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How to install a bar refrigerator in a cabinet without problems

People who like to drink beer, wine, liquor, and even some who only consume non-alcoholic beverages will often think about installing a wet bar in their home. A well decorated bar can add a note of class to your place. A common appliance that should not be missing in a wet bar is the refrigerator. You will have to consider purchasing one of these for your new bar!

Installing a refrigerator in a cabinet behind the counter is not very difficult and you may be skilled enough to tackle this project on your own. If not, you can hire someone who has the necessary carpentry skills to do the work for you. Any competent handyman is likely to measure up.

Next, decide whether the new refrigerator will be installed in an existing cabinet or a new one that can be “made to order.” Bar coolers come in all sizes and configurations. You want what works best for you. If you are using an existing cabinet, your size options will be smaller.

You will also need to consider the approximate internal dimensions according to what you will be storing in the cooling unit. If you use two-liter bottles, you will need higher shelves. Wine bottles need to be placed on their sides, which requires deeper shelves.

If you are going to use an existing cabinet, your choice of sizes will be limited to the dimensions of the cabinet, for the most part. You need to make sure there is a gap at the top and on both sides. This will facilitate access. If the appliance protrudes slightly from the cabinet, additional wooden slats can be added to accommodate it.

Making a new cabinet to fit your new ‘fridge’ shouldn’t be too difficult, assuming you have a basic talent for woodworking. Be sure to use strong, durable wood for construction and to allow space for air to circulate and heat to dissipate. You will also need to have an electrical connection nearby.

You can buy a new bar fridge that is already built into a cabinet, so to speak, by design. These models are typically priced significantly higher than a regular refrigerator, making building your own cabinet not only practical but more economical. If you want to try your hand at some DIY (do it yourself), this is a good project to tackle because it’s not too difficult and the results should be nice. And every time you go for a cold beer or other drink, you’ll feel a little personal satisfaction from a job well done.


Tips for car maintenance

In this rapidly developing world, it seems that everyone owns a car, but few people know how to maintain their cars. Your responsibility does not end with the purchase of the car of your dreams, but proper maintenance is also needed to keep it in good condition for years to come. Improper maintenance of the car may be due to lack of knowledge or ignorance; both can damage your car.

Not taking proper care of your car is silly and nonsense. To avoid this situation, take proper care of your car so that it will take care of you, in the long run. Even if you keep your car for a short period of time, you will only get the best price if you take care of it. Before starting your maintenance program, you need to know the maintenance requirements for your car. Consult your car manual for this. Keep in mind that only you can understand your car’s cry for help! It is your duty to keep it in tip-top shape.

On occasion, you will find that your car emits strange odors. These odors are an indication of an impending problem. Moldy smell means that there is some water stuck under the rugs that you need to dry. Otherwise it wouldn’t take time to rust your car and your carpet will be destroyed as well. Smoke odors are the most dangerous; signify an electrical problem. Turn off your car immediately and check the hood. When your fuel tank suffocates or overflows, strange requests for fuel will accumulate; check it immediately. When the varnish burns, it takes on a smell of sweat. A burning smell fills your nostrils when your tires have trouble and you drive with the brakes on. Strange odors act as early warning signs for those undesirable repair bills.

Sounds are also a form of the language of your sick car. While turning the front wheels and hearing a strange clicking sound, check the front axle. You may fall. Your engine overheats if you experience a certain change in engine tone. Stop the car immediately, let it cool down, and show it to your mechanic as soon as possible. Being counterproductive while driving is usually the worst of all and requires an immediate review. If you feel the engine knock, it is time to check the engine oil.

The engine is the most important and hardest working component in your car. As you drive it, its moving parts run at high speeds and temperatures. Change the engine oil frequently and have the engine checked regularly.

Tires wear out easily. Maintain them and periodically check for gravel and stones stuck in the tire threads (and hopefully not nails!).

Sometimes you will notice that your brakes are not responding. Go to your service and refill the brake fuel tank.

Clean the battery terminals and feed with grease regularly. Avoid corrosion. Make sure the plates are in place at all times.

Interiors must be clean at all times. This dust and dirt prevents it from wrecking your car. Clean it not with household cleaners, but with cleaners made for this purpose.

The exteriors need the same attention. Clean them regularly with soap and water. This is beneficial for those hoping to resell their car.


Some of the Health Benefits of Delta 8 Indica

Benefits of Delta 8 Indica

The Delta8 Indica has many health benefits. This is a product that is known to have many nutritional properties. This is a great product to consider if you are looking for ways to improve your health. It contains many vitamins and nutrients, as well as Omega fatty acids. This is a supplement that is going to be able to offer you plenty of help when it comes to taking care of your health.

delta 8 indica

It is important to take a look at the list of nutrients that are contained in this product. This is one that is going to be easy for you to understand. You can get plenty of iron from using this as a supplement. It is also going to help you with increasing the amount of vitamin C that you have in your system. This is helpful for ensuring that your immune system stays healthy.

Along with all of this, the product will also help to provide you with many antioxidants as well. These are great to use with the Delta 8 Indica benefits. Be sure that you take a look at this when you are looking at taking care of your health. This is an excellent choice to consider when it comes to increasing the health benefits that you have.

Some of the Health Benefits of Delta 8 Indica

The next time that you are looking at taking a look at any supplement, it would be wise to think about the Delta8 Indica. This is a product that is known to be highly beneficial. It is a supplement that is going to offer you everything that you need in order to feel as healthy as possible. Make sure that you consider this when you are looking over the products available on the market.

One last point involves the legality of this product. This is something that is going to vary from state to state. It is important to take a look at this when you are considering whether or not you are going to need to use a prescription. There are many doctors who believe that it is best to make sure that people do not need to take prescriptions if they are not going to benefit from them.

It is easy to see why the Delta 8 Indica benefits are going to be very strong. It is a supplement that is going to be made by using only natural ingredients. It is also one that is going to be safe to use. All of these things are going to work to make sure that you have a great health benefit.


Cash advances for merchants

It opens doors to the financial world for many retailers. The merchant cash advance industry is growing at a staggering rate. This growth is due to traditional banks not meeting the needs of small businesses.

This product is very unique. It is a purchase of an asset, not a loan, so we have to use specific language consistent with the purchase of an asset, such as the recovery rate and the discount rate rather than the interest rate. It looks a lot like factoring, but it is a sale that has yet to be made.

A cash advance provider gives merchants a lump sum cash advance up front. In return, merchants agree to repay the principal and fee, giving the company an agreed percentage of their credit card sales until their balance is zero. This percentage is between 12% and 24%. The repayment term is only 5 to 12 months.

Merchants should generally use the vendors’ credit card processor because the advance is automatically refunded as a percentage of the proceeds of each batch. A small number of commercial cash advance companies do not require the merchant to change credit card processors. So if this is a problem, be sure to ask the commercial cash advance company you are thinking of working with.

Cash advances are very different from traditional financing programs. In essence, merchant cash advance providers purchase a small percentage of future MasterCard and Visa income, and the merchant repays it as a daily percentage of that income.

Obtaining cash from traditional financial institutions can be difficult for some businesses, particularly retailers, restaurants, franchises, or seasonal businesses. Credit card processing is most often used by these merchants, so merchant cash advance programs offer a number of benefits.

Why do merchants like it?

Cash is usually available more quickly than with traditional loans. These programs especially appeal to restaurant and retail traders, not only because these types of businesses are rarely able to obtain traditional financing, but also because of the immediate liquidity.

Most cash advance providers advertise that cash can be available in about 10 days. Unlike a loan with a fixed interest rate, the amount owed and the due date set each month, with merchant cash advances, the money is returned as the credit card accounts receivable comes in. .

Merchant Cash Advance programs are conducive to cash flow, especially during slow seasonal periods. Traditional loans and leases require a fixed payment each month, whether the business made a sale or not. Because payments are calculated as a percentage of sales, if sales are growing, payback could be faster, but if the owner experiences any business interruption or slowdown, the payments will be lower.

In most cases, business owners do not offer personal guarantees or offer personal guarantees.

How Suppliers Make Money

Finance charges can vary widely, not just from one provider to another, but from one advance to another. For example, the funding range for a $ 10,000 advance could be as low as $ 1,500 or as high as $ 4,000. That is a 60% difference.

There is no fixed interest rate; the effective interest rate varies by business. If the merchant’s business is doing well and sales increase, the prospective supplier collects the money earlier and the interest rate is quite high. Since there is no time limit for repaying the loan, the effective annual rate decreases as payments are spread over time, although the cash provider generally forecasts a fairly short payback period, usually less than a year.

There is no doubt that the merchant cost for this type of financing will be more than a conventional loan, but it is almost a foregone conclusion that a conventional bank will turn down this merchant for his much needed loan.

Merchants interested in a program like this may have bad or bad credit. They will have things like past tax problems, a delinquency list, collection issues, bonds, or judgments that would be an automatic red flag for a conventional bank. The merchant cash advance industry caters to businesses that cannot obtain traditional financing.

A risk worth taking

There is risk for cash advance providers and quite high risk (hence the higher cost to the merchant for the money), but they use sophisticated models to determine likely future credit card purchases. They also offer the cash with relatively short payback periods to help mitigate risk.

Although approval is not as difficult as it is for most bank loans, few cash advance providers will approve new merchants without a history of credit card transactions. Even fewer will approve larger sums than merchants can reasonably expect to earn from credit card transactions in a year.

The merchant cash advance provider bears all the risk, the risk is high, but since you pay out of projected future sales, it is generally a risk worth taking. Seasonal businesses that need cash to get through lean seasons or merchants who have an unexpected downturn in business (for example, due to road construction, building repairs, or prolonged illness) may find a need for a cash advance until business recovers again.

However, commercial cash advance companies claim that troubled businesses are not the only merchants interested in this type of program. Many types of businesses are often neglected by traditional financial institutions. Take, for example, a restaurant, it could be a very successful business, but a traditional bank wants to see tangible assets. Perishable food or used restaurant equipment just won’t make the cut, even if that restaurant is full every night.

There are many examples of times when healthy small business owners could use cash to help build their businesses, but are unable to obtain the necessary traditional financing. These include franchisees who have exhausted their savings to buy their first franchise and want to open a second one; merchants whose competitors have closed and have the opportunity to purchase their competitor’s old inventory or move to a new location; expansions; acquisitions; or simply the desire to move quickly in the face of a new perceived opportunity.

Health Fitness

Avoid fried foods: avoid gastric bypass syndrome

Anyone awake knows that fried foods are not a healthy dietary option. A high-fat diet is believed to be one of the contributing causes of diabetes, heart disease, overweight, and obesity. But Americans continue to fill their plates with fried foods because we’ve developed a taste for them and because food producers make products that taste good and are affordable.

Overweight people who have undergone bariatric weight loss surgery to control their weight are encouraged to follow a diet high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. This has been shown to work effectively with weight loss surgery to reduce weight and control it for long periods of time. Living in a world where high-fat foods are always present, the surgical weight loss patient is often tempted to indulge in fried foods, often thinking that small amounts of fried foods will not adversely affect their diet or health. However, eating fried foods, even in small amounts, can have catastrophic consequences for gastric surgery patients.

In general, fried food is bad for us simply because of the nature of its nutritional makeup. Consider this: a 6-piece serving of fried chicken contains 401 calories; 16 grams of protein; 8 grams of fat; 57 grams of carbohydrates. The FDA estimates this at 3 1/2 servings of starch / bread and 1 serving of lean meat. It is easy to see how we have become an “obese nation” when you consider that many children are weaned from the bottle directly onto fried fast food pieces of chicken.

These nutritional data indicate that fried chicken fillets are high in carbohydrates in fat. When a person who has undergone gastric malabsorption surgery, such as gastric bypass, ingests high-fat carbohydrates, they are at imminent risk of dumping syndrome. Gastric emptying syndrome, or rapid gastric emptying, is a condition in which eaten food bypasses the stomach too quickly and enters the small intestine largely undigested. The syndrome is most often associated with gastric malabsorption surgery, specifically gastric bypass surgery. Symptoms of dumping syndrome can manifest immediately after eating or within three hours after eating. Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, and fatigue. Symptoms go up when insulin levels return to normal. Many patients who experience spillage find comfort by lying down or drinking fortified water or energy drinks served at room temperature.

Dumping syndrome is not only physically uncomfortable, it can also be unpredictable and embarrassing. Many patients experience profuse sweating, which can be embarrassing and difficult to explain to those unfamiliar with the condition. At other times, a patient may be confused and disoriented, which may seem like intoxication or diabetic distress to someone unfamiliar with the signs and symptoms of dumping syndrome.

So the consequences of eating fried foods after gastric weight reduction surgery are twofold: immediate risk of dumping syndrome and long-term risk of weight gain and diseases associated with a high-fat diet.

Gastric surgery patients, specifically gastric bypass patients, can successfully avoid dumping syndrome by eating a carefully chosen lean protein diet combined with fresh, low-glycemic fruits and vegetables. Patients are instructed to avoid simple sugars, simple carbohydrates, and high-fat carbohydrates and to avoid drinking fluids with meals. At the start of weight loss surgery, patients are instructed to follow a high protein diet after surgery.

Legal Law

Conspiracy Theory in the Salton Sea: A Brief Fictional History of Intrigue, Corruption, and Deception

In 2019 there was a secret meeting between various socialist elites who had been plotting for decades to take over America. They had been successful in getting people to elect or appoint the highest offices and agencies in our government. They now control the best law schools in the Ivy League and run many of the largest American corporations. Basically, they run the game. The meeting was secret because this time they were planning their final strategies.

They sat in the dimly lit room going over the last details. They were going to create a mega disaster, blame it on Mother Nature, declare the Marshall Act, suspend the constitution, and resign from the next presidential election. No one knew about the plot, but someone had discovered him, a blogger, and they tried to label him a conspiracy freak, but he had gained too much popularity.

Worse still, the plan had already been put in place. The Salton Sea had been dubbed an “Alternative Energy Zone,” and geothermal companies had been pumping seawater into deep cast reservoirs and molten rock to break it up in a fracture-type method. Soon the San Andreas fault would come to life, a 9.0 earthquake was expected that would cause chaos and unheard of disaster. Unfortunately for them, the blogger had written:

“I hereby accuse those involved in this of a long-term conspiracy to create a situation in which a giant earthquake occurs and therefore use that disaster to control, forcing the government to greater power. We have little or no power. no transparency regarding these things here, we have questionable newly elected politicians who have been accelerated to higher office by the socialist elite, and we cannot leave anything beyond them. Yes, there is heat energy available, but only if the methods used are closed circuit, if not, we could cause earthquakes, big ones, look at this, you have been warned “.

No one else knew, but the same socialist team had staged a bioterrorist attack in Washington DC using a virus imported from the Middle East, which would be put into processed food and some water supplies. Also simultaneously, the conspirators caused a collapse of New York’s groundwater supply system. All this would happen to the surprise of October. The FBI was going blind, and the NSA’s special system for tracking communications had been shut down, and there weren’t enough details for the conspirators to bring charges – worse, all law enforcement agencies had also compromised.

How does this story end?


Do you want an American Pit Bull Terrier?

You have already made up your mind, it is the American Pit Bull Terrier that you want as a companion. Are you ready for this breed? Read this article and then decide if you want to go ahead with your decision.

Does your lifestyle fit the American Pit Bull Terrier lifestyle?

These dogs are full of energy from head to toe. Wishing for a good career as a champion athlete. Exercise is essential for a happy and healthy bulldog. High energy is their middle name and it is a big part of their personalities. Play, work, and activity is something you should be able to give these dogs.

If you are a television addict, you should find another breed to live with.

Do you have the security?

American Pit Bull Terriers are the Houdini of the canine world. Capable of jumping high hurdles in a single jump, digging under them with astonishing speed and stealth, and opening doors that people would have trouble with.

You must have a 6 ‘privacy fence, watch out for dog signs, hot wiring at the top and bottom of the fence, the outside gate that keeps them out of the sun (even if they live indoors), and requires supervision for these dogs. You can’t leave them alone outside for long because one of two things can happen:

1. They escape.

2. They are stolen.

Are you prepared for the scrutiny of neighbors and friends?

American Pit Bull Terriers are notorious. They have a bad reputation and the uninformed public wants to catch them. It seems like every day another “Baby mutilated by pit bull” story runs, narrowing down the choice of breed.

People will not like you for their choice. Some may even try to kill their dog. Others will tell you comments, vulgar and hateful comments, and friends and family may also be in conflict with your choice.

Be prepared for rude behavior and protect your dog by teaching strangers to refuse food.

Can you train your dog?

There are two training methods. One is to train your dog by showing him how to sit and lie down and then quit smoking. The other lasts forever. Royal training is lifelong training that begins when the puppy arrives at your home and ends with death.

Unless you are prepared to work with your dog 5-10-15 minutes a day, every day, all week, every week, all year, every year, you may want to reconsider your decision to have a Pit Bulldog Actually, if you are not ready to train your dog, you should reconsider having any dog. Training is a reality and must be done to avoid many problems in the future.

If you can’t control your dog, you don’t need it.

Can you afford them?

Dog food, vet bills, training, leashes and collars, and dog houses cost money. Money that you may not have right now. A quality dog ​​food can cost up to $ 800 per year. Do you have this kind of extra money to spend on food? If not, wait until he does before bringing that pup home.

Do you want an American Pit Bull Terrier to impress people?

If this is the case, stop! Don’t do it, I repeat, don’t take one home with you. You are doing yourself and the dog a great injustice.

American Pit Bull Terriers are in demand because of their strength, agility, great looks, and mystique. Breeders bring out puppies like unleaded gasoline. Puppies are being neglected and poor breeding practices are producing unstable dogs. Be careful before making any final decisions.

If I can point you in a different direction. Every day there are thousands of large bulldogs euthanized because no one will adopt them or are considered “unacceptable” by shelters.

Think of a rescue dog.

People who love this breed have created rescues for these dogs and hundreds of dogs are available for adoption.

Bailouts are a win-win-win way. You give to a dog that otherwise would not have a home, a home. You give your money (which in most cases is a small adoption fee) to the rescue so they can continue their work, and you get an amazing dog that 9 out of 10 will deliver more than any purebred dog could ever give. the best of you. day.

In closing, before you rush out and buy an American Pit Bull Terrier, think about your options, make sure you have what it takes to care and care for the dog, and take the time to find a dog that matches your wishes.

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Interview with Valerie Hart, author of "Central Florida Bounty"

Irene Watson, Editorial Editor of Reader Views, is pleased to have Valerie Hart, author of “The Bounty of Central Florida,” as a guest.

Hi Valerie, thank you for taking the time to participate in this interview.

Irene: Valerie, why do you think “The Bounty of Central Florida” was an important book to write? What goals did you have?

Valerie: Regional cookbooks have flooded the market. Southwestern, Northwestern, Cuban, Caribbean, Cajun and combinations of these, including the American innovation called Fusion that incorporates Asian with any of the other featured regions and creative new chefs that are incorporating fresh ingredients from the areas.

When we moved from Miami to Central Florida 15 years ago, the kitchen changed dramatically. In addition to local Italian restaurants featuring tomato-based Sicilian cuisine and a handful of Mexican catering for migrant workers in this citrus area, mama-papa restaurants north of Orlando served a unique cuisine of their own. This drew on its South American roots with a rustic twist on accessible fish and game simply grilled or fried and accompanied by fruits and vegetables freshly plucked from the trees and the ground.

Every spring-fed lake produces sea bass. The largest lakes are flooded with alligators and tilapia. The St. John’s Brackish River is rich in blue crabs and shrimp, and its tributaries are full of redfish, sea bass, and snook. Wood ducks seem to exist solely for the pleasure of the pan, and a little south in Osceola County, wild turkeys and deer breed in abundance for happy hunters. And like the rest of the South, barbecue reigns supreme with its own versions of Central Florida’s sweet, spicy and mustard-based sauces slathered on gigantic slow-smoked pork ribs.

My goal, as the food writer for The Daily Commercial, was to make people aware of the abundance of the area.

Irene: What challenges did you have in writing this book and how did you overcome them?

Valerie: The challenges were lovely. My many trips down the St. John River with ancient boaters put me in direct contact with the people who live and earn their livelihoods from the streams of the intercoastal waterways. My membership and association with the NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation) not only taught me how to fry a whole turkey, but also instilled respect for this dedicated group of conservationists who teach women to survive in the wild as a responsible control of weapons for children.

The most difficult challenge, however, was writing the book as I faced Monday’s deadline to write Thursday’s newspaper column and teach cooking at the homeless shelter. There just wasn’t time to do everything, and I was spending more and more hours creating recipes late.

at night and opening my computer to record them before the sun rises.

Irene: Are the recipes your own creation? Have any of them been passed down to you from the family?

Valerie: The recipes are my own, derived from my sense of taste, smell, and desire to create. My educational experience in France (later Cordon Bleu courses after I started teaching cooking in Miami) and our 30-year business in Italy, where we had an apartment in Florence and traveled extensively in northern Italy, put me in contact. with a crowd

of country cooks and “nonnas” (Italian grandmothers) in the kitchens of the houses who shared “secrets” passed down from generation to generation.

Irene: How did you start cooking? Did you cook as a child? Where did you learn to cook? Do you have a funny story while learning to cook that you can relate to?

Valerie: I would love to say that I learned how to cook from my mother and grandmother, but fortunately this is not true. My mother and grandmother had absolutely no talents in the kitchen, probably because they always cook to do it for them. The only foods my mother knew how to cook were roast beef, turkey, and roast lamb chops. Those were the days when all the fat was left on monkeys and formed a scab. We not only ate the top fat from the meat and between the bones of the chops; we enjoy it. And the trick was to eat the turkey and the meat before the sauce was poured over it and solidified into a hard white mass.

We had a German cook for many years. My parents traveled a lot and left me in their care. The kitchen was a sultry wonderland of chocolate, custard, and veal which she delicately dipped in beaten eggs and then homemade breadcrumbs before frying into a golden brown delicacy she called Wiener Schnitzel which she served with French fries and buttered noodles. . Elizabeth never used an electric mixer, but beat the butter, sugar, and egg whites by hand to make her 6-Layer German Doboschtorte, Viennese Rich Chocolate Sachartorte, and Hungarian Caramel Cake. She was my first culinary mentor and her recipes appear in my first cookbook, The New

Traditional cookbook.

Irene: I see in your biography that you aspired to be an opera singer, but you ended up in a career as a gastronomic writer and then a career in cooking. Are there times when you would like to turn the pages and pursue a singing career?

Valerie: Sometimes, even though my life would have been very different. I will always remember having studied with the great André Bogé on the stage of the Grand Opéra in Paris. He obviously didn’t have enough ambition, or maybe I realized that he didn’t have the voice meant for greatness.

Irene: Do you have a favorite recipe from this book? Why?

Valerie: Guests and family who dine with us usually ask me to make the lime cheesecake or individual flourless chocolate soufflés for dessert. My duckling is a kid’s favorite and I will offer 2-3 variations of sauce for their pleasure. I really love pumpkin soup and

Refreshing Strawberry Salad. I make dozens of Mushroom Roll hors d’oeuvres and dessert Profiteroles to freeze for unexpected company and because our linden trees are so prolific, you will always find a frozen Lime Pie.

Irene: This is a second cookbook for you. The first was The New Tradition Cookbook, which was published in 1988. What did you learn after writing the first one that changed in your second book, The Bounty of Central Florida?

Valerie: My first cookbook was written as a result of my years as a food writer for the newspaper in Miami Beach and the food restaurant I owned for 15 years at my husband’s wholesale furniture showroom, Imports for the Trade. The restaurant was my test kitchen. We did not sell the food, rather we offered it to the designers and their customers as it would be done at home. The daily changing buffet became so popular that people lined up around the block. We serve more than 100 people each day in the restaurant we built inside the brick showroom of the old Union Station in Chicago that had been torn down.

Although most of the format of the first book was based on American cuisine and my interpretation of French and Italian cuisine, Miami Beach’s wonderful ethnicity allowed me to discover recipes for matzo balls, gefülte fish, stuffed cabbage, beef brisket, and potato pancakes. that I published in the newspaper during the Jewish holidays. It would go down to what has become the “in” area now known as “SoBe” which, in the late 1960s and 1970s, was still populated solely by elderly Jews. I would approach the ladies who were shopping. Each had a different recipe for the same dish and each thought that theirs was the best. Then I would go home and experiment and try and try again until the combination of ingredients was to my liking. Then I would write my food column.

The common denominator of the two books is my belief that people like to read about fine cuisine but want to cook and eat staples.

Irene: What do you hope will come out of this cookbook experience for you? Thinking of writing another?

Valerie: I don’t know if I’ll ever write another cookbook, but I have so many recipes that don’t appear in the first two that it tempts me. Anyone who cooks knows that there is always a new and different method of preparation to please the palate. There is never a last chapter to cook.

Irene: Thank you Valerie. Is there anything else you would like to add about your cookbook or your experience?

Valerie: I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself. This is the first time I have been asked these questions and the interview has been very pleasant.