The importance of learning about shapes for preschoolers

Even babies can tell the difference between a circle and a square, using sight and touch to tell them apart. However, learning the names of the different shapes is not an innate skill, but it is a necessary step in the education of your preschooler. Children need to learn the names of shapes so that they can identify them verbally and in writing and compare the different shapes and how they are used. These are basic skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Learning shapes helps your child identify objects and letters. The letters are made up of circles, triangles, and lines; Think of the circles at b, d, g, p, q, or the parts of a triangle that lie at k, v, and w. Drawing the curved lines of a circle or an oval shape helps your child write letters like f, u, m, n, j, and the lines in squares help him write i, l, k, p, q, etc. . Often times, recognizing letter shapes helps a child to recognize letters as well, which is important for developing reading skills.

Drawing shapes is also the first step in learning to draw. Almost anything can be divided into shapes, such as a house, a cat, a book, a ball; they can all be drawn in simple shapes. This makes it easier for your child to progress from stick drawings to more detailed works of art, and if he is talented, he will also use shapes to draw and paint in the future.

Shapes are extremely important in basic and more advanced math. Most adults will think of geometry immediately, but shape patterns and spatial perception help your child develop sequencing and logic skills that he will use later in his school career in subjects like calculus.

We use shapes every day as adults, although we may not realize it. Consider rearranging the furniture in the living room, cleaning the kitchen cabinets or the refrigerator, all according to the shape of the items they contain and how they will relate to each other. Road signs and markings make extensive use of different forms, which helps us recognize them before we can read them.

Learning about shapes includes learning about two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. A sphere, or ball, is a 3D circle and has specific properties, such as the ability to roll, that some other shapes do not. This is true for all shapes, and your child will be able to make this progression if his basic foundation is good.

By kindergarten, children are expected to know basic shapes, recognize them, and identify how they are part of other elements. You can also expect them to be able to draw the shapes, not perfectly, but certainly recognizable. There are many ways to encourage and help your child learn about shapes.

Because shapes surround us, it’s easy to play ‘Find the Shape’ at home, in the car, at the store, and elsewhere. Select one way at a time to focus, rather than trying to find all the different ways.

A good set of preschool worksheets will help your child recognize different shapes, see how they are part of other objects, and learn to draw them. Drawing shapes is the precursor to learning to write, and a good set of worksheets should guide you step-by-step through this process until your child draws shapes on their own and with their bare hands. Look for worksheets that combine learning shapes with the use of different colors, as this is particularly effective for reinforcing shape names.


Get the most out of your new PlayStation console

Gaming has been taken to a whole new level with the game consoles available on the market. From just being able to play games with computers on a very bulky old PC or console, the new PlayStations are definitely a worthwhile option if you’re an avid gamer who wants to take your gaming experience to the extreme.

Playing games on a game console is no longer just sitting in front of the TV, it involves getting up and being active and it is a very sociable experience, playing against friends and other players from all over the world.

The first time you bring your new PlayStation home, you will need to set it up. The setup process is very simple. Connect the PlayStation to your TV and turn both on, connect a controller and press the “PS” button, this makes the console recognize the controller.

You will need to complete an initial setup and your PlayStation will connect to the Internet; Once it is complete, you will be able to put your game on the machine or go online if you have a 365-day subscription to PlayStation Plus.

The 365-day subscription to PlayStation Plus is a complete gaming and entertainment experience, using your game console to enjoy a host of discounts and other offers. When you buy a subscription, you can visit the PlayStation Store and buy various games at discounted prices.

The advantage of this is that you can enjoy automatic downloads, so you don’t have to visit the store and buy a disc, all you have to do is visit the store, choose your favorite game or update and download it through your connection. to Internet. . This saves time, money and energy.

There are also a plethora of demo games available to anyone with a 365-day PlayStation Plus subscription. Demo games are new games that have just been available or are about to be released, you can give them a try, some of which you can play a full sixty minutes completely for free before deciding whether to buy the full version or not.

The advantage of demo games is that you can try before you buy, it takes all the guesswork out whether the game you are considering is worth it or not. Everyone enjoys different types of games, which is why this demo feature is a great draw card for anyone with a 365-day subscription to PlayStation Plus.

New content is added every two weeks, which means that you constantly have new games to try and consider. There are also a large number of avatars and themes to choose from, ensuring that you have a complete gaming experience when using the 365-day PlayStation Plus subscription.

As your subscription nears the end, you won’t lose any downloaded games, avatars or themes and all you have to do is purchase another 365-day PlayStation Plus subscription to start over. You won’t lose your trophies and other information, so once you shop for next year, you’ll be on the right track again.

For those who do not choose to purchase the 365-day PlayStation Plus subscription, they will still have full and complete use of their game console, the difference is that there are no free trial games and they will be left playing the games they have purchased on the disc. .

For a complete and enjoyable gaming experience, you’ll want to combine your PlayStation console with the one-year subscription to ensure you get the most out of your gaming experience. Play against other players, win trophies, and enjoy a host of demo games before they hit the shelves.

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Healthy diet: an antidote to diabetes

Diabetes is a very common lifestyle disorder that is almost assuming epidemic proportions today. India now has the dubious distinction of being called the Diabetes Capital of the World and, alarmingly, the diabetic population according to the WHO may grow 200% in the next 15 years.

In this short article, we will discuss:

to. What is it? What are the common symptoms

B. What are the causes

vs. what are some of the associated conditions.

D. How a proper diet can address the root cause

me. Diet myths associated with diabetes and the real facts

F. Some special foods for diabetics

gram. Summary of key points

1. So what is diabetes? And what are its common symptoms?

Diabetes refers to excess levels of sugar in the bloodstream. You would have heard the name insulin around the same time as diabetes. So what is the relationship between the two?

An organ called the ‘Pancreas’ secretes the hormone ‘Insulin’ which helps break down the glucose or sugar in our food and carry it to the cells where it is used as fuel for our energy requirements and body processes.

In diabetics, the secreted insulin is inadequate or the cells do not respond normally to insulin (also called insulin resistance). Then? Blood glucose levels skyrocket as they cannot be transported normally to cells, liver, and muscles. So what can that do?

1. Your eyesight can be affected in the long term, especially at night. There is an increased risk of glaucoma and even blindness.

2. Your feet are susceptible to infections and sores. It may even require amputation in extreme cases.

3. Diabetes is called a “silent killer” because it affects the ability to control cholesterol and blood pressure, leading to heart attacks.

4. Nerves are damaged causing pain and tingling or loss of sensation.

5. Kidney damage and even failure is common if blood glucose levels remain high.

Afraid? Take it easy! It sounds scary, but it can be easily controlled by a few small diet and lifestyle changes. The worst thing is that there is no permanent cure. It can only be controlled by changes in diet, exercise, and insulin injections.

Some of the common symptoms of diabetes are:

· Tired

Excess thirst and urination.


Blurry vision

2. What are the symptoms of this ailment?

3 types of diabetes are known.

First comes type I diabetes. Although it can occur at any age, most of the time it is diagnosed in adolescents, children, and young adults. In this case, the body produces very little insulin and their entire lives depend on insulin injections. The exact causes are unknown, but some researchers have called it hereditary or a result of gestational diabetes in the mother.

Second and the most common variety is type 2 diabetes which usually occurs in adulthood, but now even teenagers are being diagnosed thanks to high rates of obesity. Obesity, stress, lack of rest, and sedentary lifestyles without exercise have been blamed as the main causes.

Third, there is gestational diabetes that develops during pregnancy even though the woman has no prior signs of diabetes.

3. What are the associated conditions?

As we mentioned earlier, due to the reduced ability to control cholesterol and blood pressure, hypertension (high blood pressure) is one of the most common and crippling conditions.

Diabetic foot and glaucoma have also become a concern, especially in older people.

4. How can a proper diet help?

Most people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese. Hence the weight loss and 30 minutes of moderate exercise definitely helps control the disease. In fact, losing about 5 kg can dramatically reduce the severity of the disorder.. Since a diabetic’s body is already short of insulin, the problem is compounded by excess weight. In addition, in the case of overweight people, fat is deposited around the pancreatic cells that are responsible for producing insulin in the body. According to some researchers, this fat damages pancreatic cells, further reducing insulin production.

The diabetic diet is based on the three principles of:

to. Consume fewer calories and healthier

B. Consume a consistent amount of carbohydrates (and replace simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates)

vs. Reduce total fat content while increasing healthy mono-saturated fats.

These keep blood glucose levels under control and improve insulin sensitivity. Meal planning with a qualified nutritionist and doctor is essential to creating a diet that keeps your blood sugar levels close to normal. Regular testing of your blood sugar levels will tell you how different foods affect your blood glucose levels.

However, there is no one size fits all diabetes diet, nor can a once planned diet be considered sacrosanct for life. The diet should be controlled regularly according to the response of the body.


Follow the golden rule of eating small, frequent meals and drinking plenty of water.

You should take carbohydrates in the form of whole grains such as oatmeal, dahlia, attack bread, whole wheat flour, as they are a good source of fiber. The role of fiber in a diabetic’s diet is to stabilize sugars, control appetite, and lower cholesterol.

Oils such as olive oil, flax seed oil (alsi), until etc. should be used for cooking. These oils are a rich source of omega-3 fats that help increase good cholesterol.

Sugar must be substituted with an artificial sweetener such as aspartame, saccharin, stevia, etc.

Lean meats such as fish and chicken can be consumed. The yolk of the egg should be excluded. Avoid red meat altogether.

Milk and skim milk products should be used as it reduces calories and unwanted fat.

Not to do

The foods to avoid are mainly refined grains such as suji, maida, rice, and related products.

Fruits such as banana, cheek, lychee, mangoes, grapes, and custard apple should be completely avoided.

Starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato, yam, and lotus stem should also be avoided.

Pickles, murabbas, fruit juices (both packaged and fresh), packaged soups, and thick soups with cornstarch should be excluded from the diabetic diet.

Diabetics are at higher risk of developing heart disorders. Therefore, saturated fats like ghee, butter, cream, etc. should be restricted.

In Ayurveda, meethi seeds, jamun, amla and karela seeds are used to cure diabetes as they help to lower the sugar level.

5. Some common myths associated with diabetes are:

to. Sugar is a poison for diabetics, especially children.

FACT: While excess sugar is really harmful, diabetics are not required to give up sugar entirely, but are advised to monitor their intake.

For children with diabetes, for example, to completely prohibit the intake of cakes, candies and sweets is to deprive them of their simple childish pleasures. But then, to control the disorder, these should be eaten in moderation and, during the party, the other foods (for example, rice, pasta, noodles, etc.) should be controlled (eaten in reduced amounts) to balance glucose levels and calories.

B. Say goodbye to tasty fatty or fried foods if you have diabetes.

REALITY As stated before, complete deprivation is not necessary. The occasional indulgence is fine as long as it is balanced and only occasional. Even otherwise healthy people who gorge themselves on fried foods daily and who gain weight will soon develop some ailment or another.

vs. Having bitter gourd juice means you can feast on other times

Fact: Due to its hypoglycemic properties, karela juice is good (but not that delicious) for diabetics, but don’t overcompensate with a breakfast of puris or ghee-laden ‘parantha’ thereafter.

6. Special foods for diabetics:

While fat-free ice cream, cakes, and sugar-free sweets have become all the rage, especially to meet the needs of the growing and thriving diabetic population, don’t be fooled by all the important claims. Fat-free ice cream is still rich in simple carbohydrates. The unsweetened mithai is still loaded with ghee and saturated fat. Therefore, he does not gorge himself on them with the illusion that they cannot possibly cause him any harm.

Ayurveda recommends black currant seeds, amla, karela, methi and also to control diabetes.

7. Summary:

Diabetes develops slowly and will not kill you in a day. A little discipline and lifestyle change will allow you to live a happy, healthy and stress-free life.

In this presentation we have covered the various types of diabetes and their causes, the associated conditions and symptoms of diabetes, how a healthy diet goes a long way in controlling the disorder, some dos and don’ts for diabetes And hopefully myths associated with this disorder have also been dispelled while emphasizing that diabetes is not a death sentence for all that is delicious and good in life and not everything that is sold to diabetics is actually good for them. Diet Solutions wishes you a happy and healthy life.

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Study in Canada: a unique experience

There is no doubt that studying abroad provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn several vital things that are very helpful in building your career. Today, Canada has also earned a good name for providing quality education and a safe and healthy environment for its students. That is why more than 1,30,000 international students enroll each year at renowned Canadian universities. Canada attaches the utmost importance to education and has developed a world-class educational system with high standards. It is an ideal educational destination and provides students with a unique experience of education and its versatile arts and culture. Canada spends more on education compared to the Organization for Economic and Cooperation and Development (OECD) average and ranks highest in the G-8 countries.

Studying in Canada for higher education is very profitable and its universities offer world-class education. These universities are affordable compared to other universities in the world such as the USA, New Zealand and the UK where the cost of education and living are very high. According to a 2006 survey by the Commonwealth Universities Association, “Canada offered the lowest tuition rates for foreign students compared to the UK and Australia.”

The low intensity of crime and the peaceful and safe environment of the country also attracts many international students to Canadian universities. Canada has 92 universities and 175 community colleges, and university degrees have three levels: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate.

A bachelor’s degree in Canada commits you full-time for three to four years, depending on the nature of the program you are pursuing (regular or specialized). On the other hand, the Master’s degree consists of two years of study for which an honors degree is imperative. For the doctoral program at the Canadian University, a minimum of three to four or sometimes five years of extensive research and study is required. Includes Doctorate and Doctorate in Music (DMus) and Law (LLD) can also be obtained at Universities.

You can also find many diploma and certificate programs at Canadian universities where the length of time is generally 1 to 2 years. In addition to the regular academic degree in Management and Engineering, you can also obtain a professional degree in various fields such as medicine, pharmacy, law, nursing and dentistry, education, and social work. Some of the Canadian universities are considered worldwide and the degree and diploma obtained from these Canadian universities are globally recognized and promise you a bright future. After completing your studies, you can also find excellent job offers in Canada itself. Students who have a Canadian degree or diploma are eligible to work for up to one year. International students require a work permit to work on campus.

International students who wish to study in Canada must obtain a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You can also find scholarship programs administered by Canadian universities. Students who cannot afford education expenses can opt for these programs by earning at least 90% to 95% of the merit grades. However, one of the basic exams that every international student has to pass is the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language), compulsory for students whose mother tongue is not English. The TOEFL score is very important in deciding your destination for admission to the best universities in Canada.

The top eight universities in Canada are listed below:

– University of British Columbia

– University of Alberta

– Trinity Western University

– York University

– University of Victoria

– University of Toronto

– Trent University

– King’s University College

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The best areas of Manhattan

What’s not to love about New York City? My favorite neighborhood is Manhattan, although each one has its advantages. There are so many things to do in Manhattan, and I could spend a lifetime keeping busy.

Each neighborhood has its own special feel, making things really great for those with a wide variety of interests.

I try to get to every corner of the city as often as possible, but I still find myself yearning for more free time. There are literally tens of thousands of restaurants and bars.

This article will focus on some of my favorite neighborhoods in this great city. While they’re all great, these are the ones I enjoy the most.

I would like to open this article with a mention of the East Village, probably my favorite neighborhood of all. Having spent time living there, I have never fallen in love with this great neighborhood.

The East Village could really keep you busy forever. Every block is filled with exciting restaurants of all kinds, interesting shops, fun bars, and more. Things in this part of town stay open late into the night.

Its counterpart is the West Village, which occupies the other side of town when it comes to this part of downtown Manhattan. There are things they have in common, as they both attract young people, but they are very different anyway. The West Village has a more European feel.

Others may not be as much into the bar scene and may prefer more traditional settings. The Upper West Side of Manhattan offers just this. Among many museums, Central Park, and some historical landmarks, this is a great destination for tourists.

The East Village, the Upper West Side, and the West Village are just two of dozens of exciting areas in Manhattan. If you haven’t been to these, I know you will enjoy them when you see them.


Bichon Frize training to stop dog tagging

You know that you have achieved a successful result in bichon frize training. Then all of a sudden, he discovered the smell of dog urine on the driveway, table leg, and other furniture in the house. How do these things happen when you are very aware that you used appropriate and effective methods in internal training? If you see large pools of urine on the floor, it simply suggests that home training may not be as successful as you would like. You may need more time and determination to achieve the desired result. However, if you notice less urine, the problem is not fruitless or ineffective home training. Your good friend is simply marking his territory.

Why do dogs mark urine? From a dog’s point of view, marking with urine is different from wanting to urinate. We all know that dogs have incredible noses. This sense of smell is an important part of canine communication. The scent is left to tell other dogs a message, such as whose territory it is, where the marking dog is located, and its social order. If the marker dog is female, it will also include its mating availability. A dog that is nervous about being home alone, has feelings of insecurity, or has separation anxiety can also dial in to build trust and make sure everything is okay.

Dogs that are not neutered or spayed and not neutered are more likely to mark urine than are neutered, spayed, or neutered dogs. Male dogs are more likely to mark urine than females, however a female dog may also mark to announce her availability to mate.

Like any other dog problem, there are several ways to prevent your dog from marking urine. Puppies should be neutered early to prevent the habit from forming. If you have an older dog, spaying can help reduce or even alleviate the problem, however you must do something to break the habit that has formed.

Neutering is not the only way to prevent a dog from marking urine. If an owner does not approve of sterilization, constant supervision is necessary to break the habit. Rather than allowing your dog to roam freely around the house, make supervision a lot easier by confining him to one area of ​​the house. To catch him in the act, watch for cues like sniffing and circling. Then the moment he started to leave his leg to mark, he made a noise loud enough to distract him, but not too loud to scare him to death. When looking around to find out where the noise is coming from, give the command “don’t pee.”

And one more thing … don’t forget to praise your dog when he urinates in a suitable place. Bichon Frize training will never be successful without praise.

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How to Identify a Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claim

After filing a workers’ compensation insurance claim for a shoulder injury he sustained while working for the federal postal service, the recipient of the benefits was seen working as a massage therapist. This leads to felony charges related to fraud.

An ‘injured’ entertainer was seen dancing in a popular television commercial while collecting a fifty thousand dollar surplus in workers’ compensation payments related to a previous disability claim.

After filing a workers’ compensation claim about an injury sustained while on the police force and collecting more than $ 30,000 in benefits for it, it was discovered that the former officer was working for a musical band, something he would not have been able to do. physically. if your injury claim was actually true.

If you really dig into it, you will find more and more strange stories about workers’ compensation fraud. Fortunately, the proportion of these is quite small in contrast to the valid ones. For the small business owner and large commercial enterprises, it is vital to be aware of how to detect system abuse.

5 ways to understand workers’ compensation fraud

1. Something may not be right when a worker files a workers’ compensation claim for an injury that allegedly occurred seven or more days previously.

Here’s what to do if this happens. Talk to the injured worker as well as your co-workers to gather information about the incident and draw your theory to a conclusion.

2. A workers’ compensation claim that was filed immediately after the weekend may indicate that the injury occurred outside of the workplace.

Here’s what to do if this happens. Find out if the worker has interests in hobbies or sports activities that may have triggered the injury. Conduct interviews with other employees to see if they have any knowledge about whether the claimant participated in this type of weekend activity. Keep your eyes open for verbal or body language that shows the worker is lying.

3. The absence of witnesses to the injury could mean that the claimant is not genuine.

This is what you can do in this case. Make the appropriate inquiries with others if someone saw the claimant immediately after the injury.

4. What if the claimant wishes to be treated without undergoing an X-ray, MRI, or other tests that define the injury?

Here is what you can do in this situation. Ask the claimant why they are not interested in a documented diagnosis. Demand that you undergo the necessary diagnostic tests.

5. Any claimant who does not provide a clear picture of what happened when he was injured is subject to suspicion.

This is what to do in this scenario. Take all the details of the report using your knowledge of the usual state of affairs on your business site. Watch for any inconsistencies in your account.

If your findings regarding the above points do not justify the claimant, feel free to take your thoughts to the claims department of your insurance company.

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How to flatten and smooth an image in Photoshop

To flatten an image, first create a new Photoshop document by pressing Ctrl + N, or go to File → New. Open the image you want to flatten, then go to the menu above and hit Layer → Flatten Image. Once you hit this command, all your layers will be merged. Even if you have 10 or 20 layers, when you merge them, they will all become a single layer, an image. Now you can use the move tool “arrow” and move the whole image.

If you look to the right of your screen at the layer column, you will see only one layer listed. Flattening the image merges all the layers into one. Just like when you first open the document, because it only has one layer, it will be labeled Background and will have a little lock icon. You can unlock the icon by double clicking the lock icon. The image will continue to flatten even after you unlock the layer, and you won’t be able to modify the image or edit the text if you added one.

This does not mean that from now on you cannot modify it, only that you must first undo the image. To undo the flattening, go to Edit → Undo or press Ctrl + Z. This command will simply undo your last action. Previous layers will reappear, as they were before the flattening merged them.

Note that even if the “undo” command is the same, Photoshop will not allow you to do multiple undoes like Microsoft Word. If you keep pressing Ctrl + Z, you won’t undo your actions one by one. For this, Photoshop has a different command, called Step Back. So if you want to undo multiple steps, press Alt + Ctrl + Z.


Jamison prepares to lead the wizards with only injured butler and Arenas

The entire burden of upsetting the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs now rests solely with Antawn Jamison.

The reason behind is out of the Big Three at Washington Wizards, two are injured and these days Jamison is the key player for the team.

Forward Jarvis Hayes said Jamison is the Wizards’ leading scorer now and would have to be much more aggressive on offense. The other players’ main job thus far is to make things as easy as possible for Jamison on the court. Hayes expects things to get tough as teams would now target Jamison more than before.

Every player on the Wizards team has changed their roles since Gilbert Arenas injured his knee and Caron Butler his hand. However, it appears that Jamison has been the hardest hit by the injuries. You can’t afford to wait for time and find open spaces, as the opposing team’s defenders are concentrated elsewhere. Jamison can no longer have a night off as his two teammates are not there to replace him.

Coach Eddie Jordan said that with Butler and Arenas injured, Jamison would have to take on the added responsibility of being the passer, the setter and also the scorer.

Jamison was in a similar situation for several seasons when he was with the Golden State Warriors. In fact, he managed to score 51 points in consecutive games back in 2000.

He joined the Wizards in 2004 and has played primarily as the impulsive-wise veteran of young Arenas. These statistics have been quite consistent in recent years. He usually scores 20 points and 8 rebounds in each game. In this year’s regular season, Jamison has averaged 19.4 points and 8 rebounds.

Jamison knows he can’t lead the Wizards alone. He said it was too much pressure and that a player could get in trouble trying to do it because it was impossible to do the things that Arenas and Butler do on their own.

For Game 1 against the Cavaliers, while Jamison knows he can’t beat them alone, his team will be looking to him for more points, rebounds and court lead.

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Where is the 760 area code?

The 760 area code is outside of California, and most people who receive incoming calls with a strange-looking area code find that it leads back to the state of California. This is probably due to two things. The first is that The Golden State has more area codes than any other state in the US, a total of 25 to be exact, with only Texas ranking second with 21 area codes. The second reason many calls are accidentally dialed from California is due to the huge population of the state, which increases the chances of this happening.

This means that 9 times out of 10, if you get a strange call with a strange area code, it is most likely from California or Texas, but not always.

760 serves a large part of the state, which runs along the eastern border for many miles, bordering Nevada.

It includes counties such as Kern and San Diego and serves cities and towns such as Corona, Ramona, Lone Pine, and Carlsbad.

A rough estimate of the population using 760 would be somewhere around the two million mark, or a little less than.

If you get strange calls from a number that starts with this code, or you have a hunch that it is someone you might know and now you are concerned and feel like you need to contact them, but want to make sure … there is something you can do.

One of the most popular choices many people do is do a reverse lookup on the number. This is quick and easy and you can do it anonymously.

By reversing a cell or landline number, you will have a good chance of getting a name and even an address so you can be sure who the person is.