum” you better distance yourself from your husband soon. But in “The Shining” all the husband cares about is what?

A. Work too much

B. Playing too hard

C. Become a murderer

D. Being killed

A. Work too much

THEMES: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” or, rather, a homicidal boy in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 series adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel. With his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and psychic son Danny (Danny Lloyd) in tow, frustrated writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) takes a job as a winter caretaker at the opulent and sinister Overlook Hotel, locked in a mountain, to be able to write in peace. . Before the Overlook is vacated for the Torrances, the manager (Barry Nelson) informs Jack that a previous caretaker went berserk and murdered his family. Falling into his routine, Jack settles into a cavernous hall with strict orders not to be disturbed. However, Danny’s alter ego “Tony” begins to warn about “redrum” as Danny is plagued by more blood-soaked visions of the past, and a locked-up Jack begins visiting the hotel bar to have some visions of his own. . Frightened by her husband’s behavior, Wendy soon finds out what Jack has really been doing in her study all day and what the hotel has done to Jack.

10. Can you really never go home, or at least shouldn’t if your neighbors belong to this profession?

A. Slaughterhouse workers

B. Funeral Homes


D. Veterinarians

A. Slaughterhouse workers

THEMES: Tobe Hooper’s influential cult classic, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, continues the subgenre of horror films based on the life and “career” of Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein. When Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns) learns that the Texas cemetery where her grandfather is buried has been vandalized, she rounds up her wheelchair-bound brother Franklin (Paul A. Partain) and several other friends to see if the remains grandfather’s are still in one piece. . While in the area, Sally and her friends decide to visit Grandpa’s old farm. Unfortunately, a family of homicidal slaughterhouse workers who take their work home with them have taken over the house next door. Included among the brood is Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen), a chainsaw-wielding human horror spectacle who wears a face mask made of human skin. Sally’s friends are quickly picked off one by one by the next door neighbors, leaving only Sally to fight Leatherface and his clan.

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Hurix Digital among the top 20 training delivery companies of 2018 announced by the training industry

Mumbai, August 6, 2018 –

Hurix Digital, a leading corporate training and digital content solutions company, appears on the 2018 Training Industry Top 20 Training Delivery Companies list for the second consecutive year. Hurix has previously appeared on the 2017 Top Training Delivery Companies and 2016 Top 20 Authoring Tool Companies list.

Training Industry, one of the most trusted sources of information on the business of eLearning and training, released its list of the Top 20 Training Delivery Companies of 2018 last week. The list is part of its effort to closely monitor the market and identify the best service providers in the domain of corporate learning and development.

The Training Industry follows the following criteria for its selection:
• Platform capabilities and features
• Quality of analysis and reports
• Size and growth potential
• Customer quality
• Vertical and geographic scope

This year’s top 20 training delivery companies offer innovative technology platforms that are tailored to the needs of learners in a wide variety of training scenarios. These providers deliver training solutions through a combination of methods that are strategically aligned with business goals and optimize learning retention. This, in turn, helps companies retain their employees for longer.

For the second year in a row, Hurix Digital appears on the coveted list published by Training Industry. “We’re happy to feature in the top 20 training delivery companies this year as well. It’s a testament to the innovation and creativity we bring to the corporate training industry, with our future-proof products and content solutions,” he says. Subrat Mohanty. , CEO, Hurix Digital.

Hurix Digital is known to provide customized e-learning and training solutions to businesses, publishers, and institutes through its state-of-the-art platforms and products. Along with Content Solutions for Training and E-Learning, the company also offers content solutions for digital marketing and social media.

KITABOO is a cloud-based digital training platform from Hurix, which enables companies to convert their PDF training material to digital formats. KITABOO AR connects the physical world with the digital world through Augmented Reality and enhances the learning experience. Over the years, Hurix has innovatively addressed various industry needs by offering innovative products and solutions.

About Hurix Digital
Hurix Digital, founded in October 2000, is a pioneer in digital content solutions for global businesses. Hurix helps organizations around the world achieve their business goals through its learning content, digital marketing, and cloud platform-based solutions. The company offers cloud products, such as KITABOO, KITABOO AR and Docketzoom, that change the way companies create, transform and deliver content on digital platforms. The products enable businesses to create, deliver and manage multi-channel digital content across traditional and newer mobile platforms.


Create the perfect Easter baskets for children of all ages

Since I am in the gift basket business, the job of making our family’s Easter baskets became my responsibility. I don’t consider it a chore at all since I really enjoy making baskets for my nieces and nephews. I still use the traditional pastel basket, but the items that make up the gift have changed over the years.

When they were little, they loved candy and big stuffed animals. Now they are almost adults, they are in college and they live alone. They are also a bit more health conscious. That’s not to say they won’t find a pack of Peeps, jelly beans, and a chocolate bunny in their basket, but White Hare helps restock your cabinets with toothpaste, shampoo, and other “hands-on” items. I like to throw in a couple boxes of Annie’s homegrown mac and cheese with bunny-shaped pasta just for fun.

You don’t have to be a gift basket pro to make beautiful gift baskets for the people in your life, no matter how old they are. It just takes a little planning. A great Easter basket for a younger child could include arts and crafts supplies like colored pencils and sidewalk chalk. I have found packets of sidewalk chalk that come in pastel colors and are shaped like an egg. Add some toys that are suitable for outdoor play, such as frisbees, jump ropes, and bubble wands. Books are always a great addition. It’s easy to find age-appropriate reading books or coloring books with an Easter theme or a theme that appeals to a child’s interests.

Creating an Easter Basket themed around a favorite superhero or princess or character like Hello Kitty could be perfect for little kids. An older child may enjoy a basket filled with items that reflect her hobby or interest. Even though my friend’s son is only eight years old, he loves science and math, so the pocket calculator and bug books were a big hit and kept him entertained long after he ate the candy.

Don’t forget the adults. Family members, especially those you don’t see often, will love to be remembered. Creating a gift that reflects a hobby or interest works well for adults, too. Spring is the start of the gardening season, so add a pair of gardening gloves and a good gardener’s bar of soap and lotion to the Easter Basket for your mom or aunt. Reece’s Pieces in a package shaped like a carrot and a chocolate bunny will add to the garden theme.

Health Fitness

A Guide to Proper Hydration and Electrolyte Balance

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we all need to remember the importance of monitoring our fluid intake. When it’s hot, you lose a lot of fluid through sweat. Among other things, this can result in a decrease in blood volume that makes it harder for your body to cool down. High humidity can also be a factor in keeping your body from getting cold by preventing sweat from evaporating. So if you’re exercising outdoors, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Exercise early in the morning or late at night when temperatures are quite low.
  • Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing made of fabric that “breathes.”
  • Drink plenty of water before and during your workout.

How much water should I consume?

Muscle tissue is made up of over 70% water and is very important for cellular activity, so make sure you consume plenty of water throughout the day. The more protein you eat in your diet, the more water you need to help flush out waste products like ammonia and urea. Sweating from a strenuous workout will also cause you to lose more water. A good rule of thumb to follow to ensure you stay adequately hydrated is to multiply your body weight in pounds by 0.55. This will give you a good goal to aim for for how many ounces of water to drink. For example, a 180-pound person would need to drink about 99 ounces of water a day. That’s about five 20-ounce bottles of water.

What about my electrolyte balance?

Electrolyte balance is crucial for many bodily functions. The primary electrolytes in the body are calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, and they are actually considered macrominerals. Some examples of what can happen for an electrolyte imbalance are:

  • Elevated potassium levels which could lead to cardiac arrhythmia
  • A decrease in extracellular potassium can cause paralysis.
  • Excess extracellular sodium causes fluid retention
  • The decrease in calcium can cause muscle spasms.

There are several drinks on the market right now that will help keep your electrolyte balance in check, Gatorade and Powerade being two popular examples. Drinking one of these after a strenuous workout can go a long way toward replenishing electrolytes lost through sweating.

Hydration before exercise

If you know you will be exercising outside for an extended period of time, or perhaps playing a sport like basketball, soccer, football, etc., a good tip would be to start hydrating about 4 hours beforehand. Drink about 8 ounces of water every 10 to 15 minutes until about an hour before you start. Then drink another 16 ounces at the one hour mark. Make sure you don’t drink anything for the last half hour, giving your body at least 30 minutes to absorb the water. During your exercise/game, be sure to continue to drink 8 to 10 ounces of water or an electrolyte beverage, especially if it’s hot and humid.

As long as you make sure you drink enough water throughout the day and replenish your electrolytes after vigorous exercise, exercising outdoors won’t be a problem for you. Drink and enjoy the sun!!

Legal Law

Importance of a Quality Franchise Agreement

The franchise industry in India has seen strong growth over the last decade. Despite the economic downturn, the annual growth rate of the franchise industry in India has remained positive and currently stands at between 30% and 35%. The success story of franchising in India is a testament to the enormous potential and promise that India holds for the franchising industry.

In India, franchising has gained considerable popularity in many sectors such as education and training, health and welfare, information technology services, and in particular the retail sector, which includes food and beverage, fashion and lifestyle etc. However, product and service franchising in India is still in its infancy, presenting interested foreign companies with a huge untapped business opportunity.

A rapidly growing middle class population with a rapidly growing disposable income and propensity to spend is one of the main reasons for the flourishing of the franchise industry in India. Furthermore, the entrepreneurial nature of the Indian population and the rise in brand and quality awareness among urban consumers provide another impetus for franchising in India.

In addition to a huge consumer base second only to China, exposure to international standards of goods and services, and availability of skilled, tech-savvy and relatively cheaper human resources, India has one of the fastest growing retail sectors. According to Business Monitor International’s India Retail Report for the third quarter of fiscal 2010, retail sales are expected to rise from $353 billion in 2010 to $543 billion in 2014. Combined, these factors present a very strong business opportunity. lucrative for foreign companies that want to franchise their business, brands or their products.

Franchising is a relatively modern distribution channel that allows foreign brand owners to exercise a substantial degree of control over how and how their products or services are offered and sold to consumers. It ensures efficient and rapid cross-border market penetration for the franchisor, an opportunity to push their brand beyond the limits with minimal capital investment and risk.

In a nutshell, a franchise is a business model based on a license granted by one entity (the ‘Franchise’) to another (the ‘franchisee’) that allows the use/exploitation of the franchisor’s intangible assets, such as the brand/name commercial, business model and concept, image, marketing techniques and other intellectual property in order to make sales or provide services in a defined geographic location in exchange for a sum of money.

India does not have a consolidated legislation regulating franchises, although private sector bodies have been pushing for specific franchise legislation to be enacted. Some key laws affecting franchising in India include the Indian Contracts Act of 1872, the Competition Act of 2002, the Trade Marks Act of 1999, the Copyright Act of 1957, the Patents Act of 1970, the Consumer Protection Act of 1986, the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 2000, labor and tax laws.

Importance of a Quality Franchise Agreement

The ‘quality’ in any agreement, regardless of its object, is, among other things, essential to mitigate or avoid disputes between the contracting parties. The ‘quality’ of an agreement can be assessed on many parameters, including: clarity of purpose, holistic/gap-free character; unambiguous provisions/terms/conditions with no possibility of contradiction; form of presentation; and most importantly, enforceability.

A ‘franchise agreement’ is a contract between the franchisor and the franchisee that defines their relationship and the rights and obligations inter se.

‘Quality’ takes on even more importance in a franchise agreement due to the inherent business and operational complexities present in such agreements. A quality franchise agreement must affect the underlying symbiotic relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee.

A quality franchise agreement must guarantee clear, unequivocal and hermetic coverage of all critical issues, such as the roles and obligations of the parties, confidentiality and protection of intellectual property; payment terms and taxes; duration, renewal and termination; agency issues; post-termination issues; negative pacts; applicable law and jurisdiction (especially in international franchise agreements).

In addition, a good franchise agreement must ensure that quality control mechanisms do not blur India’s competition laws. For example, in certain situations, a provision that requires a franchisee to source products exclusively from the franchisor or any other specified entity may be considered anti-competitive and contrary to the provisions of the Competition Act 2002.

Naturally, the importance of a quality franchise agreement for a franchisor and a franchisee differs considerably, as explained below.

The franchisor’s perspective:

The importance of a quality franchise agreement for a franchisor cannot be stressed enough. Of utmost importance to the Franchisor is the protection of its brand, image, reputation, know-how, business concept and other intellectual property rights, as well as limiting exposure to potential risks and liabilities resulting from the conduct of the franchisee.

It is important that the franchise agreement is carefully drafted to ensure clarity of the franchisee’s duties and services, including in the areas of investment and infrastructure, adherence to specific operating guidelines to maintain consistency, reporting requirements, maintenance of the quality; annual market penetration goals; financial returns such as royalties and payment of fees, etc.

A quality franchise agreement must provide adequate safeguards and security against the franchisee’s misuse of the franchisor’s intellectual property rights. In addition, it must provide sufficient quality control mechanisms to the franchisor, including control over the franchisee’s managerial discretion, to enable it to control its business concept and protect its brand and reputation. Consequently, the franchise agreement must unequivocally and comprehensively address vital issues, such as the temporal and territorial scope of the license, the rights and property licensed, the nature of the license, the restriction of use of the rights and property licensed, quality control measures, including periodic audits to ensure compliance with the business concept, product supply, training, type of products to be sold under the franchise, etc. The business concept object of the license and the mode and form of operation must be clearly stipulated to allow the franchisee to adjust to it. However, the downside of excessive control over a franchisee and the franchisee’s products is that the Franchisor may become liable for acts of the franchisee in third party claims. A quality franchise agreement should ensure that the relationship is principal to principal and that the franchisor is not responsible for the acts and omissions of the franchisee.

Another crucial issue for the Franchisor is the protection of competition by its franchisee. It is common practice to include non-compete covenants during and after termination in most franchise agreements. However, a quality franchise agreement, like any other agreement, should have a carefully crafted non-compete clause to ensure that it is legally enforceable and not a redundant term. Unreasonable post-termination non-compete clauses that are contrary to public policy and restrict trade would apply.

A quality franchise agreement must ensure that the franchisee fits the business concept. It must have strict provisions to deal with situations of non-compliance and non-compliance with the business format and brand misuse by the franchisee. In addition, the franchise agreement must protect the flow of income from the franchisee to the franchisor.

Issues related to governing law and jurisdiction, post-termination obligations to ensure protection against breach of confidentiality and intellectual property, inventory management are equally critical and must be properly addressed in a franchise agreement to ensure effective control and systematic business expansion.

The Franchisee Perspective:

‘Quality’ is as serious an issue for the franchisee as it is for the franchisor. Since the initial investment in the business is that of the franchisee, a quality franchise agreement is essential for the franchisee to capitalize on their investment.

For a franchisee, a quality franchise agreement should have clearly defined payment terms with no hidden fees or costs and a clearly defined area of ​​operation. You must protect the franchisee from infringement of the intellectual property rights of others due to the franchisee’s use of the franchisor’s intellectual property. In addition, the franchise agreement must allow the franchisee to take full advantage of the brand and other intellectual property rights licensed by the franchisor and ensure continuity of supply (where applicable). Therefore, a well-defined and clear business concept and format is as important for the franchisee as it is for the franchisor. It helps the franchisee to avoid implementation problems and ensure the profitability of the company. A quality franchise agreement should allow the franchisee to obtain maximum support for the implementation of the franchisor’s business concept through training, updating of concepts and evolving technologies, etc. The relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee must be that of independent parties and the agreement must be carefully drafted to avoid an inference of agency.

Therefore, a quality franchise agreement is the fulcrum on which the success of a franchise rests, which in itself underlines the importance of “quality” in franchise agreements.

Seema Jhingan

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Feng Shui for yourself – Do you have good CARma?

As we all try to rack up as many fun-in-the-sun memories as we can before the end of summer, we quickly travel back and forth across our city, state, or country. Even though gas prices remain at record highs, we still have a love affair with our cars. The freedom they represent (even if we only travel 10 miles to and from our jobs!), the image they project (Corvettes and the midlife crisis, need I say more?), and the fact that they take us from one point to another. B in a timely manner only adds to the wonderful relationship we have with our cars. And, while life imitates the art in this column and I’m car shopping (!), we’ll explore how Feng Shui can help you choose the perfect car!

*** As you look at buying a new vehicle, how does it make you feel? If you hate the color, the fact that it’s a sedan or whatever, you’ll instantly hate driving the car. Neither good energy nor Feng Shui. ***

Now it must be said that the following tips are for ALL vehicles, yes even golf carts! (This is an actual project my mom brought me to help improve her golf game AND for the golf cart parade (I know) in her condo community, stay tuned.) Feng Shui can not only protect you and your loved ones from danger, it can also increase your overall luck and positive energy. By considering your vehicle as an environment that can affect your mood, you can also use Feng Shui to help make driving a more enjoyable and safer activity.

Do you get tired as soon as you hit the road? Try tying a red tassel with jingle bells to help relieve sudden fatigue. Remember, RED is a FIRE color and represents action and yang energy. The sound of the bells will also help you stay focused and alert. The tinkling of bells and bells also helps drive away negative energy. I have a little fairy chime attached to the rear view mirror of my car, when I get “disturbed” on the road or looking for the perfect spot to park, I ring the chimes. It’s stupid, I know, but it makes me (and the other car occupant) laugh at the silliness, which in turn increases the positive energy in the car.

Too much clutter? Too many stops at McDonald’s and Starbucks, with the evidence lying in the backseat? Sports equipment strewn across the backseat and trunk? Does the front passenger seat look like a remote office space with your Blackberry, iPod and files scattered around? Have stuffed animals taken over the back shelf so that looking out the back window is a distant memory? While clutter will be discussed in later columns, in Feng Shui terms clutter is the physical manifestation of our emotional baggage. When your vehicle (or home/desk/office) is littered with empty fast food bags, overflowing ashtrays, and empty water bottles, you’re showing the world that you don’t care how they see you or what image you present. You may also subconsciously feel unworthy or untrustworthy (i.e., feeling like trash).

While many of us travel for work and don’t have a vehicle dedicated solely to work, it’s imperative that you do everything you can to separate the personal from your work. Keep files in a folder or bag, that way everything is kept in one place. I see the need for the iPod (!) so it can slide. The Blackberry or other cell phone should not be seen as an appendage while driving! Use bluetooth technology or the phone service option through OnStar if you MUST be talking on the phone while driving for safety reasons.

*** You should NEVER text, instant message or check emails WHILE DRIVING for safety reasons. ***

On a monthly basis, you should do a thorough cleaning of your car. This means vacuuming, wiping/cleaning the dash and seats (especially if you have leather, be sure to condition it! This is a must if you drive a convertible). Get rid of all the garbage that has accumulated in the back seat, empty the ashtrays and organize what should be left in the car. My mom’s car looked like a sporting goods store/locker before we bought her a golf organizer! Shoes, golf tees, golf shirts, socks… you name it, besides the clubs in the trunk that didn’t leave room for anything else, they were everywhere. This with all her coupons stuffed in one cup holder, sunglasses in the other made her a total mess. The golf organizer was wonderful as all of his clothes, t-shirts and other accessories were now in one place, not scattered, and fit in the trunk with the clubs. Thus, freeing up the back seat. I have yet to get her to “release” the cup holders, although she doesn’t have the venti latte addiction that I do, so this isn’t as big of a deal for her, but I’m still working on her. Washing her car windows is also a safety must – it’s always good to see where she’s going, especially at night or in bad weather! But from a Feng Shui perspective, clean glass/windows symbolize a CLEAR vision into the future and/or goals, as well as natural light that can enter your space bringing positive energy.

*** Be sure to clean your windows with every gas fill! Windows are considered the “eyes” of the car/house/office; therefore, they must be kept clean to see clearly. ***

A car that smells good also makes for a smoother ride. Hopefully after a thorough cleaning you won’t have any odor, but using aromatherapy can help you manipulate your emotions while driving. Do you have a long journey ahead? Use peppermint to help energize you. Do you want to be more relaxed and less anxious on your daily commute? Wear orange to help de-stress. There are a variety of diffusers for cars: some plug into your cigarette lighter, others are simply terracotta shapes that can be hung on your rear view mirror or placed in an unused cup holder (again with an empty cup holder!). I have a little terracotta heart, which hangs with the fairy chime, from my rear view mirror. I have a couple of different scents that I use depending on my mood. These terracotta diffusers are great in hot weather as the sun shines on the car and helps spread the oil/scent throughout the car! I love this.

Many of you have also heard of hanging crystals in your car to help bring in positive energy. Crystals can also help break up and disperse stagnant energy. (Remember to keep your crystals clean!). This is also a great idea, HOWEVER, don’t hang more than 10mm glass from your rear view mirror. Anything bigger looks like a big disco ball hanging there, bobbing back and forth and blinding drivers around you when the sun hits them. Needless to say, that is not good Feng Shui!

***When buying crystals for your car or anywhere else in your space, only buy real crystal spheres, dots…any shape. Glass, plastic or other materials do not conduct the same energy as real glass. Always ask and check the material BEFORE you buy. ***

In agreement,

– As in ALL your spaces, your vehicle should be clean and smell fresh to facilitate a movement of good and healthy energy.

– DO NOT clutter the backseat with clothing, stuffed animals, sports equipment, etc., as this will take the positive energy out of your car and create a negative, chaotic and stressful environment. If you don’t LOVE it, USE it or NEED it, GET RID OF IT.

– Some Feng Shui practitioners will tell you to place cushions and/or fluffy blankets in your car to help balance the harsh yang energy of the road with a calming and comforting energy. Personally, I’m a “less is more” type of person, however, if you throw a blanket in the backseat or feel the need to “accessorize” your car with some decorative pillows, do so if it doesn’t hurt your drive. . It should be noted that a blanket is a must if your dogs are traveling with you and/or for emergency situations if you live in a colder climate.

– Less is more when it comes to items hanging off your rearview mirror: fuzzy dice days, graduation tassels more than 1 year after graduation (!), or anything else that’s big and hurting your drive (or items that other drivers who are afraid of you will do) need to be knocked down. In Feng Shui philosophy, if this item falls off, it means you have protected it from negative energy, replace it immediately.

– Use music to help set the mood for your drive: classical music to wind down on a long drive, some jazz for dinner, classic rock for your commute… whatever sets your mood . I personally like Jimmy Buffet because he makes me think of warm sunny times at the beach and transports me from the cold and snow of WI. Remember that loud, aggressive music encourages aggressive driving; leave the NAS music off for your daily commute.

– According to Calgary-based author and interior designer Margo Trofimenkoff, you can tell the gender of your car by the location of the gas cap. When looking at your car from the front, if the gas cap is on the right, it indicates female, on the left, male.

– Name your car (see above). If you have a personal connection to your care, you are more likely to take care of problems, keep it cleaner, and perform maintenance in a timely manner. (My car’s name is Tiffany based on the sterling silver color.)

– Keep your car in good working order. Get timely oil changes, keep your tires properly inflated, replace burnt-out lights, and keep your windshield washer fluid topped up (it always empties right after a storm!).

– Make sure doors and windows (as in any space) open and close easily and quietly. Any traffic jam or difficulty will bring tension at the beginning of each trip. A door that doesn’t close properly will also put stress on the window, which can cause it to crack or break.

– When parking, try to leave a clear path that allows an unobstructed entry. It should also be noted that you should never park in front of a house/office/building as it can create a subconscious threat to the building’s occupants – the feeling of the car entering the space. Park parallel or with your back to the space.

– When choosing a color for your car, the color of the interior is the most important choice, as it is the color that affects you the most while driving. If you are not satisfied with the interior of your vehicle, it will cause you stress.


Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed Height, Weight, Color, History and Description

Description: The Neapolitan Mastiff is a very strong dog, whose height is from 26 to 30 inches in the dog and from 24 to 28 inches in the female; this breed can weigh up to 165 pounds, with the largest male on record weighing just under 200 pounds. The body is large and stocky with lots of fur on the head and a heavy dewlap. The head is flat and quite broad and appears larger than the rest of the body. The snout is one-third the length of the head and is as wide as it is long. With a large nose that has open nostrils, and the color matches the fur.

The Neapolitan Mastiff’s teeth can meet in a light bite, a pinch bite, or a scissor bite. They have deep-set eyes that are almost hidden by drooping upper eyelids; the color of the eyes is amber or brown depending on the color of the coat. The ears of the Neapolitan Mastiff can be cropped, in countries that do not allow it, they are left natural. The tail is carried up and rounded on the back. With sturdy legs, this dog has rounded feet with well-arched toes. Its coat is smooth, very dense and short-haired. The colors that come with this breed are; black, blue, fawn gray and mahogany and very rarely chocolate. A little white on the chest and toes is allowed, but there should never be any white on the face. This breed has a short life expectancy of up to 10 years.

History: This breed descends from the Tibetan Mastiff, like all European mastiffs. It is generally believed to be the oldest member of the canine species. Being seen in Greece, around 300 BC, and was brought from India by Alexander the Great. The Greeks went on to introduce the dog to the Romans. Who uses these dogs in circus combat. Another thought of how this breed started is that the Phoenicians brought this dog to Britain in 500 BC.

The Neapolitan mastiff is a direct descendant of the Roman molosser. The breed became extinct in the rest of Europe and survived only in Campania, which is why it is said that the Neapolitan Mastiff has existed in Campania for 2000 years. This dog has been used in war, and blood sports, which the Romans liked so much. This dog has a deserved reputation as a guard dog. This dog was first shown in Italy in 1946 and its standards were established in 1949. This is a rare dog in America and was recognized by the AKC in 2004.

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Fruits For Diabetes Is A Good Concept – Meet The Best Fruits

What fruits can diabetics eat? In fact, this is an anxious question asked by anyone prone to diabetes or prediabetes. But when you have diabetes, you can raise a reasonable doubt about the consumption of fruits for diabetes and the risk that comes with it. It is partly a genuine attitude to know the factor that influences fruits that help maintain normal blood sugar levels. The American Diabetes Association emphasizes that eating fruits loaded with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber is good for avoiding diabetes and leading a healthy life. The main key is to worry about the portion sizes of what you eat to add energy to your body.

At this juncture, it is cautioned that canned fruits in syrup should not be considered as a substitute for whole fruits. When you are concerned about the glycemic index (GI) to control diabetes with ease, you must have the right choice of fruits with a low glycemic index. You can simply control your blood sugar level by eating fresh or frozen low-carb fruits. Below you have the alphabetical fruits A,B,C,D described in order.


Sweet but low carb apricots are wonderful summer fruits that can be listed as the best fruits for diabetics. Adding apricots in the diabetes meal plan is good for the good reason that an apricot weighing 15 grams contains only 18 calories to revitalize the body’s energy. Including four apricots can ensure that one serving provides you with 70 percent of your body’s vitamin needs. Apricots are rich in fiber source. You can savor a delicious salad by adding a few pieces of apricots and cereal to hot or cold milk.


You have blueberries, strawberries, and other varieties in the berry family. Regardless of your taste, choosing berries to consume is good for the simple reason that they contain beneficial antioxidants that help diabetics. The vitamin and fiber contents are low-carbohydrate in nature. Calorie-wise, a small cup of blueberries can provide 60 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates.


Cherries are diabetic diet friendly fruits that a diabetic can eat without hesitation because they include low carbohydrate components and have a low glycemic index. They are sweet but barely evolve 60 calories with 15 grams of carbohydrates. It also has tart-tasting cherries loaded with antioxidants that help fight not only type 2 diabetes but also cancer and some other diseases. Cherries are available in fresh, canned, frozen or even dried packages. But it’s best to avoid the canned and dried forms, as they’re packed with added sugar that’s bad for diabetes. However, if you check the label for the amount of added sugar, you can make a good deal of it.


Durian is identified as the king of fruits. When it comes to diabetes, choosing fruits with a low glycemic index is the best. In this list, Durian is a better choice among the good fruits for diabetics as the GI is 49 +/-5 while watermelon is 55 +/-3. Sulfur helps keep blood sugar balanced in blood cells and negates hypoglycemic effects. As such, the organosulfur compounds contained in the Durian fruit stimulate antioxidant activities to maintain normal blood cell sugar levels. Additionally, the sulfur ingredient reacts with thiamin and biotin to promote normal metabolism. Despite all this, it will be safe for a diabetic to consume durian in any form in moderation due to the known high nutritional values ​​in the durian fruit.

One last word: Although ‘fruits for diabetes’ is a good concept that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, it is best to suggest low-sugar fruits. If you have a craving for sweet fruits, no problem, you’re safe if you eat one or two slices.