Book Review – The Crystal Castle by Jeannette Walls

Jeannette Walls proves in her astonishing memoir that poor parenting and abject poverty do not necessarily condemn children to a bleak future of the same. In Scribner’s 2005 “Castle of Glass”, Walls reveals the intimate details of her upbringing within a dysfunctional but loving family.

“The Glass Castle” immediately grabs you with an opening scene in which Walls, as an adult in New York City, sees her mother rummaging through a garbage container from the window of her taxi. Her mother is homeless, one of those bag ladies we all see, but now you suddenly have to wonder how she would feel if that was your mother hanging out on the fringes of our society.

From this shocking moment, Walls transports you to his first memory. She is three years old and suffers a terrible burn to her torso when her dress catches fire while boiling hot dogs on the stove. There is a long stay at the local hospital near where his family currently lives in Arizona while Walls recovers. To the hospital staff, parental negligence is obvious, but Jeannette does not associate the murmur of disapproval around her with her parents.

If any action by social services is planned, we will never know because his father, Rex Walls, plans an early discharge from the hospital in his trademark “Rex Walls style.” This means that you will grab your little one and skip the hospital bill that you have no intention or means to pay.

Jeannette takes her father, mother, older sister, and younger brother, and the family hits the road. It begins just one of many trips the Walls family ends up in rickety shacks and trailers throughout the deserts of Nevada, Arizona, and California. They stay somewhere for a while until Rex can’t pay the rent or doesn’t want to and they leave town and do it again.

Rex inspired the book’s title with the carefully crafted paper plans for his “castle of glass” that he hopes to one day build. She often reassures her children with the promise of this fantastic home. It’s going to be a solar powered house, but you need to raise the money to build it first, which involves numerous gold prospecting schemes that are doomed to fail. Because panning for gold never pays the bills, Rex also finds work as an electrician or handyman. He’s smart and mechanically talented, but his earnings are inevitably washed away by flash floods of drinking that leave his family perpetually destitute.

In an immersive narrative that plunges you deeper into an almost unimaginable existence of deprivation, we see how Jeannette and her siblings deal with their destructively alcoholic father and beg their mother to function and give them food. The mother, in fact, has a teaching degree, but can rarely crawl into employability. Although the various rural areas where they live are always desperate for a qualified teacher, the mother cannot bear the work and only occasionally keeps it, with the help of her children who get her out of bed.

The mother’s infrequent paychecks seldom make their way into the noisy bellies of her children. Rex will invariably claim his wife’s salary and go about squandering it.

This desperate state continues for years as the children of the Walls sleep in cardboard boxes instead of beds, endure intense fights between their parents and eat whatever they find. Their mother teaches them to swallow spoiled food by holding their noses.

But even amid these horrors of poverty and alcoholism, Jeannette Walls expresses genuine love within her family. They are loyal to each other, and Rex, in his sober moments, is wise, encouraging, and tender with his children.

In his memoirs, Walls brilliantly elaborates on his experiences so that we can see the transformation of consciousness that takes place as he grows older. As a child, she does not criticize her parents. She loves them and doesn’t realize how terribly private her life is. But as she and her siblings mature, they definitely realize that their parents’ shortcomings are not acceptable.

Jeannette’s teenage years are spent in West Virginia, where her father retires to his hometown after going completely broke in Arizona. Life for the Walls in West Virginia is gruesome as they occupy a shack at “93 Little Hobart Street.” The roof is leaking. The plumbing is not working. The Walls family buries their garbage and sewage in small holes that they dig. They hardly ever have food. Jeannette goes through high school pulling leftover sandwiches out of the trash, and Rex plays the town drunk. As misery defines their lives, Jeannette’s mother does the most infuriating things. When Jeannette and her brother find a diamond ring, they immediately want to sell it for food, but her mother keeps it to “boost her self-esteem.” And so they continue to starve.

As Jeannette Walls tells the story of her shameful upbringing, you will admire her perseverance and that of her siblings. The children of The Walls finally take charge of their own lives and support each other in normal adult life in a beautiful display of sibling closeness.

Each page of “The Crystal Castle” will surprise you with the shameless and selfish actions of parents who cannot and do not want to even try to take care of their children or themselves. Despite his gruesome parents, Walls rarely scolds them with his writing. His love for his parents is often manifested in painful dismay.

Much more happens throughout these astonishing memoirs than is mentioned here. “The Crystal Castle” is fascinating and an impossible book to put down. It is truly a storytelling masterpiece and far superior to the typical bestseller.

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Get rid of bad breath naturally with the essence of life: WATER!

Bad breath is an unacceptable situation. Not only does it spoil your professional life, it also has a profound and negative impact on your social life. Indirectly, your self-esteem and zest for life are miserably lowered. This condition is nothing new. People throughout the centuries have been suffering from bad mouth odor.

A brief observation on how bad breath is produced will not be out of place. At any given time, a large number of bacteria are present in the mouth. In people who have fresh, natural breath, these microorganisms are inactive. However, these microorganisms become activated when they are catalyzed by decaying food particle debris among dental cavities, unsanitary oral care, dry mouth, plaque and tartar, tobacco use, unregulated use of antibiotics, alcohol consumption, a unbalanced diet, liver and gastric disorders.

Get rid of bad breath naturally

If you are a victim of bad breath, help is at your fingertips. In fact, you can decisively get rid of this discomfort through natural means. There are many natural cures for mouth odor. Some of these natural recipes can cure your affliction in weeks, if not days.

Most of the time, keeping a clean and healthy mouth is the basic solution. Make sure your tongue is kept clean by rubbing the yellowish-white coating that you have with special attention towards your posterior dorsal segment. Also, brushing your teeth after every meal should fix the situation. Switching to a balanced, regular and healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will suffice.

Water is the very essence of life. So the more you consume it, the better for you. By doing so, your oral cavity remains moist and cool at all times, leaving no room for bacteria that thrive on decay to get a firm footing. Typically, it is suggested that one should drink half their body weight in regulated ounces every 24 hours. An example here would be that a person weighing 150 pounds needs an intake of approximately 75 ounces of this life-giving miracle. Your body must be well hydrated at all times.

All of this greatly helps neutralize the acidic formations that are friendly to bacteria in your mouth and leaves your breath fresh, natural, and neutral. Plus, you have an added option of consuming organic alkaline-based ingredients that are available in your kitchen, from time to time.

By observing the above-mentioned suggestions, you will not only eliminate bad breath, but improve your quality of life to radically change for the better. Always keep your mouth free of bad breath. Live life big and live it to its zenith.

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Proof of funds for commercial real estate investors

Creative financing

When a commercial real estate investor is looking to purchase an income-generating property using any number of creative financing methods, one of the most important keys to their success is their ability to provide an adequate and verifiable proof of funds (POF) both to the seller as the lender. Verification of funds can improve investors’ credibility with the seller, as well as satisfy the requirement of lenders to know that the borrower has the necessary funds to complete their transaction.

Funds Test

There are a few acceptable ways for lenders and sellers to display POF to close your commercial real estate transaction:

  • Bank statements or bank verification
  • Brokerage or verification statements
  • Escrow account verification

“Bank Verification” This is the most acceptable and widely used method of confirming that investors can complete the proposed deal. As such, the money must be deposited into a bank account and confirmed by bank statements or letter from the banker. This is a “hard” (versus soft) verification method, because the money is deposited into an account in the buyer’s name to serve as proof that the buyer can complete the transaction.

“Brokerage Account Verification” Like bank accounts, brokerage accounts show acceptable means of completing a purchase transaction. Likewise, statements or a letter from the representative of the brokerage firm shall comply with the requirement of proving adequate financial soundness. This is also a “difficult” method.

“Escrow Account Verification” This is the only method that can be hard or soft proof of the assets required, as the escrow agent simply needs to write a letter of confirmation that the borrower has the necessary assets. finances available to complete the transaction. It becomes difficult when the money is transferred to an escrow waiting for the closing.


Finally, there are companies whose sole purpose is to provide evidence of the financial capacity of Commercial Real Estate Investors to complete their transactions. Many of them provide “Proof of Funds” and Transactional Financing. POF is required at the beginning of the deal and Transactional Financing is for the closing day only. Both methods are a necessary part of the investor arsenal when using creative financing.

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Florida vacation destinations

Florida is the place known for its beauty and fun-filled vacations. As you have already decided to go on vacation to Florida, the main requirement becomes a travel guide, which introduces you to the attractions and how to visit them all.

Florida, the sunny state is not only limited to the beauty of the beaches, the clear water and the sparkling snow, but much more. It is a state with diverse culture and beautiful people. Its rich arts and culture allow you to rediscover yourself and its splendid beauty revitalizes your mind. The ‘Sunshine State’ can be explored in three parts, South Florida, Central Florida, and North Florida.

North Florida is made up of beautiful cities and beaches. These cities give you the luxury of enjoying various water sports and recreational activities such as fishing.

Ft. Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Miami and Key Largo are the major cities in South Florida. These cities are known for the beautiful beaches and nightlife. The number one beach in the world, Black Beach, is located in Miami. Miami and St. Petersburg are also popular as centers of arts and entertainment.

Central Florida features Tampa Bay, the home of Busch Gardens, and Orlando, the home of Disney World. You can also find Sea World in Orlando. In the east of Orlando is the popular Daytona Beach. From Daytona Beach, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is a short drive away. Florida vacations offer an exciting, exciting, and exciting experience. So pack your bags and explore the world of water and sand.

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8:07 AM – Beer, hot girls and hot tubs – What more could a guy ask for?

The city of Longview, Texas, is located off Interstate 20, a little over a hundred miles east of Dallas. It’s a city of about 70,000 people, and lately a lot of them have been talking about what’s going on at a local business called Don’s Fly Thru Beer Barn.

You see, Don had a problem. His business requires people to sit in their car and drive through a long, garage-like building where customers can buy beer without getting out of their car. But when the traffic slowed down a bit, people got impatient and left, not buying Don’s beer.

Don must have sat down and thought about what he learned at Disney World. Now those people have a system. If you’ve been there, you know that the stagnant lines for rides and other attractions are made more bearable thanks to television monitors with things to see, and even cartoonists and other acts that distract people in the crowd while they are in line. Disney rule: If you entertain the people in line, they are not so irritable about how long it is taking them.

So Don put in a jacuzzi. A very nice one, from the look of the photos. Then he got some girls in the tub so now the people waiting in line would have someone to talk to. Or at least mind you, if they were shy about that kind of thing.

Now this is strictly a G-rated hot tub, no naked women, just very attractive women in swimsuits, straw hats, and big, friendly smiles. The ladies are known as “Don’s Darlings” and they are causing a stir in the city, as well as improving Don’s business. He says the hot tub trick is making him a lot of money.

A local TV station even posted a video feature on Fly Thru Beer Barn and of course the local newspaper is happy to provide some images.

If you’re interested in seeing Don’s new marketing idea in action, we have links to the hot tub video and images on our website.

Don Talley is the very creative owner of Beer Barn. She says that most of the women are single mothers and she is helping them by offering them honest work. An ad in a local newspaper said it was offering health benefits and even cosmetic surgery. They work eight hours a day, and Don seems to have no problem finding women who are willing to fill the bathtub. And no wonder, how many jobs can you find where you get paid to sit all day in a hot tub in the sun, tanning and flirting with men?

It turns out that sex sells, or at least keeps male customers long enough to buy beer. But this is not a hot tub, no one is naked and is considered quite harmless by most people in the area. You will probably see more skin in a pool.

Always an entrepreneur, Don says that sometimes his Fly Thru Beer Barn clients get a gift too: once a week he gives the women a day off and tends to the bathtub with handsome men.