School behavior with ADHD: Reduce impulsivity

Anyone who has ever been in a classroom with a student with ADHD has probably noticed his tendency to act before thinking. They interrupt teachers with brusque responses, cannot sit still for a moment, and distract other students who sit near them. Researchers believe that children with ADHD in elementary school have self-control problems, which are more serious than their ability to pay attention. How do you help a child with school behavior problems with ADHD? Here are some tips for reducing impulsivity in the classroom.

Establish clear rules in the classroom

Classroom rules must be defined and agreed upon at the beginning of each trimester. Write down the rules and post them on a bulletin board so that students with ADHD will remember appropriate behavior in the classroom. Alternatively, you can give students an incentive to behave by implementing a reward system; Provide small rewards, such as gold stars, to students who follow the rules. You can encourage good behavior outside of the classroom by allowing the class to earn rewards based on feedback from other teachers and school staff.

Encourage students to think aloud

You can better understand how students with ADHD reason by asking them to “think aloud” when doing problem-solving tasks. Doing so will encourage them to slow down a bit before blurting out responses. You can also give students with ADHD a 15 or 20 second pause before they are allowed to answer a verbal question.

Teach conflict resolution

Although it may not be part of the curriculum, children with ADHD can greatly benefit from learning some conflict resolution skills so that they can work together in peace. Consider attending workshops on conflict resolution management and apply the approaches you have learned in the classroom. Some approaches to consider include the peaceful classroom approach, where students work in groups to achieve similar learning goals, and the mediation program approach, which teaches children to mediate among other children who are fighting.

Give time to accept negative consequences

Students with ADHD can be volatile and stubborn, and may initially refuse to do a negative consequence like going to a time out. If this happens, set a timer for 1 to 2 minutes after the first rejection. Explain to the child that this time can be used to decide whether to voluntarily accept the consequence or reject it and face more serious consequences. Many teachers report that this method reduces the effort they have to enforce negative consequences and prevents further conflict.

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Overcome Sugar Cravings – Why Do I Crave Sugar?

Sugar is in almost everything we eat and the sugar we find in most foods is nutritionally scarce and refined. Refined sugar = empty calories. So it may seem that the sugar craving does not have a nutritional basis, but it does, we simply choose to choose the wrong type of sugar and within this there is an emotional or addictive property, not a nutritional one.

Having a sweet tooth is natural. Satiate that sweet tooth should be with fruits, as they are full of natural sugars that provide energy and nutrition. Fruits contain almost all the nutrients that the human body needs. With fruits you will not suffer a sugar drop as with refined sugar. If you are on a high-fat diet, this may make fruit a problem for you, but for health reasons, cut out the fat, not the fruit.

Fruit is a great way to beat sugar cravings. For breakfast, eat 5-6 pieces of fruit or have a large banana smoothie. You will find that this sustains you for quite a long period of the day. For lunch and dinner, eat as much fruit as you like at the beginning of your meal.

By doing these few simple things, you should see a dramatic decrease in cravings and feel much better within yourself.

However, sometimes eating a lot of fruits is not enough on its own to help us overcome sugar cravings. Many of us crave sugar because an emotion has triggered it and we have phantom hunger. Phantom hunger is when we FEEL hungry but we are not. It is our emotions that are trying to surface and phantom hunger arises because we have learned to deal with emotions by suppressing them by eating a lot of sugary fatty foods (for some of us it may be other things).

To overcome our emotional sugar cravings, we must first address what emotions trigger our sugar cravings and what kinds of situations. Many people experience phantom hunger, especially after work, when they are at home, bored and restless in front of the television. Once you know the triggers for sugar cravings, sit down and write a list of things you can do instead of eating to calm or overcome that excitement. Sometimes just feeling the excitement is enough.

However, this can be difficult in and of itself, so it is important to have the support of someone you trust. You may find that a pleasant walk is sufficient, you may want something more exhilarating. Most of us don’t indulge in our creative side enough, so doing something like drawing and coloring (yes!) Can work wonders. I know I found my joy in art when my son first started coloring. Maybe you prefer to listen to music, create music, or do other things. Whatever you like to do, write a great list.

This is a good starting point for addressing your emotions. Emotions can be very hard on us and overwhelming, so take it day by day and remember that a little progress is good. Don’t rush it because it can lead you back to sugar cravings and bingeing.

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7 steps to improve IELTS test writing

Step one: identify the different tasks

The different types of homework one in the IELTS writing test

The first task of the IELTS writing test can be divided into two key types. Static tasks, which are tasks that have a single time period; and changing tasks over time, which have two or more different time periods. Then IELTS writing test task one includes different types of graphics, which need to be reviewed to be well prepared. The most common are: tables, pie charts, bar charts, line charts, process diagrams, and maps. Finally, with task one of the IELTS writing test, you must use different types of language depending on whether the task consists of numbers, percentages, or steps in a process. Therefore, there are three key dimensions of task one of the IELTS writing test:

1.static or changes over time

2.chart type

3.numbers or percentages

Identify the different types of DOS homework on the IELTS writing test

For task two of the IELTS writing test, the two key elements are TOPIC and TASK. In theory, the topic could be almost anything. Although many topics are on the following topics: education, crime, society, media, transportation, environment and technology. Also, many of the past topics seem to be recycled, so if we look at many of the past topics that have come up on the exam, we have a reasonable chance that we have thought about that particular topic.

Then comes the HOMEWORK. I have identified that the task is almost always one of the following three tasks: an argumentative essay, an opinion and two-sided essay, or a two-question essay. I have spoken extensively about these three essays on my website. I have observed that about 30% of the candidates on a given exam day seem not to understand the topic or identify the task. In this case, many people are failing, not because of their ability in English, but because of their poor IELTS ability or their ability to know how to answer test questions. Keep in mind that not only will your homework score be lower if you don’t respond closely to homework, it tends to affect everything. For example, you can use a lot of academic vocabulary, but if it is not related to the topic, you will not get the full value.

Step two: read lots of samples for each of the different tasks

Reading samples of different IELTS tasks can help you appreciate the differences between each type of task, as well as learn the language and structure required for each particular task. Not all samples will be an accurate answer to the task, even if they are written by a native English user; so a little bit of caution is needed. The key point is to read many different samples and learn from them. To read examples, go to my website and click on the links for Task 1: writing academic reports and Task 2: writing essays.

If you want to practice planning your essay, please join my blog or Facebook page, you can see the addresses of these in my author’s PROFILE.

Step three: learn how to structure your report or essay for each of the different tasks

Structuring your assignments well is important in order to score well on one of the four key Coherence and Cohesion scoring criteria. In addition, it also helps you to score well on the other three rating criteria. Your response score to the task is improved because it is easier for the examiner to assess whether you have responded to the task and topic if you have structured your ideas in a logical way. Also, vocabulary and grammar errors may be less serious if the examiner already knows your key point and can therefore guess what you want to say, despite being a language error. In other words, errors are more serious when the examiner is lost and does not understand what he is saying.

You can see the structure of the three main types of homework essays two on my website.

Step four: practice writing each of the different tasks

To fully appreciate the different types of tasks on the IELTS writing test, you need to practice writing as many different types as you can. This will help you remember the structure and language you need to complete these tasks, help you improve your writing overall, and also alert you to any areas of uncertainty in completing the task. To illustrate this last point, imagine that you are writing an argumentative essay and then you realize that you do not know how to write the last paragraph. In this case, you could read the same samples or models and see how other authors completed these trials. In this case we must summarize our main arguments and then give our final opinion. We should also send a signal to the examiner that we are summarizing our main arguments by beginning the paragraph with words like “In summary” or “In conclusion.”

Step five: have someone review your assignments

After writing your writing assignments, it is best to try to get someone to read them and get feedback. Most English learners don’t seem to like doing this with their classmates, but I’d say it has merits. We all have different areas of expertise and it can be a good learning exercise for students to review each other’s writing. Another option is to hire a private English teacher and have them read your essays and give you feedback. IELTS essay online editing service. I can correct your IELTS essays for a small fee.

Step six: learn from feedback on your assignments

If another student or a tutor corrects your essays, it is essential that you pay close attention to the comments and learn from them. If you have made mistakes with the answer to the assignment (for example, you wrote an answer that was not related to the topic) or you did not structure it well, then you need to think about what you did wrong in planning your essay. Maybe you rushed into the essay or you just didn’t read the question carefully.

Step seven: rewrite tasks to avoid repeating the same mistakes

Sometimes the best way to ensure that you avoid repeating the same mistakes is to rewrite the same task, using your marker’s comments to ensure that you can produce a correct answer to a particular type of question or task, before continuing. to conquer the next type of task. This is especially true if your exam date is too far away.

If you want to practice planning your essay, please join my blog or Facebook page, you can see the addresses of these in my PROFILE.

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‘Death’ in Islam: a concept that contrasts with the scientific vision of mental health research

In very simple words, death is the end of life. So in this simple definition another term is needed to be explained and it is: life. For the human being, life is the existence of an individual. If we take the term existence as easy to understand, because not every word can be explained in a limited opportunity, now we can define death and that is “death is the end of existence”.

In medical science, death is the permanent and irreversible cessation of all vital functions, namely brain function, respiratory function, and circulatory or cardiac function. Therefore, the medical definition elaborates further on the two aspects of the usual definition, “end” and “existence.” Thus, for death, “end” represents something permanent and irreversible, and “existence” is represented mainly by functioning.

Integrating the two previous aspects, death can be defined in a very rational and scientific way as the absolute disappearance of functioning. In the science of psychology or psychiatry, theology is also included, with ethical and philosophical points, to have the integral questions. Therefore, it is assumed that the theological or religious aspect of death is also important for the purpose of psychiatric investigation. As a Muslim doctor, I will try to mention the Islamic point of view on death.

Islam defines death as a mandatory transition event between “life before death” and “life after death”. So if we integrate the scientific aspect with the description, the definition of death for a Muslim would be the absolute disappearance of the functions for the period of time between the two lives, one before death and one after death. As a result, he abandons the permanent and irreversible criterion of “end” in the concept of death with the help of the concept of life after death.

In our daily life, death is related to the greatest stresses due to knowledge: death ends. It is also backed by science so far. But when the question of religion comes up, specifically Islam, this knowledge changes for a religious person. Therefore, it can easily be assumed that death becomes a less stressful event for a Muslim, when he really believes in Islam. I think the time has come for science to take into account definitions derived from religions for the sake of greater convenience in our daily lives.


How to choose puppies for sale?

For some people, getting a new puppy is very important, requiring a lot of planning and preparation. Buying puppies for sale meant commitment and if you are someone who cannot commit to even the simple needs of a dog, then don’t think about buying one. However, there are people who are always excited about buying or adopting a dog. There are so many things to consider before buying a puppy. Bringing a furry friend home can be exciting and a little crazy.

If this is going to be your first time buying a puppy, then you have no idea what to expect after you bring it home. Some people fear that a specifically puppy dog ​​will not last long in their care. If you previously owned a dog, there is a fear that the dog will not live up to the standards of your previous pets. Although it can be 100% perfect when choosing the right pet for your care, it can be helpful to follow these puppy selection tips:

1. Make sure everything is in accordance with the purchase of puppies for sale because although these furry creatures are cute, they require proper care and it is considered a great responsibility. Many people said that a dog is the responsibility of a child, but the truth is that everyone in the house should take care of it. If dogs need a lot of care, how much more a puppy? Some puppies need careful grooming and require a lot of attention. If everyone can’t deal with a small dog, choose another pet to buy.

2. Be careful which breed of puppy you buy. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying purebreds. Although they are the type of dogs that are very predictable, they are also very expensive.

3. Speaking of expensive, another thing to consider when buying puppies for sale is affordability. Keep in mind that the expense for a dog does not end in paying the price of a canine. After bringing your pet home, you will spend a great deal of money on vet bills, drug costs, flea prevention, heartworm pills, and food. Once you buy a puppy, you must also meet his personal needs.

4. Pet insurance. Don’t forget that a dog also needs pet insurance to cover his needs. You can talk to a vet and discuss the costs of treatment and insurance quotes that are right for your pet.

Choosing or buying a puppy for sale should not be taken lightly. There are so many things to consider. Your priority is to protect the well-being of the dog. If you cannot compromise and meet the needs of a small animal, then you are not in a position to buy a pet.

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Second Chance apartments in San Diego for people with broken leases, bad credit or serious crimes

San Diego is a major California attraction and destination with thousands of unique visitors each year. These are drawn to the city by the pleasant climate and picturesque flowing beaches. The city is also an important commercial and transit center that links Mexico with the rest of California and the United States with billions of dollars in trade each year. The city also attracts many settlers; people who move here in search of business, career and academic opportunities. This places a definite demand on the many apartments in the city. Renting an apartment unit in San Diego is more or less like renting anywhere else in any major city in the United States. The apartments conduct background checks that focus on the applicant’s credit, rental, and criminal history. Of particular importance are the broken leases that apartments in San Diego consider very serious. Applicants who have broken a prior agreement with a previous apartment will likely receive an automatic denial.

Places to rent with a broken lease and bad credit

Apartments that approve applicants who have had previous problems with other apartments elsewhere are generally known as second-chance apartments. These are units that may or may not be located in section 8 areas of the city and are generally willing to lease to troubled tenants. Here are some places where you can rent an apartment if you have rental problems:

  • Allied gardens
  • High view
  • Pacific Highlands Ranch
  • Bay terrace
  • Black Mountain Ranch
  • Downtown San Diego
  • Clairemont Table
  • Sea heights

The above is not an exhaustive list. There are many more units that can provide applicants with a second chance despite having a tarnished track record. The challenge is being able to locate them because most of them are not easily advertised.

Important information to consider

Although there are these types of apartments willing to grant approval to troubled tenants, these apartments will nonetheless require those tenants to meet some basic requirements. One of them is working at least six months. Some apartments will require a hefty deposit based on the individual leasing office. Others will ask for three months’ rent in addition to the deposit. You must also earn at least three times the amount of the rent.

Finding apartments of this type in this part of California can be challenging because, as we said, they are rarely advertised. The main reason they prefer to keep quiet is because they don’t want a mad rush, especially from people with bad credit, as this drives down rental prices.

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Sync 3 now supports Apple CarPlay

Ford now supports SYNC 3 with software updates to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ for 2016 and 2017 model year vehicles.

Customers can now upgrade by downloading the software to a USB drive, visiting a dealer, or using a wireless Wi-Fi connection. This is Ford’s first software update over Wi-Fi. It offers a convenient and automated alternative to existing update methods.

Customers with 2016 model year Ford vehicles can upgrade to the new SYNC 3 version 2.2 to get this support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

“Our SYNC 3 software platform was designed to be easy to upgrade so that we can offer our customers the latest and greatest features, functional enhancements and safety,” said Don Butler, CEO of Ford Connected Vehicle and Services. “With wireless updates, we can offer new features to customers in the background while they continue to use their vehicles.”

Android Auto

Compatible with Android ™ 5.0 and higher devices, Android Auto experience Android in the vehicle safely and easily. It offers Google Maps, Google Play Music, telephone, messaging, and third-party applications projected on the car’s built-in screen and available through voice controls. With a streamlined interface, large touch targets, Google voice search, and easy-to-use voice controls, Android Auto is designed to minimize distractions on the go.

Android, Android Auto, Google Maps, and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 and later with iOS 7.1 or later. Apple CarPlay offers iPhone users an intuitive way to make phone calls, use voice-guided navigation, listen to music, and send and receive messages. Convenience allows the driver to stay focused on the road. Users can control Apple CarPlay through the vehicle screen or via Siri voice control. Apple CarPlay compatibility requires a USB hub upgrade available from Ford dealers.

SYNC 3 currently supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on all 2017 model year Ford cars, including Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Mustang, SUVs including Escape, Explorer, and Expedition, F-series trucks, and Ford electrified vehicles.

Receive updates over Wi-Fi

Ford has had SYNC updates since 2009, but this is the first time the company has offered an update over Wi-Fi. In Wi-Fi enabled vehicles with Automatic System Updates enabled within SYNC 3, the system will periodically connect to the designated Wi-Fi network to check for updates. If an update is available, the system automatically downloads it in the background for a period of time without customer interaction. And SYNC 3 is designed to update as long as Wi-Fi is connected before the vehicle is turned off, so there is no need to keep the vehicle running for the update to take place.

Visit the support site and register / log in to learn more about these updates.


Ness Notes for August 8

The Dodgers continued to maintain the proverbial “full pedal” last night, winning their 10th straight game with a 7-2 victory over the Rockies. MLB’s longest active winning streak is also the Dodgers’ first 10-game winning streak since May 2003. Jeff Kent returned after missing 18 games and had one HR and three RBIs.

My free game for Tuesday is the Los Angeles Dodgers over the Col Rockies at 10:10 ET. On Tuesday I’m introducing another new Technical Insider (won last night with Seattle) plus one of my exclusive Insiders from Las Vegas (62% winners since May 1, despite a drop in late July). Get them right now.

LA, which was 7 1/2 games behind San Diego in the West in late July, is now just 1 1/2 games behind the Padres and is tied with the Reds for first place in a wild-card field of the National League packed. Greg Maddux will make his Dodger Stadium debut tonight against the Rockies (10:10 ET), as Los Angeles looks for its 11th straight win in a tight 15-game schedule for Tuesday. MLB’s worst team, the Royals 38-73, are on a four-game losing streak in their home game tonight against the Red Sox (8:10 ET).

The Tigers continued to dominate the Twins this year, beating Minnesota 9-3 on Monday night. Detroit is now 10-3 against Minnesota this year, including 7-0 at Comerica Park (they’ve outscored the Twins 56-11). The Twins’ loss ended the team’s eight-game winning streak on the road, which had equaled a franchise record.

However, the biggest story from last night’s game may be rookie phenom Francisco Liriano’s health. Liriano had missed his previous start with a sore left forearm and allowed a season-high 10 hits last night in just four innings. His ERA this year against the Tigers is 7.63 compared to 1.39 against the rest of MLB.

Speaking of the Tigers, they now have a season record of 50 games over .500 at 76-36 and the team’s .679 winning percentage puts them on track to win 109 or 110 games. The Tigers joined the American League in 1901 and have only five 100-win seasons. The most memorable is the 1968 team that won 103 plus a World Series over the Cardinals and the 1984 team that won 104 games plus a World Series over the Padres.

Zack Miner improved to 7-2 with a win Monday, giving Detroit three rookie pitchers who are at least five games above .500. The others are Justin Verlander (14-4) and Joel Zumaya (6-1). No major league team in the past 120 years has had three rookie pitchers who finished the season at least five games above .500.

Two other release notes from Monday’s games include Chicago’s Mark Buehrle and San Francisco’s Jason Schmidt. Mark Buehrle was 9-4 with a 3.22 ERA through the end of June. At the time, he ranked seventh in the American League in wins and sixth in ERA. In seven starts since early July, Buehrle is 0-6 with a 9.61 ERA. That’s the most losses and the highest ERA (minimum: 25 innings) for any major league pitcher since July 1.

Schmidt beat the D’backs 8-4 last night. While the victories raise his season mark to just 9-7, 3.15, he is now undefeated in his last 15 starts against the Diamondbacks since the start of the 2003 season. Schmidt’s 15-start unbeaten streak against Arizona is tied at 3rd longest current streak of any pitcher against any team.

John Smoltz is undefeated in his last 17 starts against the Reds (since 1995) and David Wells is undefeated in 16 straight games against the Royals (since 1993). The other 15-game streak is Schmidt himself, against the Marlins (since 1996).

Tonight’s 15-game schedule features just one television game, the Yankees in Chicago, where they open a three-game series against the White Sox (WGN at 8:05 ET). It wasn’t long ago that the White Sox still had hopes of catching Detroit, trailing the Tigers by two and a half games as they entered a three-game series at Yankee Stadium after the All-Star Game. However, New York edged Chicago 26-12 to sweep the series.

The sweep started a streak in which the White Sox lost 10 of 12 games to lag far behind the Tigers. Chicago (65-45) is 10 games behind Detroit in the AL Central, but tied for the wild-card lead with Boston. Meanwhile, New York has won 16 of 22 games since halftime and 10 of its last 12 overall. The Yankees have overtaken the Red Sox for the AL East lead and have a two-game lead over archrivals.

Chien-Ming Wang (13-4, 3.58 ERA) puts his five-game winning streak on the line when he starts Game 1 for the Yankees. Wang is 5-0 with a 1.64 ERA in his last five outings and is entering an 18-inning streak without a run. Chicago’s Freddy Garcia (10-7, 4.87) is winless in his last six starts, going 0-3 with a 5.50 ERA.

Week 1 of the 2006 NFL preseason begins Thursday night. The Eagles, 16-10 losers to the Raiders a couple of nights ago, will host the Browns (Philadelphia is a three-point option with 33 1/2 total) and the Rams will host the Colts at 8:00. Et the. Fox. The Rams are a 5 1/2 point top pick with a 38 1/2 total.

College football ranks are set for the first weekend of the season, with the first games being played on Thursday, August 31. The No. 1 Ohio State (coaches poll) opens with a home game on Saturday, September 2. Illinois and are one of the first 19-point picks.

Three of the most exciting games on Opening Weekend will be played on September 2 (Saturday). No. 12 Cal is at No. 23 Tennessee, where the Vols are favored by two points. Notre Dame, tied for third with USC in the preseason coaches poll, visits Atlanta to face Georgia Tech (the Irish are an eight-point option) and co-No. 3 USC is on track to face unranked Arkansas (Trojans are favorites by 8 1/2 points).

There will be much more soccer news tomorrow as Ness Notes will be available Monday through Friday at 1:00 ET.

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First steps towards a happy life as a minimalist

Since I avoid paying for Hulu and Netflix services, I have been exploring more fully what YouTube has to offer. It’s interesting what you connect with when selecting your own entertainment. One community or trend that I have followed is that of tiny houses and the trends of minimalism. I was raised by minimalists and have always been quite subconsciously minimalist, but now I want to wake up to more possibilities with that.

The first step is to open your eyes to the things you consume and surround yourself with at home. I think everyone has some things that stand out as things that we seem to collect, but that we don’t take advantage of. This may motivate us to part ways with these things, simply stop collecting more or make an effort to use what we have already collected. I’ve always been a fan of the shopping needs pyramid and would love to recreate it as a piece of art to hang in my home. The base of the pyramid, similar to a food pyramid, are the healthiest options. From bottom to top, the buying hierarchy is: use what you have, borrow, trade, save, make, and finally buy.

These are the things that I noticed I collect that I am not getting optimal use of.


I am such a creative person. Crafting makes me feel good until my mind has created more things than I can physically support and even storing my supplies has become a mess. This year I have decided to clean my palette. Once I have completed the crafts in the queue, I will put all my creative energy into writing because it takes up little space and furthers my career.


Books are another of the usual consumptions with a new minimalist look at the beginning. I’m not THAT bad, but I’m a new mom who hasn’t had a chance to regularly read the books I’ve accumulated. Instead of using my credit card points on books as I usually do as a gift to myself, I am going to read what I have and hand over my points for cash rewards. If I’m interested in reading a book on a topic on a whim, there are plenty of free and inexpensive books offered on Google Play.


Jewelry doesn’t take up much space, but it encourages me to buy more clothes to match. Some jewelry lovers may have great pieces that go with everything, but not me! Over the years I have made a small collection and I never wear them. It’s sad. If I can’t add them to my wardrobe anymore, I’m going to donate them and combine them with the most versatile and interchangeable pieces.


With a changing body, from pregnancy to postpartum, my wardrobe has expanded and not in a good way. There are clothes left that I would never consider putting away; ripped tank tops, ugly dresses, ill-fitting pants, and leggings and sweatpants with holes. All because I anticipate more changes and also stretch and mistreat the clothes until I finish breastfeeding. When I walk into my lavish but organized closet, I try on various pieces before being satisfied with the fit, look, and quality of an outfit. To feel good in my current wardrobe, I will have to adjust the collection and cut the fat. Anything you are not absolutely sure you need to throw out will go to a Rubbermaid bin in another closet for removal and evaluation in another season.

My son’s toys

After reading about Montessori methods, I understand the importance of not having too many toys so that a child can work on the concentration and skills associated with one or a few age-appropriate toys. Since then I have been distributing toys that he grows up with and even toys that are appropriate for his age at his grandparents’ house or distributed in different rooms. Being overwhelmed with toys only makes the child focus less on them and more on getting into whatever they are doing! It also contributes to a messy home and safety hazards, which is why I am much more pleased when my son has 3 age-appropriate toys in each room that I can sit down and show him how to use. It is more peaceful for all of us.

What things do you have an overabundance of? Some other examples might be makeup, tools, film, cables and remotes, canned food that never circulates, or boxes “that may come in handy.” What things are you consuming that can be cut from your budget to provide you with a savings or vacation cushion? Some of these things might include coffee and lunch bought away from home, eating out in general, and Hulu / Netflix / Cable. Maybe you buy so much of something that you DO use that you can buy it in bulk to save money and save our planet from excessive packaging waste. Exploring feasible minimalist practices can only help you, your family, and your planet. What are you waiting for?

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The modern people

We recently traveled to New York to be part of our granddaughter’s birthday celebration that took place in a few days. The plane was half full and, except for the two-year-old twins across the aisle, pretty quiet! The kids (and their parents) were going to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and as I watched their activity level, I hoped that Grandma and Grandpa would have a great garden and lots of energy.

I already knew what to expect from our (almost) 7-year-old granddaughter. He would take us by the hands and lead us to his bedroom, close the door firmly, and place us on his bed. Then it would show us all of your most recent acquisitions. Many of them would have some connection to the movie “Frozen”, his most recent obsession. Ooh and aah at the right times and she and I would apply age-appropriate makeup, nail polish, and skin glow that would peel off in 15 minutes. She would sing some of the songs from “Frozen” to us and then we would go to the living room to play the “Sorry” game. What fun!

My husband keeps saying that if we had known that grandkids were so much fun, we would have had them first! But we both know they are so much fun because we’ve already been through all of this raising three children. Now I understand why it is better to live in “villages”, to have an extended family around you to share the bad and the good moments; to take some of the burden off overwhelmed parents and share some of the wisdom gained over the years.

I know I know! Sometimes this “wisdom” is less than wise, and sometimes it just adds more stress to young parents trying to do everything at once. But in general, I think the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is valid.

Neither of our parents lived nearby when we were raising our children. That was partly because we were looking for jobs and opportunities and partly because we chose to live apart from parents who, we feared, could simply add more stress to our lives. We were probably right about the latter, but I wonder now that I am a grandfather, if we do not deprive ourselves and our children of really knowing their “village”.

My “village” consisted of three great-uncles, great-aunts, my grandmother, and a variety of cousins, some who lived in the city and others who visited in the summer. My uncles and my grandmother had traveled from Lithuania to Virginia, Minnesota in their twenties, seeking more opportunities and trying to escape pogroms targeting the Jewish community in their home country. They literally left their village behind and later recreated it in a small town in northern Minnesota.

I remember vacations at Aunt Bess and Uncle Carl’s house, poker games every Saturday night at rotating houses, and fishing trips in wooden rowboats that carried too many people. I remember my grandmother who gave me unconditional love and died years early. My most vivid memory of my grandmother is visiting her on Friday afternoons and walking over the newspapers placed on the wet floor of her kitchen, my nose filled with the wonderful aroma of chicken soup simmering on the stove. The freshly washed floor and the good smells of dinner were in preparation for Shabbat, which came at dusk.

When Grandma died, we moved into her house above the store and family poker games were often held at our house. Both men and women played and the mixing created nights filled with loud conversation, good food, and a lot of tension. Most of the time, the game ended in a heated argument and threats to quit the game. Usually this lasted until the end of the following week, when it was time to meet up for the next poker night. My brother and I would hide under the table or try to disappear into a quiet corner so they wouldn’t send us to bed and lose all the excitement.

In the summer, my family often gathered at Uncle Carl and Aunt Bess’s cabin on a small lake that offered good walleye fishing. This is where I learned to swim and meet older cousins ​​and their families returning from places like Minneapolis and Detroit, where they had settled after leaving home. We were scattering, like all second-generation American families.

I always knew that I would not settle in Virginia. As much as I loved it, the city had less and less to offer as the iron ore that had funded the original boom was mined. I think my parents realized this too and knew that once my brother and I were sent to college, we would never live there again.

So my husband and I have created our own villages in every place we live; first in southern California, then in upstate New York, and finally in Florida. Our extended families visited us and we visited them, trying to keep the bond alive. But now our children are doing the same; creating their own towns where they live. We all work hard to keep the family bond alive with frequent visits, phone calls, and emails, and I’m so thankful for the airplanes, the phones, and Skype. They all help to keep our villages intact when we don’t live on the same street.

After landing in New York, I ran to collect my luggage, hoping to see the reunion of the twins and their parents with their grandparents. And there they were, lifting the suddenly shy children in their arms for lots of hugs and kisses. After our bags arrived, we too were on our way in a taxi to spend time with our daughter, son-in-law, and our nearly seven-year-old granddaughter. And for a few days, part of our village was together and we made new memories for our granddaughter to take into her future.