You’re paying almost 40% more for your video games

If you look at how video games were sold 20 years ago, you can see how drastically different things are now compared to the past. It used to be simple; developers create a game for people to enjoy and sell it for a starting price that depreciates over time depending on how well the game is received. Critically acclaimed releases held their value longer than games that don’t perform as well in the hands of critics. While price depreciation rings true today, developers and publishers have found a way to fix the problem over the course of the last 20 years. This solution comes in the form of downloadable content and microtransactions.

The change began gradually. Downloadable content was a method of providing more content to a game that had already been released. This was popular with gamers who were big fans of certain games where new content would be welcome to allow them to continue playing the games they knew and loved. These “expansion packs” were priced, of course, but players were willing to pay more for them because they added new content to their favorite games for a relatively low cost. They used to be priced around $ 30, which was reasonable given the amount of content they provided. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind had 2 expansion packs released after the launch of the base game: Tribunal and Blood Moon. These added new characters, enemies, missions, items, and world spaces to the game, providing hours of new gameplay to play. The average price of an expansion like this would be around $ 20, which is very reasonable given the amount of content that each expansion adds. Some developers and publishers continue to support this model. EA DICE’s Battlefield titles generally launch with 10 multiplayer maps at launch and then more maps come later in the form of DLC Expansion Packs, each with 4 additional maps and including new weapons, gadgets, and assignments. These are priced at $ 15 each or can be purchased in advance for $ 60. Once all expansions are released, this means that to purchase the game in its entirety with all its expansions, players must shell out $ 120, the equivalent of two full titles. This may seem expensive, but for gamers who play a lot, it is quite reasonable. Due to this DLC model, games have become much more expensive over the years. Battlefield 2 contained 24 maps and cost $ 80 with all its DLC. The upcoming Battlefield 1 release (confusing naming scheme, I know) will contain 26 maps with all of their DLC and it costs $ 120 to access all of them. If you look at it from the perspective of price per map, Battlefield 2 costs roughly $ 3.33 per map, while Battlefield 1 costs roughly $ 4.62. That is almost 40% more expensive. Even when cost inflation is factored in, it is still evident that the DLC surge has caused the prices of the full experiences to rise dramatically.

While DLC has its place within the industry, there is also DLC that can be perceived negatively. This is the DLC that is implemented with the specific intention of getting the highest possible profit from a title with little regard for gamers. This DLC usually comes in the form of “Day One” DLC, or DLC that is developed even before the game is released. The “Day One” DLC is where a game is released and immediately has additional content that can be purchased. Mass Effect 3 did this. There was controversy when the game was first released as content was found on the installation disc that was not accessible to the player unless paid a fee. This caused outrage, as many gamers believe that the entire content of the installation disc they purchase should be accessible, as that is what they have paid for. There is an argument that all DLC should be free; that all content developed for a game must be included within the $ 60 paid for the title at launch, and that all content developed for a game prior to its release must be included with that game. This is where there is a gray area with DLC, because DLC map packs for games like Battlefield and Call of Duty are put into development long before the game is released and yet this type of DLC content is perceived to be beneficial for both players. and developers.

There are also developers and publishers who have adopted a different monetization method. Instead of releasing expansion packs for a large sum, they instead release smaller packages of content in bulk for a lower price. These are known as “Microtransactions”. They could take the form of customization options or they could be for in-game currency packs. For example, in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, you can buy weapon skins that change the appearance of weapons in-game for $ 2. You can buy in-game currency for Grand Theft Auto V, which can then bring you new vehicles and weapons within the game. This in-game currency can be earned by playing the game normally, but purchasing currency with real-life money speeds up the process and eliminates the “grind” you would otherwise have to go through. Prices for this range from $ 3 to $ 20.

So which method is better? DLC? Microtransactions? Both? Neither? The truth is that both methods have their benefits. DLC content, such as RPG expansions and online shooter map packs, can provide a reasonable amount of additional content for players who want more of their favorite games, and yet this can divide a community in various parts. Players who can’t afford their RPG expansions often feel like they’re missing out. This is proven by my research in which I asked 20 people who play video games frequently if they feel like they are missing something when they don’t buy DLC expansions. 55% of them said they would feel like they were missing something. Players who purchase map packs for shooting games online eventually end up not being able to play the content properly as server player counts start to run out over time. There are solutions for this; the price of expansions for RPGs will eventually decrease over time, meaning that players could pay for the content at some point in the future, and map packs are sometimes offered for free once the number of players begins to decrease so much that it becomes financially beneficial to release the additional content for free. But then that introduces a whole new controversy, like whether it’s fair to charge players money for something that will inevitably be free later on.

Microtransactions, while irritating when implemented poorly (when players can pay money to give them a competitive edge within the game), when implemented non-intrusively, microtransactions can work wonders in a game. Take GTA V as an example. In the game, cash can be bought with real life money, and this money can be used to buy more powerful vehicles, better properties, and more expensive weaponry in the game, but none of these give the player any advantage. competitive in-game. This constant stream of revenue that comes from microtransactions allows developers to create more substantial content, such as new races and vehicles. These can be entered into the game for free. Overwatch has a similar system where players can purchase loot boxes for a price. These provide the player with cosmetic items that have no effect on their performance in the game. The money generated by these microtransaction sales goes towards developing new maps and modes that are introduced into the game for free. So microtransactions aren’t all bad when implemented correctly.

The fact is, DLCs and micro transactions are incredibly profitable. An EA earnings report for 2015 showed that $ 1,300,000,000 of its revenue came from DLC and Microtransactions alone. This accounted for more than half of their total revenue for the entire year, so if these types of monetization simply disappeared, developers and publishers would earn much less. In turn, this could have an impact on the quality and quantity of the games that are eventually made. With less money, games have to be much smaller or less ambitious to keep costs down. So maybe DLC and micro transactions aren’t as bad as some people think they are. As long as the way the DLCs and micro-transactions are not intrusive and not exploiting the player, then more money for developers can only be a good thing as it not only provides players with the content they want, but also moves the industry forward as more money is invested in more ambitious projects, such as new game concepts and rendering engines.

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What is the best cardio for weight loss?

While cardiovascular exercise plays an important role in weight loss, this must be combined with a proper diet if long-term benefits are yet to be achieved and maintained. In fact, proper diet is a key factor when trying to lose weight and improve your overall health. However, when combined with proper cardio for weight loss, as well as weight training programs, the combination will pay off. So what is the best cardio exercise for weight loss?

This will depend on your physical capabilities, personal preferences, and limitations. If you are the type who loves to run, you should look for a job. If walking is your thing, then you must walk. Whether playing basketball or a combination of different activities, you will need to choose an activity that suits your needs. The key here is to make sure you select an activity that you enjoy on a daily basis and make sure it sticks with it. You can expect to lose about 1 or 2 pounds per week. If you stick with this number for the long term, you will definitely see success. Here are some other cardiovascular activities worth considering.

Walk fast

This could be through an indoor track, a treadmill, or even outdoors. Research concluded that overweight women who participated in interval speed walking workouts lasting 45 minutes for each session combined with weight training toning workouts 4 times a week were able to lose 23 pounds over a 16-week period. You can walk at night and explore the new areas in your neighborhood to make the walk interesting and fun.


This is an exercise that we all understand. All you need to do is jog at your desired speed. Also make sure you have the right footwear so you don’t get blisters.

Stationary bike

This is a key exercise to tone your legs in addition to burning calories. While exercising on a stationary bike, it is important to ensure that the machine has sufficient resistance. This will help prevent you from getting off the bike and, if necessary, you will be able to run.

Elliptical machine

You can start by setting the machine at a comfortable level and making sure you continue at your own pace to ensure that you train hard enough to allow you to burn adequate calories. Participating in a few short, high-intensity intervals for a period of 30 to 60 seconds will work very well, and the exercise will allow you to sweat a lot. Make sure you have 3 to 5 minutes to cool down.


You can choose to shoot sneakers on your own or take part in a game with friends. Make sure you stay constantly on the move, running to the ends of the court while using both baskets. For the best cardio for weight loss, contact Muscle Prodigy.

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The future of law school

I grew up in the 1980s when it seemed like everyone wanted to be a LA Law lawyer. The 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s (through 2007) were the era of Big Law when the promise of a $ 100,000 to $ 160,000 salary was apparently extended to anyone who graduated from one of the top 20 schools and many people who will graduate from a top 50 law school with excellent grades and internships.

Even in previously bad economies (1990-1992, 1998-2000), the legal profession seemed to survive, if not prosper. Hundreds of thousands of smart (and even not-so-smart) people were encouraged to become lawyers thanks to a combination of outrageous salaries: In 2007, Cravath, one of the nation’s leading corporate law firms, offered bonuses of nearly $ 100,000 for top performing associates: federally subsidized student loans, the alleged security of a sheltered profession (with its bar exams), and putative prestige (see any John Grisham novel).

Of course, the truth of all that was always a bit fishy. While the top 20 law graduates in their day could expect to earn a six-figure salary, unless they chose to pursue public interest law, many graduates weren’t so lucky. And while it’s really nice to think of yourself as a noble-minded constitutional litigator, or a trial attorney for a Grisham novel, the day-to-day practical experience of being a lawyer was (and still is) overwhelming.

The moments of glory are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy practicing criminal law and I enjoy helping clients. And as my father would say, it’s better than digging a ditch. But the daily practice of law is not outside of a movie script. It involves helping people with a DWI, drug charges, or embezzlement or theft. Only rarely are most attorneys involved in high-profile murder trials involving movie stars!

Demand for the law school and government subsidy for the school led to the growth of the school industry, aided by publications like US News with their ridiculous school rankings. The schools became centers of financial profit for the universities (such as successful sports programs) and in many cases they were asked to return money to the central administration of the university to help finance the rest of the less profitable parts of the university.

The costs were passed on to recent graduates and ultimately to the legal consumer in the form of high legal fees, especially in corporate law.

Who benefited? One of the beneficiaries was the law school. The typical faculty member of a decent law school has almost no practical experience. The person went to one of the best law schools, practiced for a year or two, and then entered the legal academy job market at the age of 28 or 29 to get a job at the school. Some law professors keep their skills practical by doing pro bono legal work, or consulting in parallel.

Most law professors know very little about what it means to be a lawyer, and they are actually proud of it. That’s because the rest of the university has always viewed law schools (and business schools) as essentially trade schools. Since law professors don’t want to think they are involved in a massive vocational technical school, they try to distance themselves from the practice of law.

Second, the current curriculum associated with law school has changed little since the 1930s, when it focused on 19th century common law concepts or old property or liability law ideas. These principles have very little to do with the basic way in which property, tort, or criminal law is practiced in modern America. Most of these laws are statutory, not common law, anyway.

As if to excuse their woefully inadequate ability to train lawyers, law professors and law school deans love to tell incoming students that they don’t teach you to be a lawyer, but rather they teach you to think like a lawyer through of the Socratic Method.

Of course, “thinking like a lawyer” is a silly concept. All it really means is to think carefully about a problem. Yes, it requires a bit of discipline. But it is not difficult and does not require three years of school.

The Socratic method, the one made famous by John Houseman’s Professor Kingsfield in The Paper Chase, is also nonsense. Most teachers don’t do well. And all that amounts to asking direct and hypothetical questions about something that has just been read and will soon be forgotten.

The problem with the Law School, which has almost always been ineffective in training lawyers, is that it has an integrated electorate, the law professor, who will fight like hell to maintain their privileged position.

Law school has boomed in the last 4 years, as it usually happens when the economy crashes. This is because, instead of going out into an uncertain job market, many young recent college graduates (and even mid-career professionals) decide to go to school in the hope of improving their employability. (What they often do is add to the burden of their debts, with no reasonable hope of repaying those loans. Hence the clamor that student loans are cancellable in bankruptcy!)

But as the legal market continues to suffer, even compared to other parts of the economy, potential students will take other paths and head to other types of careers, even if those careers are less financially rewarding, because the vast amount of the money it takes to go to school for three years is too much to consider paying.

In recent conversations with other attorneys, I have heard that even the best law schools have trouble locating their students. That puts the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is a good law school, but not a great law school, in a very difficult position.

If the University of Virginia (a top 10 law school) has trouble placing a third of its class of students in the top law firm positions, what does that mean for UNC-CH, which is not as prestigious and also has the unfortunate situation of being in a state with only two moderate-sized legal markets (Charlotte and Raleigh) and competing with other good law schools, including Duke (although Duke tends to send students out of state) and Wake Forest, as well as Campbell (which is an underrated school that trains its graduates better than UNC) and Central North Carolina (which is the best value for a legal education in the state and trains excellent attorneys).

There are too many UNC Chapel Hill graduates in the North Carolina government to allow the law school to disappear entirely, but its privileged position will begin to erode. Like the privileged position of many law schools.

So what will happen to the Law School? First, the deans of the smartest schools will stop pretending that law school is not a trade school. They will embrace the idea that the entire curriculum needs to be revamped to focus on the practical skills required to practice law.

The next law school will need to adjust, downward, tuition to reflect the true earning potential associated with the degree, and increased competition from alternative ways of learning to practice law, and decreased demand as that people realize that being a lawyer is not as financially rewarding as it once was.

Finally, efforts will be launched to change the way the legal profession is regulated. Most state colleges require three years of legal education. This will come under attack as more and more people realize that this requirement is absurd at first glance.

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Animal Spirit Guide – Panther Medicine – Astral Magic

Spirit of the Dark Moon

astral world traveler.

Magician master

a seer of the secrets of the night.

Metaphysical meaning

Astral travel, spiritual, secret, silent, elegant, courage, connected to the moon, lonely, feminine, ancient mysticism, the old woman (wise old woman), guardian energy, power and strength, god of darkness, courage, old soul, recovery Power, Higher Telepathic Communication, Lonely, Visionary, Shape Changer, Sensuality, Distant Healing, Fearless, Alchemy, The Goddess, Self Empowerment, Shaman Symbol.

Spiritual symbolism

Panther heralds a time to awaken and elevate the inner passions that fuel our own personal life force. Panther medicine amplifies all the senses and redirects our psychic spiritual energy, to create a highly focused manifestation, seen by others as personal power and magic. The panther spirit symbolizes settling into oneself, feeling comfortable with oneself and generating great personal power. Panther allows us to recognize our own personal sense of purpose in life and develop a strong spiritual understanding of why you are here.

A Black Panther may be smaller than lions and tigers, but they are the most powerful aggressors with superior talent. Panther asks us to look deeply into our dark feminine side, our fears, secrets and subconscious. If we learn to be comfortable with our dark side, it will bring healing light to our hidden sides. The path of the hero is undertaken by the panther spirit.

Animal Totem / Spirit Guide

Panther spirit people encourage others in positive ways through their own zest for life and the pursuit of making one’s dreams and wishes come true. Panther reminds us to release our fears, acknowledge our own power, and accept our dark shadows. Panther helps honor your own feelings. The panther spirits have contained in them, the knowledge of the cosmos and other worlds, communicating with beings on an astral level.

Out-of-body experiences accompany Panther as your spirit guide, his medicine is extremely powerful, magically transferring it to you, allowing a state in which astral travel is not only achievable, but also controllable. Panther spirits have a healing element behind the look in their eyes, giving way to telepathic healing. On the other hand, the gaze of a panther is paralyzing, slightly hypnotic and will instill the fear of death within whoever looks at it. Panther spirits are often prophets and healers with a universal vision.

Mythology from around the world

The Native American Indians, the Tucano of the Amazon, thought that the roar of the panther was the roar of thunder. It symbolizes the black panther as the god of darkness who causes eclipses by swallowing the sun. In Egyptian mythology, the panther is related to the old woman at the crossroads, Hecate. In China, panthers were embroidered on the dresses of generals in the belief that the bravery and ferocity of panthers would be passed on to the wearer.

Inside the Egyptian Book of the Dead, King Pepi must cross the roof of heaven wearing his panther skin. Placing the skin on his shoulders symbolized that he had eliminated his desires for the earthly realm and his materialistic energy.

How do you know if Panther is necessary in your life or is your spirit guide?

If you feel like you need to protect someone in your life right now, the spirit of the panther is on the prowl, offering to help. For Panther to come to you in your dreams is a strong message that he wants you to observe his medicine. Panther nightmares or terrifying dreams are not negative, it simply means that you are not accepting or clearly seeing your true self. Being passionate about panthers is a sign that you have a connection to her. Unknowingly receiving a panther image or ornament is a sign of its presence and a spiritual message to study its magic.


3 fun games to play with your Yorkie puppy

Yorkshire Terriers are extremely playful – they love to run and chase things. They have a lot of energy that owners should learn to harness. Games, whether indoors or outdoors, are a great way to keep your pet entertained while inserting some training lessons. Remember, dogs learn basic commands best when they are trained as youngsters.

Here are 3 fun games you can play with your Yorkshire Terrier:

Hide and seek

This is an excellent game to play with your puppy that also teaches him the “Come” command. Play this game in a confined and safe space in your home or, better yet, outside of your garden. Play with your pet for a few minutes and then wait for a moment when he is distracted. Hide behind a couch (or a bush when you’re outside). Take a look and wait until he realizes you’re gone and will naturally come looking for you, as Yorkies tend to get clingy and affectionate towards their owners. When he approaches your hiding place, yell “Come!” – what will teach him to come to you wherever you are.

Find your toy

All you need for this game is your pet’s favorite toy. Begin by sitting across from him in a room, waving his favorite toy and saying “Where’s your toy?” While looking at the toy in his hand, let him take it several times and play with it for a few minutes. Then take him out of the room, partially hide the toy, and let him find it. Again, ask “Where is your toy?” Once you find it, take it out of the room again, but this time it completely hid the toy. Ask the question again and let your pet sniff the room until he finds his toy. When this game is successful, the toy can be an excellent teaching aid for training sessions.

Catch me

This is a game / technical training that also teaches the “Come” command. Two people are required to sit across from each other in a room six to eight feet apart, one holding the Yorkie and the other holding a treat. The one holding the treat should yell “Come!” in a happy voice, giving the award while the puppy comes running. This teaches your pet to get close to you even when he enjoys playing with other people.

Try these fun games with your Yorkshire Terrier that will be a learning process for him too!

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Mobile Home Gas Safety Inspection Advice

Mobile home ownership can be fun, weekend getaways with the family, and long summer spells, but how safe is your mobile home?

Your mobile home is like an extension of your main home and as such needs an annual gas safety check to be done to make sure you and your family will be safe.

So what is a mobile home gas safety inspection?

As at home, all gas appliances must be inspected and repaired.

But why do we only use mobile phones for about 10 weeks a year?

It is probably more important to conduct a gas safety inspection on a mobile home than your main home because it is unoccupied most of the year while the home is.

So what is there to check?

First of all, we need to find a registered gas safety company that is registered to work with LPG, which can also carry out a mobile home gas safety inspection.

You may already know someone who is registered for gas insurance, the engineer who checks your main house, but they may not be registered to work with LPG.

The best way to find an LPG engineer is to contact the gas safe registry, either through their website or by calling them, they will be able to put you in touch with someone who can work with LPG.

The check’s

First, we must establish that there is no gas leak, we do this by performing a gas tightness test, this will show any leak.

The hoses connected to the gas cylinders that supply gas to your mobile can deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced.

All hoses that are connected to your mobile home are dated and as such should be checked and replaced accordingly.


Most mobile homes have some type of heating installed, for older models it can be a gas fire and newer models a central heating boiler.

Whatever form of heating is installed, it needs to be checked to make sure it is safe to use.

Gas fires

The gas fire should be inspected, making sure that the on / off switch works freely and is not difficult to light.

One of the most important checks is to make sure that the flue is not blocked, and that the combustion products are being removed correctly, that is, that carbon monoxide is not allowed to enter the room.

Since mobiles are only used for a short time during the year, things happen like the smoke ducts coming out of the top of the mobile home get blocked.

They can be blocked by the leaves of tall trees, even birds that make nests, so it is vital that the mobile home gas safety inspection is carried out.


As in your home, the boiler should have an annual service, this is to make sure everything works as it should and to make sure it is safe to use.

Kitchen appliances

If your mobile has a gas oven and hob then these need to be checked too, just to make sure they are in good working order and again safe to use.

Site rules

Wherever your home is located, you will find that all parks require that this mobile home gas safety inspection be conducted once a year. They will also like to see the inspection certificate and make a copy for their records.

Rent to friends

There may come a time when you rent your mobile home to friends to earn a little extra money, we all like to earn a little more.

But now you have to do another inspection, it’s called a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection (CP12).

Even if you are renting it for one day, you will need this landlord inspection check.


Getting the mobile home gas safety inspection done is all about the SAFETY side.

Most of the time, the mobile home is empty and like all things, when not in use they can get stuck or break when you start using them again.

Always be happy and have fun on your mobile, but the most important thing is to be safe.

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Be a lifelong learner on a budget

I believe in being a lifelong learner. The knowledge that I have acquired throughout my life (I am 52 years old) allows me to participate in most of the conversations that occur to me, answer my children’s questions intelligently (most of the time) and provide myself with insight. great personal experience. satisfaction. You don’t have to go back to school to continue learning, and the cost of your education can be very low.

The best thing that can happen to lifelong learners like me is the Internet. Name a topic, enter it into a search engine and the amount of totally free information on your topic is mind-boggling (like ezines, for example). You can read it, download it or print it. Narrow topics are explored with great depth and volume. The hardest part is browsing to see what you want to read in your search. The best aspect of the Internet for me is that it is free.

The next thing I think is great is the iPod. No matter what you may think of Apple and iTunes, it is THE tool for lifelong learning. Go to iTunes and type your topic in the search box and you will find many free podcasts to download and listen to at your leisure. I drive quite a bit for work, so this is very convenient for me. Also, I have 3 or 4 friends who are like me and we take turns buying material CDs and distributing them to our group. Then we record them on iTunes and stream them. I also use a website called Audible. You pay to download the books on iTunes, but the price is reasonable.

YouTube … who would have thought this site would have a video for just about everything. You want to learn how to play the guitar, change a light bulb on your DLP TV, change a fan belt on your car, grow corn … it’s all there with video. Amazing and it’s free! I use YouTube videos every week for something.

The old trustee is the public library. My store has quite a few CDs of recorded books, music, lectures, and the old reliable paper books. It is very cheap to join and use. The material is up to date and there is help in the form of a real person if you need it.

The subject you choose to learn is not important. Deciding to do it though, yes!


Typhoo Tea: How to Make the Perfect Cup of English Tea

How do you make the perfect cup of English tea? Almost everyone, including tea companies, has an opinion. Now, the producers of Typhoo offer some advice.

For those unfamiliar, Typhoo is a tea brand produced in England and popular throughout the world. Typhoo mainly produces the black variety which is available in regular and decaf.

Just a few simple steps stand between you and the perfect mug.

First and foremost, use fresh water every time you put the kettle on and boil only once. Tea needs oxygen from water to get its full flavor. Reboiling water removes all oxygen from the water, resulting in a flat taste. Black varieties, like Typhoo, need the water to be boiling.

Get out your Typhoo, regular or decaf, whichever you prefer. Place your bag loose or in the cup and then pour in freshly boiled water. Following this order will allow it to infuse and result in a better drink. Remove the bag or loose.

How long to climb? Typhoo recommends 3 minutes. The amount of time depends on how you like it. One difference between English and Irish teas is the infusion. Irish produce is best soaked in 3-5 minutes.

Now depending on preference, use milk or sugar.

Do you use a kettle? Then modify the addresses a bit. Put some boiling water in the kettle to warm it up and then take it out.

How much tea should you use in a kettle? For bags, every 4 cups requires 2 bags. With loose, 1 teaspoon is required for each cup and 1 extra for the kettle. The infusion times remain the same.

If you want to follow these instructions, make sure you get the original item first. Look for genuine Typhoo, which is made in England. All Typhoo products are sealed in a foil package and then packed in the distinctive red box, except for decaf which comes in a white box. The bags are round in shape and filled with leaves. It is available in a variety of bagged and loose sizes.

If you are shopping, here is a tip. Since you don’t know how often the stores sell the tea, look for freshness. All Typhoo products have an expiration date on the box. Make sure you get an expiration date of at least a few months in the future. If you are shopping online, make sure the date is provided.

With a long history and global availability, Typhoo is one of the world’s great brands. It was started in 1903 by John Sumner of Birmingham, England. He joined the family grocery business and ran it successfully for many years. Sumner started the tea business after his sister, who had indigestion, felt better after drinking tea.

Sumner marketed it under one brand, Typhoo Tipps, rather than selling it loose in grocery stores. It was the first tea sold under a brand name. Actually, the word Tipps was misspelled due to a misprint, but it stayed that way for years.

With high customer loyalty, the brand grew rapidly, although it was more expensive. Customers believed Typhoo helped digestion. Sumner used many methods to promote the brand, including, in 1906, selling Typhoo-branded teapots. She also inserted picture cards into each package. Even today, these cards are collectible.

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Steppin Back in Time at The Red Oak Fillin Station – Things to Do in Hot Springs, AR

This is for those travelers who love to explore and do so in an effort to participate in experiences that are as varied and unique as the many places they visit.

They look for meaningful and memorable activities.

When you travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas, there are many things to do to fulfill this quest for unique travel experiences. It’s like going back in time when you find that special little establishment that can only be defined as a “gem”.

Owner Ron Lusby says it all started when he had to drive more than 20 miles just to buy a pack of cigarettes. Yes, Ron, you left the house one night to go get a pack of cigarettes and after driving around you soon realized that there were no businesses on Carpenter Dam Road in Hot Springs, Arkansas where you could buy the basics; milk, bread and / or cigarettes. To many, this sounds like a “great story” in itself. Having to explain a prolonged absence.

An hour and a half later, when he got home, he had a “Plan.” This plan would require a complete upheaval in the life of his family. Because it would involve him and his wife selling their other convenience stores in Little Rock and moving to Hot Springs. After his wife Regina considered the proposal, she simply said that “that was the most expensive pack of cigarettes I have ever bought.”

However, with their support a Dream came true and Red Oak Fillin Station was born.

When you enter the gravel parking lot, you first come across an old truck that is directly in front of the entrance. Your gaze then shifts to the old log cabin-style structure that houses the Red Oak Fillin Station. The building is only 3 years old but has the appearance of a much older structure. Thais was intentional in the sense that Ron and Regina wanted the sense of history and nostalgia but with all the new amenities. You’ll appreciate it when you visit the state-of-the-art bathroom facilities. You didn’t grind it here.

Today, both Ron and Regina are available to meet their guests who come for a homemade burger, a tank of gas, minnows for bait, and the occasional “Fishing License” required to fish nearby Lake Hamilton or the lake. Catherine. Homemade desserts are also a local favorite. Fresh cakes and pastries are prepared daily.

This unique and secluded establishment works hard to provide a family and home experience for all who visit. There are specials on Friday and Saturday nights. On Friday nights you can sign up for all you can eat fried catfish and on Saturday nights starting the second weekend in September, diners can feast on Pan Fried Chicken, homemade cookies served family style in large cast iron pans; a southern favorite.

This is a family-supported family operation and their teenage son is a “professional fisherman” just like Regina’s brother, so they also serve the fisherman. There is a great selection of fishing lures and supplies for the avid angler and leaving nothing to chance and continuing the theme throughout the store, even the ice machine is covered in a “camouflage design”.

After filling your stomach, visiting other diners, shopping for supplies, and chatting with Ron, you can relax on the front porch in large rocking chairs. Nothing is left to chance at the Red Oak Fillin Station. It carries everything and YES, they sell cigarettes.

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Rockstar Fashion Tips – Hairstyle

Rock stars have their own fashion sense. And the fans who are all women love it. They wear special styles of clothing, such as skinny jeans and threadbare T-shirts, leather jackets, sunglasses, and comfortable but ragged shoes. They also sport tattoos and sometimes put on makeup. But one very important thing rock stars consider is their hairstyles. Hairstyle is an important factor in rock star fashion. So if you want to get that rock star look, here is a list of some famous hairstyles that are seen on some popular rock stars.

o Have you ever seen the short spiky hair of Scott Weiland from Velvet Revolvers? It is a cool hairstyle that you should try. The style screams “advanced fashion” and “self-confidence. This is normal short hair but in a cooler and more unique style. By adding some spiky hairs on a normal short hair, it gives the wearer a badass attitude and reputation. “. Texture was added to the hair using scissors instead of regular scissors. This also shows that the person is against society and is rebellious. The style can also enhance the wearer’s face. If you have a high forehead, this style is the best for you.

o You must be familiar with Billy Joel’s ever-changing hairstyle from Greenday, especially his messy layers. It’s just a typical medium-length cut, but the hair is all over the place. This is tricky and only people with a huge ego and who are overconfident can do it. These people are also not afraid to try new things that are considered unconventional. They are risk takers. If you are one of these people, you will surely be able to do it. However, if you are an average citizen with no trace of rock stardom in your blood, you may not be able to see your face every day in the mirror. You should be a rock star and artist, a jet-set and a fashionista at heart.

o Isn’t Chester Bennington’s hair from Linkin Park absolutely sexy? It’s very simple, just a short clipper cut, but it exudes sexiness. A short hair with a few hairs on top, makes any guy look mischievous. If you are an office worker by day and a rock star by night, this cut will suit both of your characters.

o Medium length hair is the hairstyle that exudes mystery, seriousness and artistic. Jack White is a perfect example. This is also elegant and sophisticated which makes the person appear sensitive. You can use this if you are still young or under 30 years old.

o The trademark of all the rock stars that you can find in all generations is the long tiered capes. This makes the person appear very self-confident and sometimes even arrogant. However, it also shows off the rock star’s sophisticated style. Let’s take Tommy Lee as an example. He is a bad boy with a very arrogant attitude and his hair fits his image well. This is very nervous. If you want to wear this hair, make sure you are confident enough.