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Syntrax Nectar Review – Is Nectar a Good Protein Powder for Women?

Many women these days use protein powders on a regular basis, but it can often be confusing trying to find the right protein for you.

Looking to gain muscle mass, lose weight, or have a meal replacement shake?

In this Syntrax Nectar review, we will look at this protein powder that claims to be high in flavor and ideal for women looking to lose weight.


Whey protein powders (and most supplements in general) don’t always taste great and usually require them to be mixed with something like milk, yogurt, or ice cream (in a shake) to be tasty.

However, in their Nectar protein, Syntrax has managed to create a protein powder that tastes great WITHOUT the need to mix it up … in other words, you can eat right out of the jar on your cereal or however you like.

This is great news and a good way for women to avoid consuming any excess calories in the form of milk or other additives.

The taste is really the biggest plus for Syntrax Nectar Protein, and women love its variety of 8 sweet flavors.

Low calorie profile

Another point in favor of Syntrax Nectar protein powder is its low calorie profile. At just 90 calories per serving, this must be one of the lowest calorie protein supplements on the market, and ideal for women who are mindful of their calorie intake, especially if they are on a fat loss diet.

How does it compare to many other protein powders?

Well, the popular muscle-building protein shakes typically provide up to 300 calories per serving, and even the “light” versions have around 180-200 calories … so you can see that Syntrax Nectar is one of the lowest. by a significant margin.

There’s a whopping 23g of protein per scoop and ZERO carbs and fat. This is great for women looking to minimize calorie intake, but may not be ideal for those looking for a meal replacement protein powder (MRP).

MRPs are best with a more balanced protein, carbohydrate, and fat nutritional profile.

High quality protein content

In our review of Syntrax Nectar protein powder, we found that the quality of the protein in the powder is also top-notch.

Derived from a whey protein isolate (a pure form of protein) called Promin, this is one of the fastest and most easily digestible proteins available, so it is quickly absorbed and used by muscle tissue for repair and growth. Syntrax Nectar protein also contains more bioavailable amino acids than cheaper whey isolates on the market, which means muscle tissue repair is even faster.


Many protein powders on the market can be a bummer when it comes to mixing them into liquids or oatmeal, etc. They often clump together and don’t dissolve properly, which can be frustrating and tricky.

Syntrax Nectar, on the other hand, mixes phenomenally well with just about anything: water, milk, ice cream, oatmeal, cottage cheese, and yogurt.

It can foam a bit, however, more than other whey proteins on the market, so this may be something to consider if you want to use a shaker or mix it heavily.


As mentioned above, the mixability, while good, is a bit frothy so you need to take that into account.

Plus, the lack of carbs and fat means that while it’s great for women looking to get pure protein, it’s not ideal for those looking to get a healthy meal replacement or use it to build muscle mass quickly.

However, Syntrax Nectar Protein is great for women looking to get some pure, healthy protein in a sweet snack that doesn’t compromise their fat loss diet plan.

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How to Attract Women Using the Law of Attraction: Become a Magnet for Beautiful Women

If you are looking for the best way to attract women using the law of attraction, then simply align your unconscious mind with what you want. In this case it is to attract beautiful women.

You will see that our conscious mind is our goal setter, but it is our unconscious mind that achieves it.

No matter how much conscious effort you make, it will all be in vain if you are not unconsciously consistent in your desire to attract women.

So what we need to do is have the right mindset to attract and attract women. Our confidence and self-esteem must be in the correct amount necessary to take action when necessary and any self-limiting beliefs and fears must be removed from our unconscious mind.

You will see that the law of attraction is always working. It is always sending a constant frequency out into the universe based on our habitual thought patterns. It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative, in the end we will reap what we sow.

If you think that attracting women is difficult, then that is the frequency that you are sending out into the universe and the universe will respond by validating your belief by presenting you with a reality in which attracting women is difficult for you.

When you understand how to attract women using the law of attraction, you can effortlessly attract a large number of women into your life. Picking up girls, approaching women you don’t know, and creating sexual tension will be easier for you if you have the right mindset.

Imagine if you had the belief that women find you irresistibly sexy. What do you think your reality would be then?

Like everything, the law of attraction would manifest reality for you to validate your belief. You will see that women find you irresistibly sexy.

Not only that, but because of that belief, you would also behave differently around women. You would have more confidence around him and maybe even some blatant arrogance. Your fears, if you had them, would also begin to diminish, all from changing just an unconscious belief.

Beliefs are constant filters of our reality that work at an unconscious level to dictate what we will and will not do. If you think you can approach a girl and get her number, you will be ready to act, and as if you don’t think you can do it, you will hesitate and be paralyzed by approach anxiety.

To install a new empowering belief that harnesses the law of attraction to attract women, you must first erase the old self-limiting belief.

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An apple a day: fun activities with apples

Fall is just around the corner and what better way to mark the season than with a month of apple-related activities? It’s the time of year for fresh baked apple pies, apple festivals, and Johnny Appleseed’s birthday! Take a trip to a farmers market or orchard to pick your own apples. Throw a party to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. Serve apple pie and apple juice and plant apple seeds in their honor. These activities will also pair well with your fall, farm, or harvest themes.

Apple tidbits

Tell children these cool facts about apples to spark their interest and excitement about apples …:

  • Apples come in all shades of red, green, and yellow.
  • 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States and 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide.
  • The Pilgrims planted the first American apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • Apples are a member of the rose family.
  • The most nutritious part of the apple is the skin.

Make your own applesauce

Applesauce is easy to make. Five pounds of apples makes about 2 quarts of applesauce. Peel, core and cut the apples into quarters. Put the slices in a pot and cover them partially with water. Boil the apples until soft. Let the children use a potato masher to mash the apples and make applesauce. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste.

Dried apple rings

First, peel, core, and cut the apples into chip-sized circles. Next, dip the circles in fresh lemon juice. Use a wire cutter to cut a clean, white-lined clothes hanger. Next, decorate the hanger with some apples made of craft paper and add the apple rings. (Don’t let the apple slices touch each other.) Finally, hang the apples in a dry, airy place and let them dry for a week or two. Tip: Turn the apples every day.

Apple tasting

The next time you go to the grocery store with your child, point out the different types of apples. Tell your child their names. Buy a few different types, and when you get home, let your child taste them. Ask your child how each one knows, how each is different, and which one is his or her favorite. To add to the fun, buy or make different things made with apples, such as applesauce, dried apples, apple pie, apple butter, and apple cider. Let the children taste the treats.

Apple toss

Place a laundry basket or bushel basket and red bean bags or small red balls. Use masking tape to paste a line on the floor. Place the basket a couple of feet from the line. Have the child stand behind the line and try to throw the balls or bags (apples) into the basket.

Plant apple seeds

Talk or read a story about Johnny Appleseed and how he planted apple seeds. Provide young children with paper drinking cups, apple seeds, potting soil or soil, and water. Have the children fill their cups with dirt first. Then ask them to place their finger on the ground to make a small hole. Next, have them drop a seed. Moisten the soil with a small amount of water. Place the cups in a well-lit area and water occasionally.

Apple Relay

To play, you need an apple for each team. In the word “forward,” a team member places an apple on the back or hand of the first player. The first player runs to the end of the course and returns without letting the apple fall from his back or hand. If the apple falls, that player must stop where it is and put it back on. Once the apple is back in place, keep going from where it fell. When the player returns to his team, he places the apple on the back or in the hand of the next person in line. The first team to finish wins.

Apple smile

Cut an unpeeled red apple into wedges. Wedges should look like a smile. Spread one side of an apple slice with peanut butter. Add three or four miniature marshmallow “cloves” along the edge. Spread another apple slice with peanut butter. Place it on top of the marshmallows for a big, toothy smile.

Visit to find a bushel full of other great apple-related ideas.


Where do these Beabull puppies come from?

While some people may think of a Beabull as some kind of hybrid creature created from a bee and a bull, they will be happy to know that this is simply not the case. Although the name sounds a bit strange, Beabull puppies are actually the result of mixing a Beagle with a Bulldog. However, it should be mentioned that this is still a hybrid creature form. Many people would simply call a Beabull a pooch, but this name doesn’t really apply to this type of dog. A stray dog ​​is generally referred to as a dog that has many different breeds in its family tree, while a hybrid is the mix of two pure breeds.

While Beabull is not a recognized breed according to the American Kennel Association, there are many people who would happily disagree. Many people are buying Beabull puppies these days as designer and hybrid dogs become more and more popular. These dogs are also quite expensive, so breeders couldn’t care less about the American Kennel Association’s decision. Everyone loves a Beagle and a Bulldog, so the theory behind the Beabull is to combine these two breeds to create one super breed. When creating a new dog from the main traits of the Beagle and Bulldog, breeders generally end up with something better than their initial product.

As briefly mentioned before, the Beabull is part of a new craze in the last ten years in the growing popularity of designer dogs. These are dogs that are strictly bred for the purpose of creating something unique and special. Many people like to have something that no one else has in their town, which is what has led to the rise in popularity of breeds like Beabull and Puggle. When you mix a Beagle and a Bulldog, the idea is that you will get the best traits from both original breeds. You can get a Beagle that is more respectful and less hyperactive, or you can end up with a Bulldog that is not as lethargic and passive-aggressive.

Ultimately, the parents decide the personality and appearance of the Beabull puppies. You want to make sure your Beabull puppies come from healthy parents, and you can decide what kind of appearance you want by choosing specific Beagles and Bulldogs to breed. Any breeder likely has a wide range of different Beabulls to choose from because they know that different people will look for different things. You should always check with the breeder and find out about the parents before making your purchase, but as long as you are careful, you should end up with a quality Beabull to take home with your family.

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Book Summary – The Total Money Makeover – A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness – By Dave Ramsey

Bottom line: buy this book. Financial stress is the biggest threat to our nation right now. People run scared every day as unemployment rises, the value of a dollar declines, and high-paying jobs disappear. Dave describes everything you need to do to move from bankruptcy to financial situation. If you haven’t read or heard of Dave, you’ll like him because he brings southern common sense to your work. My grandmother was from Georgia with a fifth grade education and had more southern common sense than anyone I have ever met. Dave is the same.

Why is this important to me? Take a look at this and you will see why it is essential to control your money and finances. Divorce rates in this country are above 50% and the number one cause is financial stress. Dave talks about women having a security gland and the need for secure finances. When the future is uncertain in terms of life, education and family, women tend to be more affected than men. This difference inherent in stress cases and therefore divorces. Dave discusses how to handle this a bit in this book and in much more detail at Financial Peace University. What happened to the WORD of the people? There were 1,593,081 bankruptcy cases in 2010.

I think my grandparents are happy to be in the other world because SOME people in this country have lost respect for themselves and have huge rights issues. I do not like to make radical judgments and I understand that some bankruptcies are unavoidable due to medical problems or trauma. I have no problem with that, but there are a lot of lazy people who think they can clean the board and start over. Worse than that, they have done it more than once. This is like a part-time Catholic who cheats on his wife but asks for forgiveness at Sunday Mass every week. He imagines that he can start over. This is wrong.

This book is packed with excellent information that, if followed, is designed to help you get out of debt and stay in good financial shape. For the sake of time, I will highlight certain sections and the myths that Dave describes.

1. Financial fitness is 20% how and 80% behavior. The concepts are really simple but it is the behavior that is difficult. I can outline a diet and fitness plan for anyone in 5 minutes that will produce results. The question is will it produce results for you, that is, will YOU do the work ??????? Shocking statistics: 90% of Americans buy things they CAN’T afford.

2. Emergency Fund – How many people have funds available for 3 to 6 months in case of an emergency? I was very lucky to grow up with a financially astute father. I thought I was 5 years old again reading Dave’s book because all the things that are taught in the book were taught to me at a young age. I realize that not everyone is so lucky. The terrible statistic is that most Americans are within two weeks of financial collapse.

3. Dave describes a myth that is very real. The myth is that if you lend money to a friend or family member, you are helping them. In reality, if you lend them money, the relationship will be strained or destroyed. The only relationship that would be improved is the one that results from one party being the master and the other being the servant.

4. Golden rule: the borrower is always the slave of the lender.

Dave has a mindset that says: You must be intense Gazelle when it comes to your financial fitness. You must recognize that it is your behavior and your approach that will determine whether you become financially fit. If you are in financial trouble, then the “how-to” steps outlined in the book – they work.

1. Create an emergency fund.

2. Face your debt.

3. Save 15% of your money

4. Delete all payments

5. Give

6. Imagining a life without payment and with all the income ……. Victory !!!

These 6 easy steps are easy to understand but difficult to follow. As you know, most people will not follow these steps. That is why people play and play the lottery. One of Dave’s spiel that I agree with is: “The lottery is a tax on the poor and people who can’t do math.”

Remember: “Where the focus goes, the energy flows” If you find yourself in financial trouble, I recommend that you start with this book and change your mind to fix the problem.

Live like nobody and then live like nobody is a brilliant saying. This basically means that you need to be disciplined and sacrifice now in order to have financial freedom and security later in life. Remember that if you are nervous about your finances now, it will only get worse as you get older. Most people don’t think about their health and energy until they start to lose it. If you HAVE to work until 70 because you don’t have money, then that’s a horrible thing. If you work in your 70s because you love it and you DO NOT have to, then it is a blessing. Which one do you want?

I hope this short video summary has been helpful to you. The key to any new idea is to incorporate it into your daily routine until it becomes a habit. Habits are formed in just 21 days. One thing you can take away from this book is looking in the mirror. Denial affects you like poison. If you have financial problems, admit it and commit to doing something about it NOW. Schedule 15 minutes every day for your financial education to fix the problem NOW.

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Xbox 360, do you backup your game?

Well, since today is Friday, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to talk about one of my favorite hobbies, the Xbox 360. I am not a professional gamer by any means now, but I have to admit that even at my age I still enjoy a good game and play online with my friends.

Now, considering that your Xbox is essentially a computer designed to play and store your game data, have you ever considered backing up your game? I have to be honest here, I never really thought about that question until I had a big problem with a bug in one of my favorite games.

Gears of War 3, the third game in the Epic Games series, is a lot of fun for me, with a lot of achievements to be won with a lot of play. In fact, he was ready to rank up for the fourth time in the game with all the achievements earned, all the ribbons and collectibles, and 90 percent of the Onyx medals earned over the course of nearly 8 months of play just to have everything would disappear. for a glitch in the game.

Epic is aware of the issue that seems to be more prevalent in split-screen play than single-player. The game crashes arbitrarily and you are forced to restart the Xbox to start playing. Unfortunately, when this happens, the saved game information left on the servers is erased and the game restarts the game from the beginning. You can imagine how incredibly frustrating this is after you’ve worked so hard to achieve all aspects of the game that you simply erased them in a single moment.

What’s even more frustrating is knowing that Epic is aware of the problem and never had the courtesy to tell any of its loyal fans of the series that they were aware of the problem. The only statement I have seen regarding this from Epic on a blog is that they are aware of the problem and are patient while they investigate the matter. Well that was over two months ago and there is still no solution.

My point of all of this is simply this. If you don’t back up your game, you should start backing up now. Saving to your hard drive is not the answer, as many of today’s games save game information on their servers with no way to retrieve it. Xbox live offers a free backup to anyone who purchases a Gold membership called “Cloud” or you can even use a memory card that conveniently plugs into a USB port on the front of your Xbox.


Three rookie managers are favorites to win the World Series in 2018

Alex Cora, Aaron Boone and Dave Martinez enter the 2018 season at an exclusive club, joining only a handful of other rookie managers to take over a team that had made the playoffs the previous year. Major League Baseball’s long history has seen only ten of those bosses, and not even one of them led his team to the World Series in that opening period.

Worse, more than half of those rookie managers failed to carry their inherited playoff teams into the postseason, including fourth-place finishes suffered by Jimy Williams with the 1986 Toronto Blue Jays and Bryan Price with the 2014 Cincinnati Reds.

Among the four who managed to lead their squad to a playoff return are two who failed to make it past the divisional series, Ken Macha with the 2003 Oakland Athletics and Brad Ausmus with the 2014 Detroit Tigers. In his freshman year As captain, Mike Matheny led the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals to the National League Champions Series, as did Dave Roberts two years later with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It’s possible that MLB could see the first rookie manager to lead a playoff team to a pennant in 2018, considering some of the first that have occurred in the past two seasons. Last year, of course, the Houston Astros won their first World Series title and in 2016 the Chicago Cubs won their first in more than a hundred years.

Of the three rookie managers who inherit playoff teams, two compete in the American League and the other on the Senior Circuit. All three are landing teams that are big favorites to win the pennant, and it is even possible that two of them can do just that.

If New York takes the title, Aaron Boone would become the first rookie manager to win a pennant after inheriting a playoff team. The Yankees are undoubtedly among the preseason favorites as they acquired 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins and re-signed veteran left-handed starter CC Sabathia.

However, his longtime rival from Boston stands in his way, the defending division champs are now led by rookie captain Alex Cora. The Red Sox had a busy winter, adding much-needed offensive power by signing free agent slugger JD Martinez.

It is very possible that if the Yankees or Red Sox manage to capture the pennant, they will face another rookie manager in the World Series. The Nationals, who boasted the best record in all of baseball last season before falling back into the playoffs, are now being led by Dave Martinez.

His path to the National League pennant will be made easier thanks to a sensational starting team, which includes Cy Young Award contenders Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez. Washington also strengthened the offense around former MVP Bryce Harper and third baseman Anthony Rondon, acquiring powerful left-handed hitter Matt Adams to share first base duties with veteran Ryan Zimmerman while spending time in the outfield.

Although New York and Boston have made bigger improvements to help their new dugout leaders, Washington still seems to have the best chance of winning a pennant. The Yankees and Red Sox not only have to fight each other, but they also have to beat the defending World Series champion, the Houston Astros.

The Nationals, on the other hand, should be able to move quickly through a division where almost every other team is in rebuilding mode. The postseason has been pretty cruel to Washington in recent years, but their increased competition has done little to bolster their 2017 pennant defense. The Los Angeles Dodgers actually lost valued starter Yu Darvish over the winter, and just last week. Last year they suffered an injury that put their top slugger Justin Turner on the disabled list to start the season.

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MLM fact or fiction? 20+ free leads every day from Facebook

This is you? You saw an email or internet post that describes how you can generate free leads through Facebook. So he downloaded the e-book or listened to the webinar and immediately began trying to apply what he had learned.

So you opened a Facebook account and set up your profile … nothing fancy, just a few announcements about some of the things you’d like to do in your spare time. You didn’t take long to really think about what you’re going to convey through your profile … after all, this is just a means to an end, right? This is just one way to find more people to show your business opportunity to. This is just a tool for you to GET more leads so you can GET more affiliate commissions so you can GET more sign-ups on your MLM opportunity so you can GET more bonus checks … That’s what “so and so said such an overnight internet marketing guru “in his packed webinar. (Not!)

So why the heck is this not working? I followed all the steps that Mr. Guru described. I added 50 friends a day. I created a group and invited everyone to join. I criticized them with my marketing emails. Where are my 20+ leads a day on Facebook?

My friend, let me tell you. This is not a scam. Potential customers are out there. They are simply avoiding you because your approach has been completely twisted. Your tactics don’t invite people to connect with you; on the contrary, you like the latest fragrance from MLM Buster Company: it’s called “Salesman.” And just like those pesky perfumers at the mall, they all avoid you because they see you coming with that bottle in hand. You, my friend, have forgotten the key point that will drive the success of an Internet marketer and it is the foundation of the attraction marketing philosophy: you must connect with people!

Here are some of the behaviors I had to correct in myself and my downline team before I started generating leads from Facebook:

    1. Be a person, not a “salesperson.”

A person seeks friendship and an opportunity to network. A salesperson is looking for customers. A person takes the time to connect with people based on common interests. (Ex. Hi Doug. I see you are from Hartford and you mentioned that you are a huge fan of UCONN. Have you ever visited the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield?) A salesperson does not take the time to connect, he prefers instead of sending spam messages about the latest business op killer.

    2. Complete the profile (I mean you actually complete it)

It’s one thing to list “The Matrix” as one of your favorite movies. Another thing is to talk about what exactly you liked about the movie. What is your favorite line from the movie and why does it sound familiar to you? What is your favorite scene? Which character did you choose the last Hallowe’en? Don’t be afraid to be a total fan boy (or girl) as this lets the reader know how passionate you are about whatever it is you like. Shared passion creates connections.

    3. Give, give, give courage!

We hear about this all the time in network marketing. And yet many of us focus on what we can GET from our relationships rather than what we can extend to others. People will feel like you are coming from a mile away, so give them positive feelings to tune in to rather than vibes that make them want to squeeze their wallets tighter.

    4. Take a moment to reply to personal messages and comments on your wall.

People who write on your wall or send you messages are throwing their thank you line. I appreciate and guarantee that they will return the favor.

Marketing is about showing people that you can help solve their problems, but you can’t be of much help to someone you don’t know ANYTHING about. The top MLM internet marketing producers understand this and are using this knowledge to benefit from social media marketing strategies. Don’t reinvent the wheel, do what they do. And as always, don’t just take my word for it. Take it to check.


Teller Capture offers shorter deposit lines and fewer errors

Transaction settlement processes have continued to advance since the Check 21 legislation was first implemented. Digital deposit capture has expanded from typical branch procedures to include ATM, mobile and teller machine capture. The branch methods eliminated the float time between deposit and actual settlement. They also reduced costs by eliminating the need to use courier delivery to send the paper document to regional locations by allowing digital reproduction to be sent between servers. However, branch methods did not eliminate a significant problem experienced within the industry.

An immense number of errors can occur in the course of batch processing, as the procedure does not happen immediately. Incorrectly scanned checks or other complications unknown to the teller created the need for adjustments on the second day that increased the workload of financial institutions. Cashier methods eliminate the need for “second day” adjustments because every transaction is verified at the time of deposit. The included recognition technology helps with the procedure by ensuring that all necessary elements are on the paper document. No additional steps are required as long as the check has been read correctly.

Bank check scanner: What technological advances are offered?

This imaging method offers other benefits in addition to reducing keyboard input errors. Financial institutions can implement a bank check scanner to streamline administrative procedures and provide better security for transactions. Front-end or ATM imaging offers these additional benefits to the implementing bank:

  • Less human error
  • Immediate availability of images
  • Image quality analysis
  • Data verification
  • Routing number match
  • Improved fraud detection
  • Real time operation
  • Reduced handling time
  • Reduced operating expenses

Keyed entries and batch procedures at the end of the day create a wider margin for errors that can be eliminated by using a bank check scanner as part of initial deposit acceptance. Images are accessible immediately after the transaction has been scanned and can be submitted for settlement in less than a period of time. Image quality analysis, MICR verification, and routing number matching avoid common mistakes seen during back-office batching. Each transaction is compared to the national database at the time of acceptance and files can be created as often as necessary throughout the day. Eliminating batch processing at the end of the day makes it possible for cashiers to remove their drawer in less time. Financial institutions don’t have to worry about dedicating staff members to handle the next day’s adjustments.

Today’s scanning devices are extremely reliable, offer a high rate of accuracy, and are designed to meet the needs of cash pickup processing. Adaptive thresholds allow the highest quality image to be transferred to the application for fewer manual corrections. Additional documents such as money orders or traveler’s checks can be scanned. The algorithms are used to perform the magnetic MICR reading, which is complemented by optical character recognition for verification at the time of capture. High-capacity power, high-quality cameras, diagnostics, autotuning features, and compatibility with major software platforms are developments that are being seen in newer equipment. Banks that are considering digital capture for the first time, or experiencing huge errors with their branch methods, have teller capture as a reliable alternative option to improve the image of paper transactions.

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6 great reasons to remodel those kitchen cabinets

Tired of living with an old, outdated kitchen? Perhaps you would like to update your kitchen to speed up the sale of your home. There are many options available when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, including replacing, refinishing, and painting your cabinets. However, I would like to suggest you 6 great reasons to remodel those kitchen cabinets.

  1. Affordability: The average cost to remodel a kitchen will be between $ 3,500 and $ 6,500, depending on the size of the kitchen. The average cost to replace a kitchen starts at around $ 20,000 to $ 40.00. The reason is simple, the siding makes use of your old structurally sound cabinets. Why tear out perfectly good cabinets and replace them with perfectly good ones? The truth is, your old cabinets are often better built than your current cabinets. This is one of the reasons that refacing was a great idea 35 years ago and is still going strong today.
  2. Options: With cabinet siding, you can choose from any door style and material on the market today. Solid wood doors come in over 230 stain colors for each wood species. Another door option is rigid thermoplastic (rigid vinyl bonded to ultra-density fibreboard). Door knobs and handles also come in a wide variety. Old cabinet boxes will look new again, once covered with 1/4-inch veneer (real wood) to match your doors and drawers. You will also have the option of adding additional cabinets or taking a large single cabinet and converting it to a double cabinet. When renovating your kitchen, you may want to consider adding new countertops or an island. Enjoy the extras you’ve always wanted, like a Lazy Susan, space savers, spice racks, and pull-outs. With the money you’ll save by renovating, you can choose to buy some new appliances. If you need help visualizing your kitchen, there are hundreds of before and after photos of your kitchen remodel directly on the web. Kitchen remodeling magazines can give you great ideas on what the best door and color options would be for your kitchen.
  3. Fast: Cabinet lining can be done on average in 2-4 days. Doors and drawer fronts are sprayed and prepped ahead of time, delivered to your kitchen, and hung. Unlike painting or refinishing your cabinets, refinishing will not leave lingering toxic fumes in your home. Choosing to add additional cabinets or an island does not necessarily lengthen your average renovation time. On the other hand, if you choose to replace your cabinets, it will be a huge and expensive undertaking that could take a month or more to complete.
  4. No mess: With cabinet siding, you will still be able to access your kitchen during the siding process – now, that’s hard to beat! Your kitchen won’t be littered with sawdust, debris, and anything else that a complete kitchen remodel will leave you with. Once the coating is complete in 2-4 days, your kitchen is clean and ready to go.
  5. Transformation: Kitchen cladding is such an amazing transformation in a very short period of time. Your kitchen will look and feel like new, no one can say it was remodeled. After all, the doors, handles, trim and countertops are brand new and the existing cabinet boxes have been covered to match your doors and drawer fronts.
  6. Longevity: Repaired cabinets will last as long as new cabinets and will easily withstand up to 20 years of normal wear and tear. Any repairs that are necessary for your repaired cabinets are usually minor and very simple to repair. In most cases, rectifiers offer a 5-year warranty.

These are 6 great reasons to update those kitchen cabinets when you decide to remodel your kitchen.