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The real cause of acne exposed

What Causes Acne? There are a million theories about the real causes of acne and I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of them. So many rules of dos and don’ts to prevent those dreaded pimples from forming. I am not going to dictate my own ideas to you, adding to your list of acne causes confusion, rather I will illustrate a different way of thinking about your acne problem so that you can find your unique acne trigger.

Have you ever had a mosquito bite? It itches and itches and that’s why you scratch it, which makes it swell and itch even more. It’s enough to drive you crazy! So you frantically rummage through your bathroom drawer, scoop out some After Bite, and ahhhh, finally some relief. You hate those mosquito bites, but no matter how much After Bite you put on your skin, it always seems like you put on more! Treating the bites once they have formed is obviously not the answer.

Okay, okay, so you’re saying to me, “Obviously, to stop mosquito bites, you have to stop mosquitoes. And what do bugs have to do with acne anyway?” Well, it is a matter of cause and effect. Mosquitoes cause the bites, so you must get rid of the mosquitoes to stop the bites. The same goes for acne.

What is the first thing you do when you have acne? Going out and buying a local treatment or face wash to clear up pimples? That’s fine, that is, if you’re happy to keep buying those treatments that deal with “bites” and not “mosquitoes.”

Think of acne as the symptom of a problem, not the problem itself. You are now light years ahead of most of the population and a giant step closer to stopping your acne before it starts.

Today, with modern medicine, we tend to think that diseases, ailments and problems of bodily disorders are isolated from the affected area. You have acne on your skin, so you treat your skin. But it is more complex than that. The body is a very connected organism. What happens in one place on your body can sometimes manifest as symptoms in another place, as is the case with acne.

So what is the problem within your body that causes acne as a symptom? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer on this one. Several problems can present as the same symptom: acne, making it difficult to diagnose them quickly. You must play the role of investigator to find out what your unique triggers are. But know that it is something internal within you that is out of balance. Here are some of the possible causes of acne that you should research on yourself:

  • Food allergies
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals.
  • Liver or other organs that are over-cleaned
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Stress

You need to find the “bugs” to squash them, so start looking. Shift your focus from “bites” to “bugs” and the single cause of your acne will be revealed.


The crossover vehicle and three other cars of the new millennium

The new millennium has seen a resurgence in the popularity of various older car types, as well as innovation in new directions. Read about some of the models that have helped shape consumer tastes since 2000.

The crossover vehicle

Also called a crossover utility vehicle (or CUV), the crossover vehicle includes many of the features associated with an SUV or hatchback. Such features may include the rear door and shared passenger / luggage space. However, unlike an SUV, a crossover vehicle has a unibody construction rather than being built on a frame. While some CUV-compliant cars have been around for decades, the term was invented by marketers in 2008. The coinage of the new term corresponds to a big spike in the production of these mid-range cars, a compromise among SUVs. , trucks and sedans.

The hybrid car

Despite increased awareness of global warming, the driving force behind the growing popularity of hybrids is gasoline prices. Sports sedans were first produced by just a couple of manufacturers, but now all the major brands seem to power their own gas-efficient electric machine. While electrical outlets for charging cars are not yet common, hybrids have the main advantage of being able to use gasoline as well. This makes the vehicle more conducive to road trips, and it also paved the way for hybrids to find their way into the hearts and driveways of average Americans.

The Mini

Produced in Great Britain, the Mini has been around since the 1960s. In 2000, the classic car began to be produced by a subsidiary company. While the original manufacturer maintains control to this day, the branch represented an adjustment in the image. A convertible version and a five-door crossover vehicle were also introduced. The Mini also skyrocketed in popularity with the 2003 release of the remake of The Italian Job. Watching the Minis walk down the stairs and dominate the cityscapes made Americans appreciate these brave cars.


The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) was vital to the United States military presence in the War on Terrorism. As the American demand for these giant cars became apparent, the manufacturer began producing everyday versions. These versions used a different acronym, and three different models (“1”, “2” and “3”) were produced before the economic downturn caused consumers to question the brand. Without a hybrid option, the fuel economy made this vehicle an expensive option.

Ultimately, these brands and models represent a wide range of consumer interests. One could argue that the new millennium has seen polarization in both car buyers and politics. From the rear wings to the scissor doors, manufacturers and consumers want to differentiate themselves from the rest.


Get a Dot Com Dot AU Domain Name for Australian Small Businesses in Australia

Getting Australian small businesses online in Australia is not as simple as registering your domain name and publishing a website. There are many Australian specific rules that must also be followed and if you do not meet these requirements you cannot register for a .com.au web address.

The Australian must first have a registered business or be registered as a sole trader with a ABN (Australian Business Number) before they can register for the .com.au domain space. The domain name chosen must be relevant to the business name or, in the case of an individual merchant, it must reflect their name if they do not have a registered business name.

Registered Australian companies can use their registered trade name as a domain name. Individual merchants must first register a business name before it can be used as a domain name. Individual merchants without a registered business name must use their own name or something very similar, for example; John Smith is a plumber, so he can use johnsmithspluming gold jsplumbing as long as it is closely related and not already in use, it should be allowed.

Australia has an organization dedicated to the use of the .com.au domain name space and, in late 2000, the Australian government approved .au Domain Administration LTD as the appropriate authority to administer the .com.au domain space and so on. They will have any other information you need to know that is not in this article.

If you are a sole proprietor or just starting a business, registering a business name is inexpensive and can be done online as long as you have a ABN or are in the process of applying for one. The website that handles trade name registrations is SO C (Australian Securities and Investments Commissions).

Once you have your ABN Then you can think about going online and registering your .com.au domain name, so you will need to decide what is the best plan of action for you.

You basically have 3 options!

1. Do it all yourself.

2. Find someone to do everything for you.

3. Work with a consultant who can help and advise you.

Option 1 is the hardest unless you already have the experience and I would not recommend it for beginners.

Option 2 is the easiest option, but it will also cost you more and you may not get exactly what you want, need, or is best for you.

Option 3 would be the most practical option because it has the advantage of getting help and learning as you go. That way, you won’t be depending on others to stay online and all questions can be answered without paying a fortune.


Pre-order culture and downloadable content – solved!

One of the biggest problems in games is the culture that has developed around downloadable content and pre-order video games. It has completely gotten out of control. These problems are actually two completely independent issues, overlapping significantly. The reason I am linking them is because they both have the same solution, which I will refer to later.

Let’s start with the pre-order. The problem is that you are paying money before receiving a product. It’s a crazy concept. You have no idea what the quality of the product might be. Have you ever played a game that was absolutely garbage? If you haven’t, I wish I was you. Can we change lives? This has nothing to do with this article, I just hate my life. Anyway, I have played really horrible games before. Unfortunately, the first “Two Worlds” and “Cabela’s Big Game Hunter” come to mind. They were both pieces of absolute garbage. Now imagine queuing for two hours in the cold waiting for a game that you have already waited for a year and a half. You paid $ 65 for this game with money you worked hard for. You followed the news of this game from day one. You were absolutely devastated to learn that he was delayed for six months. You are super excited and drive home. You took the next day off even though you know you need the money, just to be able to play all day with a much-needed day off. You put the game on and let it install. It does its job and you turn it on. Hmm, that’s weird … this doesn’t seem like it happened with the previews. Your controls are a bit weird. A couple hours later and you’re furious. The game is not just bad, it is bored. It is not interesting and bland. Their missions are weird, the game’s revolutionary aspects are just gimmicks. The story that they promoted as attractive is terrible. The main character has the personality of a wooden board. The game I’m describing is the 2014 disappointment known as Watchdogs. I was excited for this game for a long time. I bought a PS4 to play this game. This was the best case for the next generation console. The poster boy of why you should upgrade your consoles. I was basically tripping myself to give my money to game developers and publishers. And then it came out. Then all the controversy happened. Turns out the game they showed us at E3, or electronic entertainment expo for those unaware, was running on a very high-end PC. The game we got looked like that game, but it went through the worst Instagram filters in the world.

This shows the problem. Textures are murkier. The lighting is noticeably less real. Shadows are less dynamic. If you look at the lights over the head of the main character in the E3 version, they seem to have real depth, in the PC version they are blurred and painted by the most lazy artist in the world. And that’s the PC! Works with maximum graphics, all functions enabled. I was playing on a console, which wouldn’t even look that good. He might as well have been playing with my father’s glasses or playing a completely different game. I’d sue these guys for false advertising if I knew what that means.

However, seriously, we were promised that the game would look like the one on the left and that it would run on consoles. Let’s tie this to the pre-order. You walked into the store, let’s say in May. The game comes out in November. They are six months of which they have your money and you have not even received a product. Why the heck would a company have the desire to back up your claims for graphics, gameplay, story, or even just technical proficiency if you’ve already given them your money? They know that if you had waited to see reviews of this game before it came out, hopefully you would have saved your money for food and water for your hungry kids. So what do they do? They offer you a shitty level consolation prize in the form of pre-order bonuses. Oh dear, a skin for a weapon, an exclusive pet, oh dear, a level of downloadable content that is made up of already created assets. These bonuses are there to trick you into giving up your money, with little to no effort on the part of the publisher or developer to give you something worthwhile. It’s a cheap scam to make sure you’re in their pocket before they have to provide you with something. Seriously, it’s a stupid concept. There is a concept of reservation that bothers me especially.

I’m a huge “Mass Effect” fan. If you ask any of my friends, they will ask you what my favorite things are, it says “Mass Effect”, food and “Mass Effect”. In that order. However, when “Mass Effect 3” was released, they announced a pre-order bonus. A brand new mission that would add roughly 30 minutes of gameplay to the game, as well as a new character to talk to. The best part was that you got it for free just to book! That is incredible! However, as the game got closer to launch, it was discovered that pre-order bonus downloadable content (or DLC for short) was already on the discs that shipped. That meant it was already in the game you just bought. The DLC you just bought was essentially a code that allowed you to access that part of the game. In the game you just bought for the full retail price. That really pissed me off. That is actively trying to screw up the consumer. It is truly an anti-consumer policy. The concept of pre-ordering as a way to get access to a game you’ve already paid for should be unthinkable, but it became quite common instead, and this was the phrase “day one DLC.” This brings me very well to my second problem that needs to be solved: DLC.

It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I’m disappointed

I remember when DLC was really expensive, but it was really worth it. Back then it was called “Expansion Packs”. Watch “Dragon Age: Origins”. “Dragon Age: Awakening” was a full 30-hour game that you paid a lot of money for, $ 40. However, you get a lot more for your money. Fast forward to the current game in the series, “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” where you pay $ 15 (or roughly) for approximately 3 hours of playtime. There were 3 great DLCs, which means you spend $ 45 for 9 hours of gameplay. That is a clear loss for the consumer. Worst part? Dragon Age is an example of DLC done correctly. Call of Duty has been charging $ 15 for map packs for several years. Several of those maps are simply recycled maps from previous games. So they literally tricked you into buying the same thing twice! How crazy is that ?!

So here is the solution: stop. Only for. Stop pre-ordering. Stop buying shitty DLC. Stop buying products before reading a review. Hell, that last tip applies to everything, not just video games. Please be wise with your money. At the end of the day, money is a physical manifestation of the time you have spent. If you don’t value your money, you surely value your time. If we stop letting developers and publishers take advantage of us, if we stop giving them money for services not received, if we stop buying cosmetic items for too much money, then they will surely listen to us. That is the only time they will listen to us. When we say enough is enough! We will not be taken advantage of. You need us, we don’t need you. We have to hit them where it hurts the most: their wallets.

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Does Herbalife Protein Powder Build Muscle?

I was recently asked a question about a specific product. The question was: Does Herbalife protein powder build muscle? I will answer this question so you can know if this product may be good for you when it comes to building muscle. Protein is the main nutrient needed to gain muscle. When you exercise, you are creating microscopic tears in your tissue. By ingesting protein, you speed up the healing process, allowing you to build strength quickly.

The answer to whether Herbalife protein powder builds muscle is YES. You will see that this product is a fat-free supplement that has 5 grams of whey and soy protein and all 9 essential amino acids. The main functions of this protein are: to satisfy and control hunger, to support adequate protein intake with a low-fat protein source, and to develop and maintain lean mass. Everything that is needed for growth is in this supplement. The best thing about this protein is that it not only has whey protein found in normal supplements, but it also has soy protein that helps your muscle in a different way. By taking this 1 to 4 times a day, you are doing the right thing to help you build muscle.

Now, of course, you must exercise and take the protein powder. If you don’t, you obviously won’t get the results. Does Herbalife Protein Powder Build Muscle? It was a good question for me. It allowed me to delve into this product and inform people who might be considering purchasing this supplement. Take this and you will be taking the first step in the right direction.

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America can fight, why can’t India?

Another bomb blast and the capital city of India exploded this time. The bustle of the markets turned into bloody afternoons and the green lawn of the playground turned into a red carpet. Just think, if India also begins to remember such bloody days in its history as black days with some or other names, then without any doubt, 365 days of the year would fall into that category.

The United States faced an attack on September 11, and that was enough to spur them on to a constant fight against terrorism. And I respect the US government for the strict measures taken against such ant social elements. But what can we say about India? People face the attacks of September 11 on a weekly basis and yet the government continues to give repeated consolations. It seems so surprising that terror emails are sent to police offices before the blasts and then the police remain inefficient. Political parties continue to blame each other for the explosions and the government shows pain by declaring a certain amount of money for the dead and wounded. It is not a shame only for India but for the whole world that the greatest democracy suffers so much. Does it show the inefficiency of the democratic form of government or the multitude of greedy people that such government represents? However, does it show the disinterest of the Indian population of more than 100 million with the largest number of colleges and universities to choose the correct form of government?

We vote for the parties our ancestors have voted for without applying our own sense of discretion. Have you ever thought about the past history of those leaders who roam around you looking for your votes at election time? And the most important question, are we obliged to vote for those representatives that the parties select for us? Can’t we select an educated and more efficient person to rule us?

The whole world would have seen the Indian parliament ministers buying and selling each other for millions of rupees to gain the maximum majority and rule the nation. Think of the Indians, whose choice is that? Today, the nation is suffering because terrorists are free. Yes, everyone else suffers in such explosions except the parties and their representatives. So, it is time to think and review the past and refine our future to make our homeland a better place to live.

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When and how to choose a makeup artist

Makeup artists are the magicians who can transform your face from “No” to “Yay” with their sleight of hand. Her knack for bringing out her beautiful features and enhancing the visual appeal of her face is something to astonish. While it is true that any conscientious person can manage to fix their face on their own, there are some situations that require the intervention of a professional. This article will guide you on when and how to choose a makeup artist.

When do you need to hire a makeup artist?

Everyday business only requires little makeup, which is more or less basic when attending a casual meeting. A little foundation to match your skin tone, a basic eyeliner, nude eyeshadow, and a little lipstick are usually enough. However, for the events listed below, since they require considerable dressing, you need a professional makeup artist to make you look more beautiful and make that wow factor work for you:

• Weddings: Whether yours or your friends, weddings are a special event. Not only do you need to choose a dress very carefully, but you also need a makeup artist to help you look your best.

• Company dinners: there are many working women around the world who must attend company dinners and other celebrations, to which many important people are invited. Hiring a makeup artist for these events will ensure that you don’t overdo things. A professional but dinner-friendly look can easily be achieved with a little help from a professional.

• Galas: many of us are part of larger causes and socially responsible activities. Gala dinners are generally held for members, sponsors, and clients, making them a sensitive platform. Getting the look right becomes important, and for an amateur, things can easily get out of hand during makeup.

How to hire a makeup artist

There are so many makeup artists out there, but not all of them are professionals. Here are some things you can consider to help you hire the right one.

• Interview: this is the best way to find out how much an artist knows about what they are doing. Makeup techniques should be second nature. They should know which palette suits their skin tone and eye color to begin with.

• Tools: ask about the tools the artist uses. Sometimes the skill allows them to create better results with basic tools. The flashy is not always good, especially since the artist who does not have much skill will try to cover it up with a lot of automated stuff.

• Products: no one knows your skin better than you. Make sure the artist agrees to use the products of your choice on your skin; make sure you have them.

The tips above should have you sorted.


Are pets good Christmas gifts?

It happens every time the holidays arrive: people decide to give pets. But is it a wise choice? When I was in third grade, I bullied my parents into letting me have a pet. They finally gave in after months of scolding and there it was one day, my holiday gift, “Tiger.” He really was “my cat” and I even took him with me when I moved out of the dorm in college, but you can be sure my parents were responsible for much of the care from when I was 7 until I turned 19..

Tiger lived with me for 7 more years after college, but not all gifted pets have the same happy story. Owning a pet is an important commitment and, like any important decision, it is wise to consider all factors before proceeding. If you are considering gifting a pet, here are some suggestions to help you avoid problems:

1) Make sure the person wants a pet

A pet should never be given as an “unexpected” gift to someone; They should have already made the decision that they want a pet and, more importantly, that they have the means to care for it properly. The holidays are not an ideal time to have a pet for a number of reasons: People are generally too busy to properly introduce a new pet into their home while trying to keep up with all the demands of the season. With parties to attend, guests, etc., a new pet can easily get lost in the confusion or worse, neglected.

A better option is to give a coupon, photo, or certificate that can be handed out and opened at the time of gift, then arrangements can be made for the pet to arrive after the holidays have passed.

2) A pet should NOT be an impulse purchase

Don’t buy a pet on impulse from a mall pet store. They may look adorable and need a home, but unfortunately, these pets are generally stressed, immunosuppressed, and often come from mass breeders (puppy mills) with questionable breeding practices.

If you are going to have a pet, it is much better to plan ahead and take the time to research the animal of your choice. For a dog, find a responsible breeder or, better yet, find a shelter or rescue group. I strongly believe in rescuing animals from a shelter or one of the many responsible pet rescue groups.

3) Consider raising or keeping pets other than cats and dogs

Animal rescues are always looking for responsible individuals to provide short-term or long-term pet foster homes until they can find a “forever home” for them. There are also many options besides cats and dogs, especially if the pet is for a child. Fish, turtles, mice, and guinea pigs are great, easy, and inexpensive options that kids can enjoy and love without creating a huge impact on their daily routine.

4) If the addition of a pet is unavoidable, be sure to prepare your home

Puppies, and especially kittens, are very inquisitive, so it is essential that your home is “pet-proof”. Lock up all household chemicals, keep potentially poisonous indoor plants or fragile objects out of reach, tie up electrical cords, and keep doors closed. Many Christmas decorations like tinsel, mistletoe, wrapping paper, and table decorations can be problematic, while certain foods, like chocolate and raisins, can be lethal to your pet.

Establish an area in the house where your pet can relax and sleep peacefully. It is much easier for your pet if you can consistently provide a “safe haven” as it settles into its new home.

5) You need more than food and bowls

There’s a full list of things you’ll need, so stock up at the pet store before your newest addition arrives. For example, having fish requires a variety of cleaning and water treatment supplies, as well as chemicals and spare parts. Small, furry pets like gerbils and hamsters need nesting material and other “cage furniture” to provide a rich environment for them. Dogs and cats need toys, bedding, collars, tags, grooming accessories, and a tracking chip.

Choose a veterinarian and also locate the closest emergency veterinary hospital that is open 24/7. All new puppies and kittens need a series of shots. Make sure you get any records that contain your pet’s history; this will help the vet determine exactly what vaccinations are needed.

A pet can be a wonderful addition to your home. Since I begged my parents for that first cat almost fifty years ago, I have had animals in my life ever since. As a trainer, I have seen lives change as thousands of pet owners experience the love and joy that comes from owning an animal. However, I have also seen many situations where a pet gifted or bought on impulse does not turn out to be a benefit, quite the opposite. If you’re giving someone a new pet this year for the holidays, I think it’s best for everyone involved when a pet is an addition planned by a willing and prepared owner.

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How to choose the right real estate agent

5 tips for hiring the best local real estate agent

Whether you are looking to sell a home or buy your first home, the services of a qualified local Realtor cannot be understated. These real estate professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes so you don’t see a problem with the entire transaction, from offering to closing. Choosing the right real estate agent can be challenging unless you know exactly what to look for in the best agents.

Here are five tips for hiring the best local real estate agents and making your real estate transaction as smooth as possible.

1. The most productive agent in the office

Unlike other companies where you may not want to work with the busiest companies, in the real world this is a sign that there is a professional at work. The real estate agent in the office who is bringing in the most money and closing the most deals is busy for a reason, is getting countless referrals, never sits down for a second, and invested full time in growing his business . Just ask your local real estate office who the lead agent is and you’ll be off to a great start in finding the best agent to help you with your real estate transaction.

Contact a few local real estate offices and make a list of the best agent from each company. This is a great starting point in your search.

2. Follow an agent on Facebook

Once you have a list of some real estate agents you are considering, head over to Facebook to narrow your search. All of these agents will have a social media profile, and you can follow them or lurk in the shadows and see how they behave online. Instead of diving into questions, search the page for the answers to your questions and see how long it took the real estate agent to answer and how helpful they were with their answers.

If you’re comfortable, ask a question and see how nice the real estate agent is in addressing your issues. Since there is no commitment at the moment, you can gather information without pressure before making the decision.

3. Interaction with previous clients

The best local real estate agents will have a good following on their social media profile pages. This is your opportunity to gather detailed information without even speaking directly to the agent. Clients who have already worked with a particular real estate agent, whether to sell or buy a home, will provide comments on that social media page for local residents to read.

Send these clients a private message about the real estate agent, addressing their concerns and asking about their overall experience, both good and bad. This unbiased information can give you a clear picture of exactly what to expect if you do business with this particular real estate agent.

4. Real estate agent awards and accommodations

Whether you are looking to buy a home or sell your property, time is certainly money in each case. Another way to find out if the real estate agent you are considering can do the job faster to close a deal is to visit their real estate office website or personal website, and look for awards or accommodations that they have accumulated over the course of the years. The National Association of Realtors strives to reward the best Realtors in their region, and those Realtors proudly display those awards at any opportunity they can get.

These awards are not given to just any real estate agent, they must work incredibly hard throughout the year to get those accommodations.

5. The Local Chamber of Commerce

When you need to sell a home quickly, looking for the right listing agent every day could cost you money. One of the ways to quickly access the best real estate agent is to simply take them to your local Chamber of Commerce to inquire about local real estate agents. Not all agents in your area will be registered in the Chamber of Commerce business directory, mainly because they are held to a higher standard that they must adhere to throughout the year. These real estate agents represent the area in that directory, so they must perform at the highest level.

The Chamber of Commerce offers residents a free directory or listing on its website where you can scroll and identify real estate agents who represent the best in your area.

The best local real estate agents are easy to find if you know where to look. Take the time to work on this list and you’ll be in the best position to team up with a qualified agent who will work on your behalf to get you closed as quickly as possible. Combining some of these tips will help you find the best possible realtor who will connect with you emotionally and professionally.


The draconic horoscope in action in consultation

We know that the draconic card has a mystical dimension, it is believed that it represents our soul or higher self. Working on this premise, it represents parts of our composition that feel innate or ingrained. The draconic chart seems to reinforce and assist the energies and behavioral needs suggested in the natal chart. It also highlights the challenges, even the obstacles that seek a solution that give way to the growth and development necessary in this life.

The draconian graph in question sheds light on where the energy should be focused. Illuminate the developmental themes of greatest importance and confirm the ‘great bells’ in the natal horoscope. We can deduce this very quickly — in 5 or 10 minutes. If a client’s draconic picture doesn’t speak to you, don’t incorporate it into your query. However, doing so will add valuable insight to the discussion.

There are basically 3 main areas to focus on:

1. Considering that draconic planets and points tend to feel intrinsic or natural, we can combine the energies of the natal Sun with the Draconic Sun, the prevailing need of the natal Moon with the Draconic Moon, and the projection of identity of the natal Moon. . Ascendant with the Draconic Ascendant. The native and the draconic work together.

For example, our client has a Draconic Sun in Virgo with a natal Sun in Aquarius. We can say to our client, “The horoscope suggests that energies are inherently working to refine and discriminate, and intellectualize with others in an insightful way that probably seems quite natural to you.”

Draconic Moon in Capricorn with Natal Moon in Gemini: “There is a great need to be bright, smart and resourceful and at the same time doing things will probably seem second nature to you.”

Draconic Sagittarius Ascendant with natal Taurus Ascendant: “The horoscope suggests that your identity is comfortable approaching the world in a self-affirming way and simultaneously seeking to build something of value.”

We can delve into the analysis of the behavioral needs of each inner planet: how you need to think (Mercury), socialize (Venus) and apply energy (Mars). Just mix two needs in realizing that the draconic planet feels innate to the individual.

2. Place the draconic card on the outer wheel, the natal wheel on the inner. Draconic planets in conjunction or opposite natal angles are dominant forces that will be very apparent in your client’s life.

I offer two examples of people I know very well. A female displays a draconic part of Saturn in conjunction with her natal Scorpio Ascendant. This suggests that the initial impression it projects is tightly structured and controlled; need to control their environment and those within it. There may be insistence on being the “authority”, on being right and never setting foot wrong. Why is this? Does the draconic Saturn echo the worries in the natal horoscope linked to the father? Natal Saturn rules the 3rd mentality. It is angular on the IC and receives a square of Neptune. We cannot deny the importance of Saturn when it cries out for attention in the natal and in synastry with the draconic!

More Draconic Mercury in Leo is closely in conjunction with your natal Midheaven. We feel his ego and pride in expressing his intelligence. At the natal, Mercury in Sagittarius is a pilgrim and rules the 11th house. This suggests that arrogant ways of thinking and the need to demonstrate what she knows are behaviors that outweigh concerns about kindness. We need to talk to her about her relationship with her father, how it affected her thinking and influenced how she interacts with others.

A homosexual man has natal Mercury conjunct Venus in Pisces in the eighth house. In synastry, the draconian Mercury-Venus straddles the natal Descendant! The restriction of idealism in the natal now becomes an important statement, publicly projected for all to see. Is this illuminating the importance of your sexual profile and your personal relationships? Against what does idealism protect? Why are you making such a bold statement?

Draconic Pluto and Uranus are closely in conjunction with your natal Leo Ascendant. Why the need to be highly individualistic, to be unique and different from the rest of the world, and to follow an unconventional lifestyle? Why do you need to be the center of attention (echoing your natal Moon in Aries) but at the same time you need to hide from intimacy and not let others in? Natal Uranus rules the seventh house. Natal Pluto rules the 4th directing our attention to the natal Neptune in the 4th (feeling like the black sheep of the family) ruling the 8th sexual profile! We need to ask about early home life and the influence of a parent. How did this create a defense of idealism around sexuality and personal relationships?

3. With the draconic chart on the outer wheel and the natal wheel on the inner wheel, look for draconic planets in close conjunction or opposite natal planets. They will unquestionably make strong statements, pointing out areas of life that demand attention.

Radio personality Howard Stern (born January 12, 1954 at 1:10 PM in New York, NY; Ascendant 00 Gemini 57) shows a quadruple natal conjunction in Capricorn in the 9th house (North Node-Sun-Venus- Mercury). In synastry, the draconic Mars and Saturn in Capricorn conjugate with this natal stellium. Draconic Mars is also precisely the opposite natal Uranus in the 3rd house!

We can feel the indomitable will and strategic administrative power (Mars with Saturn); bold impulsive energies, the serial communicator / announcer, who needs to make things happen his way (Mars with Uranus) … and “make strong emotional statements” (Draconian Mars = Natal Mercury / Venus)! All of this is working to make things happen through the affairs of the third and ninth house. By asking Stern creative and open-ended questions, we can determine if this poses challenges or offers assistance in his growth and development.

Talk show host Johnny Carson (born October 23, 1925 at 7:15 am CST in Corning, IA; Ascendant 5 Scorpio 46) has a Draconic Venus in Leo, precisely in conjunction with his natal Midheaven. Fittingly, Carson’s nickname was the “King of Late Night TV.”

In Carson’s birth chart, Venus is in the second house, ruling the relationship in the seventh. Her stormy romantic life involved four marriages and two high-profile divorces. Carson used to joke about his alimony payments: “My producer really gave me something I needed for Christmas. He gave me a gift certificate to the Law Offices of Jacoby and Meyers.”

With the draconic on the outer wheel, Carson’s t-square with Mars squaring in opposition between Pluto and Jupiter-Moon ‘clicks’ in precise alignment with natal Venus, creating a very serious Great Square that suggests indecision and frustrated energies in the cross. -purposes!

Let’s think about this configuration: Draconic Mars opposed natal Venus (too much passion leads to reckless choices in relationships); Draconian Pluto square natal Venus (extremism in emotional expression; wasted emotions, excessive longing, excessive suffering); Draconic Jupiter-Moon square natal Venus (self-indulgences, need for comfort / pampering; feeling extra-sensitive, insecure about own popularity).

The point is: the front and center of Draconic Venus in the natal Midheaven is drawing attention to all things archetypal Venus, like love and romance. Relationships may have presented Carson with challenges, but also life lessons that were likely necessary for his growth and development in this life.

The draconic chart offers the astrologer an incisive tool to draw out important themes that challenge and support growth. It is up to the astrologer to make the creative connections and ask strong, open-ended questions that will lead to a rich discussion and a deeper understanding of what our client is here to seek, work, and learn in this lifetime.