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Tips for cleaning your hardwood floors

Wood floors are great for giving your home or business a more rustic and classic touch. It can be difficult to keep them clean and scratch-free. Experts say you need to renew them about once every ten years or so. There are a few things you can do before you refinish a hardwood floor.

Here are some things you can do to extend the life of your hardwood floors:

Clean regularly. This is pretty basic but also very important. If dust and dirt particles are left on hardwood too long, they can leave marks and scratches. Vacuuming is recommended at least once a week. If you use any cleaning products, check the labels to make sure they are made specifically for cleaning hardwood floors.

Be selective with your brushes. Use only soft nylon brushes or vacuum accessories.

Clean up spills immediately. Any spilled liquid should be wiped up immediately with a dry cloth. If there is still a mark, try a damp cloth, but be sure to dry it immediately. If that doesn’t work, try an ammonia-free window cleaner. Some materials, like furniture polish and hairspray, are especially bad for floors.

Do not wax. ‘Nuff said.

Use rugs. If there are areas that get heavy traffic, lay down a rug or mat to soak up the dirt. You can also place them in areas where you eat, prepare food, or anywhere else where spillage is likely. You can also place them under any furniture with pointed legs that can possibly scratch your floor. Get an extra large mat to place inside or outside (or both) of your driveway.

Do not wet yourself. Like a mogwai, it is bad for water to collect on hardwood floors. Look for places where water can get in. Close the windows when it rains. Put something under the potted plants. And wipe up any spills immediately, too.

Avoid bright light. Also like a mogwai, excessive exposure to sunlight is not good. If you notice that there is a window that gives overexposure, pull the blinds or curtains for some time.

Over time, your floor will eventually accumulate scuffs and scratches, and you should seek help from professionals for repainting and other restoration services. Following these simple cleaning tips will extend the life and shine of your beautiful floors.

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How to select the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant?

You live in a world of technology. Technology abounds. The smartphone you are using to read this article is an example of technology, the air conditioner you are using to keep your room cool is an example of technology, even the toilet you are using is also an example of advanced engineering. So why not use the latest technology for your business?

Microsoft NAV can be used to skyrocket your business. The uses and applications of this product are unlimited. It can be used to improve collaboration and accessibility, as well as to automate repetitive tasks within a company. This is the best software when it comes to running your business. With this software, you will be able to get a brief overview of how your business is doing.

Almost all companies today use Microsoft NAV to improve their processes. It can be used to automate repetitive tasks. Since it is software, you will not make any manual mistakes like humans. You are using it in your accounting, marketing, sales, supply chain, etc.

However, this is a very technical thing. You would need the best experts to help you get used to this software. There is a lot of expectation in the market. Therefore, it can be a difficult task for you to find the right man. In this article, we will share with you five tips that will help you choose the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant in India.

Characteristics of a good Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant:

  • One-stop solution – You need an organization that can be your one-stop destination for all your business needs. When you decide to integrate particular software into your system, you need to take care of many things. Only an organization that is expert in its work can be helpful.

  • Integration solution: Microsoft NAV integration is also a very technical task. You should choose only those organizations that would help you integrate this software with your system. This is a very technical thing. So there is less chance that you can do it yourself.

  • Deployment Support – Integration is not the end of the world. Even after integration, you may need assistance. There can be many problems with the new software. For the smooth running of your organization, you need the help of people who can provide implementation support.

  • Customer Feedback: Customer is king. A good consultant will have satisfied clients. Go out to the market. See who is reputable in the crowd. Choose only the market leader in this domain.

  • Up-to-date knowledge: Microsoft NAV is relatively new software. There will be many updates to this software to improve its functionality. You should only seek the help of those organizations that have up-to-date knowledge in this area. A solid technical knowledge is the first requirement to be the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant.


Payroll Services: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

This is one of the most critical departments in a company. In accounting and finance terms, it is the sum total of compensation, deductions and benefits from all salaries of a company. If the company does not have a fixed system for calculating the salaries of its employees, it could be chaotic for the company to handle the payment of the employees. In addition to paying wages, there are payroll taxes that can affect business income at the end of the tax year. These reasons are the reasons why a company needs to maintain an effective payroll system. The norm in recent years is that larger companies outsource their payroll services, but this has its pros and cons.


• Cost effectiveness

• When a company has its own payroll department it means that it has to manage a payroll department and hiring accounts, but outsourced payroll services alleviate these burdens. It also saves the tedious work of calculating payroll.

• Money and human resources invested for an internal payroll can be used in other productive jobs

• It can help businesses keep track of their income and expenses.

• Helps the company keep a detailed record of payroll, which is important for any business.

• Streamlines all payroll management in the hands of experts in that field.

• They give the business excellent results along with high performance.


• Payroll services involve allowing a third party access to private and sensitive employee information, which could not be secure.

• Employees may not like the idea of ​​outsourcing payroll services out of business because they value their privacy.

• Not all outsourcing agreements are successful, even if the profitability is very high.

• Your returns may not be worth the money you spent if you don’t hire an inexperienced company.

• Have the threat to privacy

• Lack of direct control over the company’s payroll services.

Many reputable companies outsource payroll services, but you should do your research to make sure the company you choose is reputable. Check to make sure they have a high customer satisfaction record. You can also check with the BBB to see if there are any complaints filed against the company you are considering hiring for their payroll services. If you look at the pros and cons of outsourcing your payroll services, you can see that it reduces the burden on your HR department and that the payroll will be done correctly because the outsourced company specializes in payroll. Choosing a reputable, qualified company will also protect employee privacy.


Learn about the features and benefits of the Yamaha DD-65 digital drum kit

I was very excited when I started using the Yamaha DD-65, mainly because I am not a drummer. Before hooking it up to the hi-hat, I had to put it on a desk, kick the pedals, and it started right away. You can choose to use sticks or your hand to hit the big pads and the natural response you will get will make you want to keep playing compulsively.

The Yamaha DD-65 offers its owner the ability to practice and learn drums with little amplification and this can be done with built-in speakers or headphones in a small space. However, I am most fascinated by the MIDO controllers that are possible when using the Yamaha DD-65 for software drums. I’m really eager to start playing the sample drums, rather than playing or programming them on a trigger pad or keyboard.

Yamaha DD-65: Portable, MIDI-compatible digital drum module.

This is a digital drum set that has been created from a drummer’s point of view, making it easy for drummers who rely on audio to play. Unit includes 2-pedal input, 8 touch-sensitive pads, auxiliary audio input for audio devices such as MP3 players and ported speakers. The Yamaha DD-65 is MIDI compatible. In addition to this, it has a Flash ROM that makes it easy to download songs from the net for drum lessons and makes the Yamaha DD-65 an effective tool for learning.

A concise description of the Yamaha DD-65:

1. Designed for the acoustic drummer.

2. Various connection options available.

Acoustic drum design

Aimed at the acoustic drummer, the Yamaha DD-65 has a design that is instinctive and makes it very easy for drummers who consider themselves acoustic to play like professionals in a short amount of time. While the design can be described as suitable for new drummers, it is also good for drummers who want to make the transition to an acoustic kit.

Various connection options

There have been a number of great features packed into this portable device. You can plug your MP3 or iPod into the DD-65 and invent a personal drum kit from an existing recording. In addition to this, there is a USB-MIDI interface that has the ability to transmit these sounds to a computer for editing and recording.

A detailed list of the features of the Yamaha DD-65 digital drum kit:

1. Auxiliary connector

2. Thirty-two note polyphony

3. Stereo drum samples

4. Master EQ and reverb

5. 3 custom kits and 50 programmed kits

6,254 GM voice mapping compatible with any pad

7. Headphone jack

8. 2 foot switches

9. MIDI connectivity

10. Integrated stereo speakers

11. It has the capacity to store 5 songs.

12. 8 touch sensitive pads

13. 100 built-in songs to play and learn songs

This is a great set of digital drums to start with in your next music group. Lightweight and easy to carry, it will make great sounds wherever you go.

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Igor Ledochowski

Igor Ledochowski is a world-renowned author and hypnotist, famous both for his skill in hypnotism and for his work in training others. He has written many books on the subject and has introduced many important concepts to the field of neurolinguistic programming, which is often abbreviated as NLP. Your professional accomplishments in this field are central to the way many people understand this job as well as themselves.

Igor Ledochowski was born in 1974 and graduated in European law in 1996. Two years later, he was hired as a lawyer by the Linklaters law firm. Throughout a competitive school career and mentally demanding job, Igor Ledochowski became fascinated with the idea of ​​accelerating learning and the ability to create academic success through alternative methods of thinking and preparation. With his success in law, he became even more interested in the workings of the human mind and what could be unlocked.

Igor’s interests in the power of the human mind lead him to find an introduction to Ericksonian hypnosis. Igor was so fascinated by this that he decided to quit his job at Linklaters and seek the knowledge of some of the most respected and well-known hypnotists in the world. He sought information and influence from hypnotists such as Paul McKenna, Stephen Brooks, Stephen Gilligan, and Richard Bandler.

Less than a decade after starting his work in hypnosis, Igor Ledochowski was known as one of the most talented hypnotherapists in the UK and was called upon to teach master classes at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and the Hypnotherapy Association. He also found himself employed as a consultant for organizations such as Grant Thornton, Proctor & Gamble, and J. Sainsburys.

2003 saw the release of his impressively comprehensive work, “The Deep Trance Training Manual, Volume 1”. When it comes to learning hypnosis, this volume has become one of the most essential training guides on the market today.

With the interest and passion that Igor Ledochowski had in using the human mind to improve himself and others, he later became the lead NLP and hypnosis trainer for Easy Stop. Easy Stop is a foundation that works to help people overcome destructive behaviors such as smoking and overeating. Igor is also working on a new iMethod concept. iMethod is a method of using the power of the mind to show people how to control how they think and feel and how to change their behaviors towards a more positive outcome.

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5 main reasons why marriages break up

Love: Yes, I mean love. I know you are wondering how love can cause a breakup. Love is believed to be the foundation of marriage. It is love that produces marriage. You only get married once you realize that you love someone else like yourself. You cannot marry someone you hate. Unless it’s for other reasons. When the sweet love you once shared turns sour, the marriage is about to break down. How are you going to live with a person who bothers you so much? It is impossible, and because of that, most couples choose to separate and go their ways. Every human being wants to be loved. therefore, where there is no love, couples never stay together for long.

In laws: What role do in-laws play in your marriage? Well, there is no marriage without in-laws. When couples marry, they automatically get in-laws. Some of these in-laws are the best and some are the worst. One might wonder if they ever wanted their son or daughter to marry. They interfere a lot with the marriage of your children / brother / sister. Who is to blame in this case? In most cases, it is the in-laws on the husband’s side that bring all these problems. In such cases, the fault lies with the man. You must defend your wife at all times, even if she is wrong. It should not be he who incites his people against the wife. I’m sorry to say this, but some husbands have the audacity to speak ill of their wives to their families. Tell me, won’t your in-laws hate you when they hear such bad things from your own husband? If you allow your family to interfere so much with your marriage, then know that in time your wife will tire and stop.

Infidelity: This is the worst of all. Nobody wants to be cheated on by the partner. In fact, if the other party finds out, there is no forgiveness. When a man finds out that his wife is cheating on him, he can do the worst to the man involved with his wife. Women are forgiving. For their part, they can forgive their husbands but they will never love them again. Some women end up choosing to leave the man and even asking for a divorce.

Let’s compare: This is a very painful reason for breakups. When one spouse chooses to constantly compare their spouse to another, it really hurts a lot. Despite the fact that the one who does it, could be doing it without knowing it. In some cases, the spouse making these comparisons is aware of this and usually does so on purpose to hurt the spouse. The target spouse may, in some cases, try to measure up to the part they are comparing themselves to, and if the sacrifice is not noticed, this can lead to a breakup.

Physical, emotional and mental abuse: This is one of the main causes of marriage breakdown. One partner could abuse the other. This could be physical / emotional torture. An abusive spouse is worse than a murderer. The reason is: they often use intimidation and manipulation to keep the abused partner under control at all times. They are sadists! They never want to see their husbands happy! They beat them up, call them all kinds of abusive nicknames, and even make the other partner feel worthless and unworthy. With that, the marriage will definitely break down, especially when the abused get tired of being constantly abused.


Business Plan Writing Services – If you need to create a business plan

Business Plan Writing Services

If you need to create a business plan, it is important to follow the right steps to make it look its best. Fortunately, there are business plan writing services that can help you create an original and detailed plan. Using one of these services will ensure that your business is presented in a way that is engaging and well thought out. By using a professional service, you will have access to a qualified writer who has years of experience crafting business plans.

When choosing a business plan writing services , be sure to ask how they can help you. They can provide assistance with creating a customized business plan for a fee. While real-life businessmen usually know about other types of businesses, students should always seek the help of a professional writer. Many companies will offer business plan writing services to their clients to make their assignments easier to complete. To learn more about these professionals, check out their website and check out the various reviews left by previous clients.

A good business plan writing service will have a structure that will help clients understand the process. It should also provide a draft within a few weeks. The process itself will vary, but most agencies can provide a draft within two to four weeks. If the client has provided a detailed proposal, the writing service will be able to deliver a complete document. In addition to the written content, a professional will also conduct a comprehensive risk analysis.

Business Plan Writing Services – If you need to create a business plan

The best business plan writing services will take the time to study the industries and industry you wish to target. In addition to that, you should also look for the qualifications of the writer and management team. The Homework should be able to answer your questions regarding the business model, goals and strategies. A well-written business plan is essential for your success in your venture, and should be an integral part of your business strategy. A successful plan should include a solid strategy, a clear outline, and an outline of your growth plans.

It is also important to remember that the business plan writing services are not fellow-students. They are professionals in the industry and can provide valuable assistance to the clients. However, the cost is higher than a software, but the benefits outweigh this. In fact, such companies can even serve as trusted advisors for the clients. The writers of these services are experts and have a wealth of knowledge. A successful business plan is the key to a successful company.

When you need to write a business plan, you will need to hire a professional. These services will help you write a business plan that will be useful for investors. You can also get help with marketing by hiring a professional. By hiring a company, you will also have a professional who can help you with the financial side of your venture. When it comes to business plans, they are necessary for your success. There are various factors that will affect your business.


Is my dog ​​the right weight? Find out if you have a ‘thick jumpsuit’ or a ‘twiggy’ in your house

How do you know if you have an overweight or underweight dog? It can be a complex question for the average dog owner. Similar to human bodies, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from short and plump, long and slender, to square bodies and legs. Guessing the correct weight for each frame can be intimidating. Here are the signs that can help you know how to judge the weight ratio of some of the more typical dog breeds: Retrievers, Terriers, Poodles, Spaniels, Shih Tzu. The main areas to check are the ribs, hips, waist, and belly.

Signs that your dog is overweight:

Thick jumpsuit -A dog without a waist: Your dog should not look like a dachshund unless he is.

Marshmallow -If you cannot feel your dog’s spine, hips or ribs under gentle pressure, and instead only feel soft fat.

Affection -A dog skating with layers on the sides and hips that roll as the dog walks.

Resounding -If the belly continues to round beyond the umbilical area where the belly should start to rise and enter the waist.

Signs that your dog is underweight:

The girdleThe dog’s waist appears to be sucked under vacuum pressure.

Twiggy – The bones of the hip, rib and spine can be seen or felt with a touch without pressure

Parachute -There is excess skin on the lower part of the waist.

Signs that your dog is the perfect weight:

The width of the waist is 1.2 to 1.3 times greater than the width of the neck.

The dog’s sides do not move or roll when the dog moves or runs

You can’t see your hips, ribs, or spine, but you can feel them under gentle pressure.

The dog’s belly is raised to the waist and is not rounded or excessively rounded.

Patience and a little experience go a long way in finding the perfect weight for your dog. Your vet is a great resource when researching how much and what type of food to feed your dog. You are the one who lives with your dog every day, and you will see if there is a change in weight when you change your diet and / or exercise regimens. Whatever you choose, make these changes sparingly. If you increase exercise in your dog’s life, make sure his nails are trimmed to a usable length.

If you think your dog is a ‘thick monkey’, check with your vet first to rule out a variety of diseases that affect certain breeds more than others (such as Cushing’s disease) that can make the dog appear overweight when not it is. . This guide works for most dogs. For ‘thin breed dogs’ like Great Danes, Whippets and Greyhounds, use the Low Weight Dog Scale as your perfect weight. If your dog appears to be wearing a girdle, try giving him more food, increasing his intake by ¼, 1/2, or 1 cup more night and day, depending on a small, medium, or large breed dog. It is common for dogs that are intact to stay on the lean side. There are many food supplements available in the market to increase your appetite. Veterinary guidance and experimentation are the keys to weight change for the dog.

Find out where your dog’s weight falls. Consult a veterinarian if you have any questions. Make the appropriate changes for your dog’s age. Experiment with your dog on a weekly basis by changing his food intake and exercise program little by little. Please see the Dog Weight Ranges pictures and videos on the website for more help with your breed. Give your dog the longest and healthiest life you can, ditch the marshmallows and let Twiggy stick in your memory, keep your dog’s weight ‘just right’. The time you gain with it will far outweigh the hassle and effort it may cost you.

Copyright 2010 DuAnn Lustig Chambers

Reprint Rights: You may reprint this article as long as you print the information about the author and keep all links active.

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Titanium Welding – Weld Colors Tell A Story If You’re Listening

Titanium welding colors can teach you something. Even if you don’t weld titanium, there is a cool trick where titanium welding colors help test the gas quality of your torch. Stay with me here and learn the trick.

Discoloration of titanium from the heat of welding is due to oxidation and the different colors are due to the varying thickness of the oxide layers.

The great thing about titanium weld colors is that they are predictable. In other words, we can determine what temperature the metal titanium reached when it was exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere.

The colors blue, purple, green, gray, and white occur at gradually higher temperatures.

There are also some intermediate colors and here is the progression.

The first titanium weld color is straw, followed by brown, then brownish blue, violet blue, green and blue, dull salmon pink, gray, and white oxide.

Some codes allow blue discoloration, but the best practice is to prevent titanium welds from fading beyond straw.

Titanium welds are often critical enough to maintain standards higher than the minimum allowed by a code.

But like I said at the beginning, even if you don’t need to weld titanium, you can use this information to test the shielding gas coming out of your tig torch.

Titanium begins to discolor around 500 degrees F. The hotter it gets without being protected by an inert gas like argon, the more it oxidizes and changes color starting with the straw and ending with the chalky white oxide.

But when protected by argon until it cools below 500 ° F, titanium will be shiny and silver even when heated beyond its melting point, which is roughly 3135 F, depending on the alloy grade.

What this means to you is that you can test the shielding gas coming out of your tig torch by simply puddling it and letting it cool and then evaluating the discolored titanium metal.

This is how you do it …

Set your tig welding machine to approximately 50 amps to weld titanium. Set your post-flow protection timer to 15 seconds. Hold the tig torch at a 90 degree angle with dead nuts to the titanium test piece and turn it on. Create a puddle approximately 1/4 “to 3/8”, keep the arc as short as the diameter of the tungsten used and wait about 7 seconds. Release pedal amperage control and hold torch still until weld and heated area cool completely … about 15 seconds.

If your argon is not contaminated, your electrode and the titanium pool will be completely silver.

There will be a circular area around the puddle weld where the argon sheath shielding protected the titanium, which is discolored. That’s fine as long as it’s symmetrical and at least as large as the inside diameter of the tig cup.

An oddly shaped halo of titanium weld colors too close to the weld could indicate a clogged diffuser in the gas lens nozzle body or other problem … and if the weld puddle and electrode are not silver shiny, you may have bad argon or a leak.

It is very important to know these kinds of things before doing a critical weld.

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Leo Lucky Days of Astrology; When good fortune smiles on you

People born between July 23 and August 21 have the zodiac sun sign Leo the Lion. As a Leo, you probably know your basic horoscope, but did you know that certain days, even hours each day, are lucky for you just because of your sign? Read on and learn those days and times when good luck falls on you.

Moon phase

The corresponding days in your sun sign range will coincide with the phase of the Moon that is luckiest for you. A Leo born between July 24 and July 31 will have more luck during the days of the New Moon. Leos born between August 1 and August 7 will have the luckiest days when the Moon is in its second trimester. A Leo born between August 8 and 16, in turn, will have more luck during the time of the full moon. Finally, Leos born between August 17 and 21 will be the luckiest during the fourth quarter of the Moon.

Numerology and calendar days

By numerology, we know that the celestial number of Leo is (5). Also, the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo, has a numerology number of (9). Combining these two numbers and reducing the sub to a single digit, we arrive at (14) which reduces to (5). Consequently, all Leos tend to be blessed with good fortune on every day where the day or month digits add up to (5). Leos will be especially lucky on the following days of each month: the 5th, the 14th, and the 23rd. People born under this sign should also look for opportunities to have the number (5) associated with the games they play. Card games where the hands consist of five cards, or a lottery game where (5) numbers are chosen in each draw will tend to favor you.

Leos Lucky Hours

For those of us who were born under the sign of Leo, the hours of the day when we are most fortunate are those when the Sun dominates the sky. If you know when the sunrise is, you can easily find out when good fortune is associated with you. Use the day chart below and count the hours since sunrise on that day.

Sunday: The luckiest hours for Leos will be the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd hours after sunrise.

Monday: The luckiest hours for Leos will be the 5, 12 and 19 hours after sunrise.

Tuesday: The luckiest hours for Leos will be 2, 9, 16 and 23 hours after sunrise.

Wednesday: The luckiest hours for Leos will be 6, 13 and 20 after sunrise.

Thursday: The luckiest hours for Leos will be the 3, 10, 17 and 24 hours after sunrise.

Friday: The luckiest hours for Leos will be 7, 14 and 21 hours after sunrise.

Saturday: The luckiest hours for Leos will be 4, 11 and 18 hours after sunrise.

Lucky Partners for Leos

When playing games of chance that need a partner, Leos should always try to pick someone who was born under one of the following zodiac signs: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. These partners will help bring balance and good luck to the game.