Financial Recruiters – Job Description

They are professionals who locate and place employees in positions in the financial industry. This may include placing temporary staff in extended vacation and furlough positions or placing employees in senior positions. A financial recruiter may work for a recruiting firm, a specific financial company, or independently. To work in this position they need to have knowledge of the industry and have a network of contacts that helps them locate the best employees to fill the different positions.

The first step a financial recruiter takes is to meet with the employer to discuss the types of qualifications they are seeking and the position to be filled. If the company they work for wants to advertise, the financial recruiter can help develop a job listing and can also meet with human resources to discuss the job description. After collecting all the information about the job, the financial recruiter will use her resources to locate potential employees. These potential employees will meet with the financial advisor for an interview to determine if they meet the business need.

When working for a particular recruiting firm or company, they may give the recruiter a timeline to find someone suitable for their vacancy. The financial recruiter will shortlist those who might be a good fit for the open position and then schedule an interview with the company or firm for the potential open position. The prospective employee will only be scheduled for an interview if the recruiter feels that he meets the requirements of the job.

To work as a financial recruiter, you’ll need to understand the different types of qualifications and positions in the financial industry. This ranges from accounting staff to CEOs. You will need good communication and people skills. It is useful if you have large network resources because they allow you to locate more potential employees for the openings for which you may be asked to search for employees.

To become a financial recruiter, it is essential to have experience in both human resource management and finance. He must major in a field such as management with a minor in accounting or finance. He could get a master’s degree and then spend several years in the world of finance as a manager or work for a human resources department. To gain more experience while you are in college, you can do an internship. Being a financial recruiter is more than dealing with numbers, it’s dealing with people. Interpersonal skills are important. You must also have good organizational skills and be good at conducting interviews. It’s a well-paying position, but it may be several years before you reach the top money range.

Home Kitchen

5 Tips to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

It is often believed that kitchen remodeling is the number one choice for most people looking to improve their home. For that purpose, I am going to discuss how to update the look of your kitchen with new hardware, cabinets, lighting, paint, and rugs.

  • new hardware

Replacing hardware is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen. Faucets, knobs and drawer pulls are like the jewels in your kitchen, and by changing them you will give your kitchen a fresher feel. For hardware selection, I would recommend using materials that are virtually maintenance-free and can last longer, such as matte aluminum instead of brass.

  • Furniture

You can replace kitchen cabinets, shelves, and stools for a more comfortable seating arrangement. The kitchen is the place where you would spend a lot of time, so why not give it a perfect look with perfect furniture? If your budget is small and you can’t buy new furniture right now, spray painting existing furniture would be a great option.

  • to paint

Being a busy part of the home, the kitchen often needs extra cleaning. That’s why you need to have a paint finish that can handle stains, dirt, soap, and a little water, too. It is commonly believed that a semi-gloss satin finish is the best option. As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that “the mattier the finish, the harder it will be to clean.”

  • kitchen lighting

Add lighting that creates a soft glow and is direct on work surfaces. This way you will have a brighter functional area without annoying shadows. Your space will look more attractive and pleasant to spend time in it. Also, because much of the cooking and food preparation is done late at night, artificial lighting is necessary to complete your kitchen and make it a safe place to be. However, adding artificial lighting can also be a bit expensive, so look for discount deals that can help you make your purchase on the cheap.

  • rugs

Choose a rug that blends well with existing décor and provides comfort to your feet. A sturdy, sturdy rug can also protect you from falls on a slippery floor while also improving the look of your kitchen. The flat-weave rug is a good way to go if your kitchen has a lot of foot traffic. They come in cotton and many other easy-care fibers that make them machine washable and a practical option when considering cleanability.


Although there are a variety of ways to give your kitchen a new look, we have listed only 5 of them. You can choose one or two updates that best suit your needs. Also, if you have any more tips and recommendations of your own, please share them in the comments below.


Benefits of dog steps

If you have a dog, small or large, chances are they like to jump up and down on your favorite recliner, couch, or bed at night. Dogs love to sleep on furniture, especially when it’s yours or something you sit on often because it retains your scent more, and of course your dog wants to lie where your scent is to feel closer to you. Some dogs, especially very small breeds, have a harder time jumping on furniture, and others have a harder time jumping because they are older and therefore may have arthritis. These steps for dogs can be of great help to your dog.

What are dog steps?

Dog steps are a short series of steps, usually with the top ladder level with the top of the couch seating area. The idea is that the dog uses the steps to climb onto the couch, bed, or whatever else he is trying to climb on. Dog steps come in a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. Royal stairs are covered with a soft material that makes them soft under the dog’s foot. Ladders made of plastic are relatively light, while those made of wood and metal are much heavier to move.

Which dogs benefit from stairs?

If your dog is small, it is not a good idea for him to jump long distances because he can hurt his back and end up in pain later when he is older. Dogs, just like humans when they injure a joint at a young age, can develop arthritis later, so dog stairs become a great way to provide your dog with a comfortable step.

What’s more, many people have steps for dogs in more than one area of ​​the house, in this way you avoid having to move the stairs from furniture to furniture. There are many dog ​​stair colors to choose from to match your furniture scheme perfectly.

Plus, when you’re away from home, you can feel secure knowing your dog will use the stairs to climb up and get to his favorite piece of furniture instead of jumping up and possibly swearing at each other. Most dogs take to pet stairs with very little training and, in fact, most enjoy it because it’s easier than jumping.

final thoughts

You love your dog and you want to keep it safe. If you have an older dog or even a younger one, dog steps are a great addition to keep them from jumping when you’re home and when you’re not. Most dogs will go upstairs right away, because they know it’s something that makes it easier for them to get to their favorite spot. You can buy permanent pet stairs like heavy wooden ones so they stay in the same place or you can choose portable ones that can be easily moved. If you’re handy with crafting items, you could essentially make the pet stairs yourself.

Digital Marketing

Keyword Research Long Tail Pro

If you are a website owner or spend time writing a blog, one of the things you need most is traffic to your site. You also want traffic that comes from different search engines.

In order to attract traffic to your site, you will need to rank well in search engines. With all the billions of websites these days, getting organic traffic is going to be a challenge.

However, there is a tool available called Long Trail Pro. This tool has been designed to make it not only easier but faster to get those high rankings.

How does Long Tail Pro work?

Long Tail Pro works by finding low competition keywords that will help search engines notice your website.

In order to outrank websites in your niche, you will need to use appropriate keywords. Making sure you outbid these websites will not only drive more traffic to your site, but you’ll also get more leads that could lead to more sales.

One of the great things about Long Tail Pro is that it has been designed to optimize for search engines. This means that there are more opportunities for all search engines to find your site.

How to use Long Trail Pro

This tool will help you save some time in searching for suitable keywords. It is very easy to use.

All you need to do is set up your account on Long Tail Pro. The good news is that this is a web-based application, which means you won’t have to install it on your computer.

This is great as it means that you can use the tool wherever you go, be it at home or when traveling.

This tool will allow you to filter keywords by month, suggested bid, and even advertiser competition.

Advantages of Long Tail Pro

One of the main advantages is the ability to find many keywords in bulk. This will save a lot of time.

It is very easy to use and you will be able to find as many keywords as you need based on the guidelines you set.

Since this is not a free app, you will pay for the tool through a monthly or yearly payment.

This is a must-have tool for any digital marketer.

Are there any downsides?

The only drawback is that you will have to pay more if you want to track more keywords. Other than stable internet because the tool is web-based, there are no other downsides that we can find.

Our recommendation

Long Tail Pro will help you discover thousands of keywords in no time.

If you’re going to rank your site in search engines, you’ll need to have the right keywords. This is not a guessing game.

Long Tail Pro will help you find the keywords that others might not be using, which will help your site rank better.

If you’re looking to convert traffic into leads or sales, then you’ll want to rank higher in search engines.

With this method you will not have to pay expensive ads to get traffic.


Can housework be dangerous during pregnancy?

While expectant mothers tend to do weird things like eating, doing things on a whim, expectant mothers always receive specific instructions about housework. There are many things that are not safe to be mothers. You will have to stop doing them altogether. There’s no safe limit on lifting weights, it can’t be done.

You will face the stress of carrying the baby in the womb as your body’s center of gravity changes. And if you lift weight while carrying the baby, or shopping, moving gas cylinders or heavy furniture, you will put a strain on your back. Some doctors recommend against lifting weights, as it can cause bleeding, premature labor, or rupture of the amniotic sac.

When working with chemicals like cleaning products, remember to wear gloves. Make sure the room is ventilated and try to use safe cleaners like baking soda and vinegar. Harsh chemicals like mosquito repellant, bleach, and cleaner create harmful fumes everywhere. Wearing gloves while doing dishes and vacuuming can be very tiring as the filter contains dust, spores and hair that will get into your lungs and eyes. Do not clean cat litter. Cat feces transmit toxoplasmosis, a rare disease. Don’t inhale secondhand smoke, which contains more than 4,000 chemicals.

Wash vegetables well before eating. They may be contaminated with chemicals, soil contaminated by wild or pet animals.

Tasks that require climbing and balancing are not recommended. Do not climb on stools, ladders, or reach for things in a loft, shelf, or kitchen cupboard. Otherwise, you may be agile, but during pregnancy you may not be the usual person and fall down. Ask your maid or close relative to help you clean ceiling fans, windows, mirrors, change light bulbs, electrical fixtures for which you can call an electrician.

If you sleep on the floor, ask a family member to help you pick up the mattress, quilt and bedding. Bending and picking things up will affect your back. Washing clothes, scrubbing the floor, everything affects the back. Squat instead of bending over to do things.

Also try not to be on your feet for too long. Pull up a chair and sit at the table or near a TV to chop vegetables. Take a break and then complete your work. Try and prepare dishes that don’t require you to be on your feet for a long time.

Divide the household chores. Do safe chores to get some exercise during pregnancy. Being pregnant isn’t really a reason to keep your house dirty; but take help. You may want to prepare for your newborn, but you may have complications during your pregnancy. Consider your safety.

Being safe is important so that you can enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy. Your body goes through a lot of changes and you don’t need to put a lot of stress on it. Healthy women need to stay active for a better pregnancy. Unstimulating work at home leads to giving birth before three weeks. Researchers believe that stress hormones trigger labor.

Health Fitness

Heavyhands Walking by Leonard Schwartz – Book Review

Heavyhands Walking, which is walking while vigorously pumping or swinging small hand weights, was introduced in the 1980s in Dr. Schwartz’s first book, “Heavyhands: The Ultimate Exercise,” published in 1982. Five years later, Rodale Press published the follow-up book. , “Heavyhands Walking,” which focused more on walking exercises and expanded discussions of underlying research and development, energy used, and calories burned. Both of these books are readily available in libraries or on the used book market. Chapter two of the second book, “Why Do Heavyhands Walk?”, alone warrants the purchase of this book.

The author begins with an agreement that walking is good exercise. The downside is that few people can or will walk at a pace fast enough to get any real fitness benefits. Research has shown that carrying weights increases workload. The problem here is that a significant addition of weight is needed to get to the desired work levels. This led to the conclusion that part of the problem was due to the lower body being expected to do most of the work. Upper body muscles represented an underutilized resource.

This led to the invention of Heavyhands. The first heavy hands were small 2-5 pound dumbbells. By employing extensive hand and arm movements combined with upper body flexion, benefits comparable to running, swimming, or rowing can be achieved. All this with walking, an activity available to a wide range of ages, body types and fitness levels. As an added bonus, walking was an activity that required no special skills or instruction.

The use of small dumbbells had some disadvantages. There was a potential safety hazard if the weights slipped from the grip of the exerciser. Weights flying through the air take something away from the carefree enjoyment of group exercise. Prolonged periods of use can cause hand cramps. The problem was solved with specially designed handles with a strap to go across the back of the hand.

The design also provided other benefits. The first was psychological. The new handles felt better and with the addition of the padded hand strap they just looked and felt great. The new design also included threads at the end of the handles to allow weights to be added and changed quickly. Specially designed Heavyhands weights were made available from two to ten pounds. People with widely varying fitness levels and goals can walk and exercise together, and each person can maintain their own level of intensity.

The book emphasizes that we are not talking about carrying weights. The objective is the total exercise of the whole body. Pick up a copy of this book from any of the major online bookstores. The weights are again available online and in sporting goods stores. A quick search will take you to the source for everything you need. Start. Get healthy.

Lifestyle Fashion

Stretch marks on the skin of the penis – Tips for natural treatment

Stretch marks on the penis do not affect sexual performance in terms of a man’s physical ability, but men who have visible scars on the skin surface of the penis can be extremely self-conscious about their appearance. This can lead to reduced self-esteem, social embarrassment, and even erection problems in affected men. These are not an indicator of any other health problem and are primarily of cosmetic concern. It may be possible to reduce the appearance of scarring on the skin through dermatological treatments such as microdermabrasion or laser therapy.

However, these treatments are often prohibitively expensive, and men may be understandably reluctant to expose the family jewels to potentially damaging procedures. Fortunately, with proper penile skin care, it may be possible to prevent stretch marks from developing in the first place and minimize their appearance when they do form. The information here can provide men with some helpful tips for natural penile skin treatment.

What are stretch marks?

They are a form of scarring that occurs as a result of the tearing of the dermis. It can affect all parts of the body, including the abdomen, breasts, arms, legs, buttocks, and penis. They usually form due to rapid weight change (gain or loss) or due to hormonal changes in the body due to puberty, pregnancy, or hormone replacement therapy. Stretch marks on the penis are often the result of size change due to erections.

Is there any way to prevent them?

There is no guarantee that it can be completely prevented; however, men can take steps to reduce the chance of developing superficial scars by keeping their skin well hydrated, maintaining a consistent (and healthy) body weight, and avoiding unnecessary hormonal treatments, such as those used by some bodybuilders and other athletes to improve muscle tone. performance. purposes

Natural treatments for stretch marks on the penis

While stretch marks don’t usually go away completely, they do tend to fade over time so they aren’t as visible on the skin’s surface. For best results, they should be treated within the first six weeks after they form, when they are reddish or purple in color.

Some of the most frequently recommended treatments to reduce the appearance of stretch marks include the following:

  • Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter: These natural vegetable oils are quite effective in nourishing the skin and mitigating the effects of stretching. Using them as a preventive measure may be more effective, but many people have reported an improvement in the appearance of their skin after using a cream that contains cocoa or shea butter.
  • Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe is well known for its healing properties and can have a beneficial effect on stretch marks if used soon after they appear.
  • Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E is essential for maintaining the structure of the skin, as well as protecting it from environmental damage. Many dermatologists recommend the use of vitamin E, which can be obtained in certain creams or applied directly by opening vitamin E capsules and rubbing in the oil.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is used to treat various types of skin blemishes, including scars caused by acne, injuries, or stretch marks. Like vitamin E, vitamin A is most effective when applied directly to the affected area.

Using a penis health cream

A high quality penis vitamin cream. (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contain a combination of ingredients such as shea butter or coconut oil, vitamin E, vitamins A and C, and other natural ingredients that rejuvenate the skin can provide multiple benefits for the skin of the penis, reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars at the same while enhancing the natural appearance of the skin. moisturizing properties.


You can have a dog and live in the city

People and dogs an inseparable combination you can meet a stranger and if you start talking about dogs they are likely to part as friends dogs offer companionship loyalty and love however those who live in cities can feel like they can’t have a dog. in urban areas.
I agree that some dog breeds are not suited to city life, but others are ideal for the city, so city folks need not feel left out of the wonderful world of dog ownership.

Some of the breeds you might consider if you live in a city would include

Chihuahua, these guys are a real powerhouse of attitude. They may be small, but they know they are important. In fact, they are one of the smallest dogs around, but I have seen them tell Great Danes what they think of them, small enough to fit in a bag but with a lot of heart.
The other advantage of their size is that they require little exercise and if they decide to destroy something, it will most likely not be your entire apartment.

Shih Tzu, the dog most people think of when you mention the term toy dog, small, long haired and very well behaved, again they don’t need a lot of exercise and their size makes them ideal for living in a apartment.

Beagles, the beagle is a hardy breed of dog that was the original bread for hunting in England, they are small with short fur, they have great energy and resistance, but as long as they have access to the outdoors, an apartment will be fine for them to live.

Chi-poo The Chi-poo is a cross between a chihuahua and typically a female miniature poodle, they are generally good-tempered dogs and have a loving nature, often their ears stand erect giving them the appearance of listening to what you say. a happy companion

Jack Russell Terrier – The Jack Russell is a small dog with a lot to give, a big heart, lots of energy and a very playful manner. They have strong hunting instincts and this could lead them to come up against small animals and are more difficult to train than some dogs, but due to their intelligence they respond very well to an experienced trainer.

I hope this short list has shown you that there are a number of options that you can consider if you are considering getting a dog, even if you live in an urban environment, the important thing to remember is that you have to have a dog that can fit into the environment that you live in. you are able to provide.

Real Estate

Life Settlements and the Key to Fair Market Value

One of the most important aspects of advanced estate planning is the secondary life insurance market. But, like any other financial planning strategy, it’s not for everyone. The life settlement has traditionally been used as an exit strategy for unwanted or unnecessary life insurance that could normally lapse or be terminated. Life settlements are now being used with other strategies to provide equity liquidity using alternative financing methods such as premium financing.

Trusted advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to inform their clients of all of their options when reviewing their estate plan. The fair market value of the life insurance must be the basis. Anyone who has bought or sold real estate knows the importance of fair market value. In recent years, our access to real estate has kept our economy from grinding to a halt.

Most of us probably breathe a sigh of relief every time we receive our tax returns in the mail and look at the assessed value. We know that the tax is a percentage of the value assessed by a county assessor and we are grateful that it is not based on fair market value. But, we would probably see the biggest act of civil disobedience since the Boston Tea Party if the county assessor consulted the real estate agent every year. We would feel undervalued, to say the least, if we had to sell real estate for its appraised value instead of its fair market value. Our heritage is based on a more accurate valuation, which takes into account supply and demand imbalances, among other things, and leaves us with more opportunities.

Now another widely owned asset offers the same opportunity for a more accurate assessment of fair market value. The asset is life insurance. The secondary life insurance market is nothing new. Viatical arrangements have been around in one form or another for years. They are usually associated with the capital investment in a fractional part of a policy in which the insured has a terminal illness. Generally, the insured has a life expectancy of less than 24 months and is seeking a tax-free portion of the death benefit to meet an immediate cash need.

Life settlements involve the sale of a policy by someone over the age of 65 who no longer needs, wants, or can afford the policy. The life settlement is often used as an exit strategy for underperforming variable or universal life policies where “disappearing premiums” have reappeared or the death benefit is no longer guaranteed. These agreements are negotiated in all types of individual and survivor policies, including term policies. Settlement amounts always exceed any cash surrender value for the same reason real estate is largely bought and sold for more than its appraised value.

Traditionally, before a life insurance policy is issued, an underwriter reviews the insured’s medical records and makes an offer based on accepted findings. Unless the case is rejected, different offers could be made, including, preferential, preferential plus, standard, table 2 and table 3, etc.

Companies that use the term “clinical underwriting” to assess mortality risks on an individual basis imply that their underwriting is more accurate at the time of issuance. This benefits consumers in the same way that early settlements do by taking a more individual approach to evaluating an applicant’s medical history. Because of this, an occasional smoker may still be seen as a “non-smoker” risk and may be offered more affordable coverage.

Once the policy is in force, the customer’s subscription is never reviewed. This approach to pricing life insurance policies serves the insurance companies, but does little for the consumer when the insured’s circumstances change. In fact, it only strengthens the power of the bearers. The ability to buy back an insured’s life insurance policy is limited to the company that issued it in the first place. Your offer is the cash surrender value of the policy, which is based on the medical underwriting at the time of issue. Any change in expected mortality that would increase the value of the policy can only be captured in the secondary market when the medical underwriting is reviewed, allowing for a more accurate assessment of the asset.

A typical settlement request includes very important information, which is used for the appraisal. The basic questions are about the type of policy, the insurance company, and when the policy was issued. The insured signs a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) form. Under HIPAA, the insured can share their medical history by authorizing the review of a copy of their medical records. This is where the most accurate and timely information on the health status of the insured is used to assess life expectancy. The third piece of critical information that is reviewed is a current illustration of the life insurance policy. It will show the estimated cost to carry the policy to maturity. The non-binding offer can be given to the client once these variables are known.

If the offer is accepted, the policyholder and beneficiary switch to the institution making the offer, which assumes all premium obligations. The insured obtains the product of the settlement once the changes in the carrier have been registered. Any amount, up to the cost basis, is a tax-free return of premium. Anything over that, up to the cash surrender value, is taxed as ordinary income. Finally, the amount above the cash surrender value, up to the settlement amount, is generally taxed as long-term gain, since the policy must be at least two years old. (This tax opinion was issued in 1997 by KPMG Peat Marwick.)

Life agreements as conventional wisdom

The idea of ​​using the secondary market to evaluate life insurance is slowly becoming conventional wisdom for many reasons. Most importantly, household names such as The Bank of New York, GE Capital and Lloyd’s of London have committed billions of dollars to this market. This builds credibility with regulators and the public as perceptions shift from recognizing life settlements as a sophisticated financial planning technique. Many clients who are life settlement candidates would probably never buy investments without knowing all the facts and having a solid exit strategy. Now is the time to determine the usefulness of life insurance, especially if the premiums have become a financial burden on the policyholder. The liquidity provided by the secondary market can only improve the value of life insurance by increasing demand in the primary market. Furthermore, a more accurate valuation of the asset is the key to unlocking hidden value for the benefit of the consumer.

Shopping Product Reviews

Rumored processors and display technology in the upcoming iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

In the last two years, two mobile phone manufacturers have consistently provided us with the best smartphones. Apple has always been successful with its iPhone range, while the Samsung Galaxy line has become the best-selling range of devices ever produced. We take a look at what to expect from the next generation of models from these two heavyweights, and see how the rumored iPhone 5 stacks up against the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In the power department, it looks like these two models will be among the first models released to feature quad-core processors. It is rumored that the new iPhone 5 will use the latest A6 chipset that is being developed by Apple. Although processing power is likely to clock in at 1Ghz, as it has been in previous iPhone devices, the model should still offer blazing-fast speeds and great multitasking. An impressive 1GB of RAM is likely to accompany this chipset, which should make the device well-equipped to handle any future software changes that may come along. Samsung has always been very proud of the fast operating times its devices offer, so expect the Galaxy S3 to not disappoint in this area. An ARM Cortex A9 chipset will be used in this new model which features a quad-core processor clocked at a massive 1.5Ghz. This will make the Galaxy S3 the fastest phone on the market and the 2 GB of RAM that Samsung is rumored to include in the model will also make the device a market leader in this area.

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S3 will come out on top in terms of power, but the iPhone 5 will offer superior display technology, an area that is often much more attractive to the consumer. The iPhone 4S set a high standard in this area by using the famous Retina display, which at launch was the best display available. However, technology is advancing very fast and Apple seems ready to outdo themselves with the new 4-inch display which is reported to offer users a pixel density of 350 pixels per inch. It’s also been reported that this new display will incorporate technology to help reduce power demand by up to 25 percent, which will have a very positive effect on battery life, an area where the iPhone has traditionally suffered. The Galaxy S3 will include a huge 4.7-inch display that will again use the excellent Super AMOLED technology that has been used in previous models. Expect a big bump in resolution, so a pixel density of around 330 PPI should see Samsung come very close to Apple in this department.

There is no doubt that the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 will be very successful models when they are finally launched. It looks like Samsung will take a few hits when it comes to processing power, however Apple will once again raise the bar on display tech.