Tax HELP for Independent Contractors

Entrepreneurs and the self-employed who want to maximize their income tax deductions would do well to remember the acronym HELP when filing taxes. It stands for Home Office + Equipment + Logbook + Postage, four of the best ways for independent contractors to reduce their taxable income.

Home office deductions

If you don’t maintain a storefront or office space for your business, you may be entitled to deduct a portion of your house or apartment rent, plus heat, electricity, and other household expenses at the time of tax return. To qualify, you must move from the dining room table to a vacant room designated for business use only. No folding sofa is allowed for house guests, out-of-season storage of Christmas decorations or other non-commercial use is allowed in a tax deductible home office.

Inventory storage space also qualifies for the home office deduction, so if you use a room in your house for inventory only, you could also get a tax deduction. Household services would not be part of the deduction if this storage unit is not within your living space.

To take the home office deduction, you will need to know the square footage of your home, as well as your office or storage room. The part of your home that the office occupies becomes the percentage of expenses that you will be able to deduct at the time of the tax return. For example, if your room is 10 ‘x 20’ (200 square feet) and your house has a total of 2,000 square feet, your office would occupy 10% of the total space. That would make 10% of your shared household expenses a business deduction.

In the event of a tax audit, it is helpful to have a photograph of your office or storage space in use, as well as copies of all utility bills and receipts for expenses you deducted. Homeowners can deduct household expenses without depreciating their home.


Every piece of equipment needed to run your business is deductible, along with all the supplies you need to operate that equipment. Equipment purchases would include the tablet you buy to keep up with business when you’re out of the office, the camera or cell phone you put on your credit card and use to take product photos, and furniture for your office in home. Even equipment converted from personal use to exclusive business use is deductible at current value.

Any commercial equipment you purchase that has a life expectancy of two or more years and costs more than $ 75 will need to be listed individually at the time of tax return. No need to itemize equipment supplies and small equipment purchases; these can be grouped. Keep receipts for purchasing equipment and supplies with the rest of your income tax receipts; If you wish to keep the original receipt with your warranty documents, a copy will suffice.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners often overlook the importance of recording company mileage and automobile expenses. This log book serves two purposes. It will give you higher tax deductions and earn IRS audits. If you don’t write down every mile driven for your small business, as well as your actual car expenses, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in income taxes that you don’t owe. This includes all the mileage for business errands performed on the family car.

During the first year a vehicle is used for business, you can choose whether to deduct mileage or out-of-pocket expenses, as long as you use that car or truck at 50% or more for business. Once you elect to deduct mileage, you cannot proceed to deduct actual expenses. That’s why it’s important to add your car payment, gas, oil, repairs, insurance, licenses, and other vehicle expenses together that first year, before selecting mileage as your deduction. Which one is better will depend on how many miles you drive vs. your actual expenses.

Shipping costs

It is surprising how many small business owners use stamps purchased with personal funds to send their business invoices. It may sound easier when you tell the grocery store clerk to add that stamp book to the total, but it’s a tax-deductible expense you’re letting through your fingers. Take the receipt and stamps, circle the amount paid, and post them in your office. You’ll get the savings when you file your taxes.

There you have it, real tax HELP for entrepreneurs. But don’t stop there, because almost everything you do on behalf of the business is tax deductible when you understand what the IRS allows. Whether you hire an accountant to do your tax return or prepare it yourself, all independent contractors should take the time to learn the basics of small businesses from the IRS. It will keep more money in your pocket and at the same time provide you with a proof of audit.


Benefits of martial arts training for kids

He admitted it. When the going gets tough at home, we all place the children in front of the television and sigh in relief. Finally, we can start with dinner, maybe check email or sort out that huge pile of laundry.

But when your five-year-old yells at you “Mom, the kids rule!” Or your ten-year-old son horrifies you with language that would make a sailor blush, realizes that there must be something wrong with what these “family shows” really teach our children. And sadly, it is happening in all media today, from sports to cartoons, and our children are learning things that we, as parents, swear we would never teach them. Old-fashioned values ​​like respect and self-discipline seem to have been forgotten, replaced by today’s dreaded “bling bling” pop culture.

The very thought of your angelic three-year-old becoming a designer-clothed, smart-mouthed, money-loving, me-obsessed, lazy designer is enough for any parent to consider that menacing military school brochure, but there is a solution. out there to consider.

Martial arts training.

From the Ninja Turtles to the Karate Kid

You and your kids have seen the flying kicks, battle cries, and mighty punches of your favorite TV characters as they beat the bad guys into submission, but, you may wonder, how the heck can these acts of violence teach you to my son something worthwhile? ?

First, you should know that what you see on television (except perhaps the Karate Kid) is very far from what real martial arts are. The fact is, martial arts training is based on non-violence.

Originating from Asia (primarily Japan, China, and Korea, although Thailand and Vietnam also have their own practices), martial arts vary in a variety of types and styles, all of which are based on well-integrated moral teachings. The beauty of learning martial arts is that it encompasses not only the physical aspect of “sport,” but also mental and emotional lessons.

Comparing that to other children’s sports and activities, where fierce competition and “winning at all costs” seem to be the order of the day, it is not surprising that many children face misplaced aggression and self-esteem issues.

Now imagine that your child is truly learning valuable life lessons, skills that he will acquire throughout life, laying the foundation for a happy, well-adjusted, and fulfilling adult life. If only children’s karate was popular in the 70’s when I was little!

The advantages

o Karate and other martial arts for children promote confidence and self-esteem, as well as self-discipline, respect, concentration, and courtesy.

o Many martial arts schools also offer leadership courses for children, along with their children’s karate programs or similar lessons.

o Martial arts are ideal for children who do not do well in team sports, giving them the ability to thrive in this activity, while combining physical and mental practices.

o Many do not realize this, but it is a fact that martial arts training is safer than most school sports.

o Children with special needs, such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), learning difficulties, and hyperactivity, are often encouraged to participate in children’s martial arts due to the clear benefits of its structured training techniques.

Kung-fu master or ninja warrior?

Before enrolling Junior in the first martial arts class you see, take some time to check out the different methods available and combine them with what you know would best suit your child. This is a good way to avoid any problems that may arise from a conflict between your child’s personality and training techniques.

Is your little Zach a sensitive soul? So maybe a class that doesn’t focus on sparring (full kick and punch training), but rather, slower defensive maneuvers would suit you better. Boys with an aggressive streak, however, may prefer more forceful moves and thrive in competitive combat.

Here’s a quick introduction to martial arts training for kids that you are likely to find:

Japan martial arts


o Use defensive and aggressive movements

o Focuses on building strength and endurance

o Involves chops, punches, kicks, strikes, blocks and sparring

o Can use weapons

Jiu Jitsu

o Use defensive and aggressive movements

o It involves a lot of combat

o Teaches a fair amount of weapon training


o Uses a more “spiritual” and harmonious style when redirecting the attacker’s aggression as a form of defense, using shots, bowling, rolls, etc.

o Taught on the premise of disabling an aggressor without attacking, through their individual inner energy

o It does not involve sparring or competitions.


o Uses smooth, “wrestling-like” movements

o Considered one of the safest martial arts methods.

o Emphasizes physical control and mental development

o Participate in contests

Martial arts of china

Kung Fu

o The generic term that refers to Chinese martial arts with a variety of styles.

o It involves attack movements and defensive techniques.

o Teaches kicks, punches, chops, throws, falls, grabs, katas, leg sweeps and blows among others.

o Participate in sparring competitions

Korean martial arts


o Competitive in nature, involves techniques that use elaborate footwork and unique high kicks.

o Emphasizes strength, strength, and methods of attack.

o Participate in many fights and competitions.

Choose the correct instruction

If you have an idea of ​​the type of martial arts class you would like your child to participate in, the next step would be to find the right school. Finding the right class that not only meets your child’s needs and needs, in terms of teachers you are comfortable with, price, facilities, etc., are important factors.

Let’s say you’ve found a local place that specializes in Karate for kids. What are the things to look for?

1. Good instructors

Review their grades, teaching methods, and carefully observe how they interact with the other children. It should be a fun learning experience!

2. Space and security

Obviously, you want to entrust your child with a safe, well-maintained and clean establishment with ample space, as well as decent facilities and equipment.

3. School values

Different martial arts schools inevitably are governed by different values, for example a child’s karate class may handle aggression in one way, while a judo class would have a different approach. Take some time to observe which school ideals match your family’s principles.

4. Prices and schedules

Prices for martial arts training can vary by school and location, so make sure the instruction you choose represents fair value. It is also essential to find the most effective way to adapt martial arts training to your family’s lifestyle, knowing what works best with your schedule and other activities.

Baby blackbelts

Introducing your young child to karate training is ideal (children as young as four are generally accepted as this is also a good way to hone fine motor skills), and many parents have found that in as little as one year, their Children who participated in martial arts had notably gained positive traits, such as increased self-esteem, respect, and overall physical fitness.

Many parents also choose to join a martial arts training program, making it a great bonding experience for the whole family.


Modern Warfare 2: more action with the Resurgence map pack

Modern Warfare 2 was definitely another epic installment released by Infinity Ward in the fall of 2009. However, it still continues to thrill its audience around the world with its incredible graphics, more advanced weapons, more mobility and much more of that yet. is coming. .

Yes, you heard that right, after their first map pack a few months ago, Infinity Ward has developed and started rolling out new player maps in addition to the originals. Resurgence Map Pack as it is known to be another pack containing around 5 maps with some more in the snow and the rest in various other rough terrain that you might come across. The bundle costs no more than $ 15 for these 5 maps that are worth more than most critics have said. Now where else would you find a few months of entertainment and mind-blowing use of tech weapons around the house, when the same money can get you a mediocre movie and popcorn for 2 hours?

For those who are eager to see these wonderful maps. Here’s a little information that is sure to fill your veins with gushing blood for months to come when you’re sitting in front of your Xbox 360. Let’s start with a little on these maps and relax your curiosity levels for now. The latest Call of Duty maps include Strike, Vacant, Carnival, Trailer Park, and Fuel.

Strike and Vacant are just two advanced stages that were quite popular with fans in their latest release as provided in the previous map pack.

The carnival, as the name suggests, places players on a battlefield in an amusement park with all kinds of attractions, roller coasters, bumper cars and a fun house with bullets falling from all angles.

The trailer park has a maze-like area with pools, narrow walkways, and those trailers and mobile homes that you can take around the area if you want.

Fuel is the best and supposedly the next favorite for all the snipers out there. Wide open spaces, lots of contenders, oil refineries, and warehouses are the places where you can sit back and put those headshots you’ve always wanted.

Although these maps can be downloaded using your Microsoft points, or in your nearest game stores. Hopefully you won’t see them before June 3.

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How to burn fat faster? Make sure you eat the best fat burning foods!

When it comes to knowing how to burn fat, it always comes down to the fact that you are what you eat. And, if you want to lose weight, it’s also about what kinds of foods you eat every day. Believe it or not, there are some fat burning foods that are designed to help you burn fat stores in the body much faster than other foods that you probably already include in your daily diet.

Variety is the spice of life and also of your diet. Most of us eat the same things because we know we like them and it’s easy. Now, we challenge you to expand your culinary repertoire and try new flavors that will not only increase your nutrient level, but also your ability to burn more fat.

What are the best fat burning foods to include in my diet?

These are some of the foods that can help you burn more fat. You should always keep in mind that you need to minimize unhealthy fats and increase your daily intake of healthier lean meats, fish, and vegetables.

1. Whole grains

White flour contains many sugars. Eating foods made from it, such as pasta and rice, can increase your sugar level and cause you to overeat. In addition, they are high in calories and most of it is converted into fat in the body. Whole grains, on the other hand, are digested more slowly so your blood sugar doesn’t spike. And it takes longer to digest them, so more calories are needed for the task. Be sure to check food labels to make sure your cereals, breads, rice, and pasta contain whole grains.

2. Eat beans

Beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein. They fill you up and add volume to any meal. Try to eat at least one meatless meal a day or week to cut calories from fat.

3. Milk

Milk provides calcium to the body to strengthen bones. Even skim milk has calcium, so you don’t have to stick with whole milk. If you are currently drinking whole milk, take the tiered approach and gradually switch to two percent, one percent, and then skim milk.

4. Broccoli

This superfood is packed with useful nutrients for the body. And the nature of the vegetable is low in calories and takes longer to digest.

5. Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for heart health and immunity. The level of leptin in the body is lowered so that you can burn fat faster. Eating fish two or three times a week is better and more filling than taking a supplement.

6. oatmeal

Eating it for breakfast will keep you full and your body will use a lot of energy to digest it in the morning. If you have to sweeten it, use honey or agave nectar. Raw rolled oats are worth more than instant oatmeal with more calories and sugar. It doesn’t have to be painful to change your diet.

In fact, this is a lifestyle change, so it will pay off in fat loss and increased health. Start with little switches and develop a totally revamped way of eating that you can stick with for the rest of your life.

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NLP for Coaches: Discover the Big Problem in Your Life with These Simple Questions

Have you noticed that there are certain recurring “themes” in your life and in the lives of your clients? How do you get to the bottom of these issues so that you can address them directly?

Enter the “First Concerns” of NLP. This is a brilliant, simple, and powerful question system designed to get right to the heart of what is really going on with someone.

To understand Prime Concerns, the following are associated:

Starting things is associated with being.

Changing things is associated with doing.

Stopping things is associated with having.

I know there doesn’t seem to be any relationship on the surface. That’s part of why it seems so “magical” when you work with it!

This is how you work with Prime Concerns:

Ask the customer what is better, to start, change or stop things. Then ask them what is the worst for them, starting, changing or stopping things.

The third question would be: “Who / what is it that you are not (being, doing or having) what you want (to be, do or have)”.

For example, suppose your client says that it is better to change things. That is associated with doing. Your client says that it is worse to stop things, this is associated with having. You would ask that client what you don’t have and what you want to have.

This points to something that is of great importance to the customer, hence the term “Primary Concern”. Note that you will want to make a note of the exact words they use. By using your own specific language, you will be more effective in reaching them and helping them create the change they seek in life.

If they have trouble getting things started, they most likely have trouble with not being who they want to be. This could be related to relationships, career, or a certain role in life.

If you are challenged to change things, chances are you have something in your life that you want to do, and you don’t. Maybe they are lawyers and want to be comedians. You get the idea. If they have a hard time stopping things, they may find themselves without something that is very important to them.

Try it for yourself and then use it with your clients. Notice how your answers relate to what you already know about them. The results always surprise me.

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What is the recovery rate for bulimia nervosa? Tips for Nurses on Eating Disorders

If you’ve been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa or think you may have bulimia, you may be wondering “what is the recovery rate for bulimia nervosa?” Bulimia nervosa is actually a mental disorder. Symptoms: Usually it involves bingeing and then some kind of behavior to compensate for the binge and avoid gaining weight.

Usually the compensation for this binge is purging, which is vomiting, but there may be other ways to compensate for it. So if you binge but don’t purge, it doesn’t mean you don’t have bulimia.

Also, people with symptoms of bulimia nervosa usually purge or vomit to avoid weight gain, but a person who purges after eating is not necessarily bulimic. Bulimics are generally of normal weight or a little overweight or a little underweight. Therefore, it is usually not possible to tell whether a person is bulimic or not by looking at them.

Also, a person who purges or vomits after eating may not have bulimia if they do not maintain a healthy body weight. They may have what is called anorexia nervosa, purge type.

What is the recovery rate for bulimia nervosa? The rate of recovery will depend on the type of treatment and the treatment program chosen. Overall, between 55% and 85% of people who receive treatment for bulimia go into remission within 90 days. But the relapse rate occurs frequently and about 14% to 26% still meet diagnostic guidelines for bulimia months and even years later.

Therefore, one of the important factors once it has been determined that you have bulimia nervosa is choosing the best bulimia treatment program to ensure the best recovery rate.

You can find good treatment programs in your area. By contacting your doctor, you can get good referrals. Or, you can search online for bulimia or eating disorder treatment centers or programs near your home. You want to find competent and professional people who are experts in treating eating disorders. Natural treatment is the best.

You will need to assemble a team of clinical psychotherapists, dietitians or nutritionists, eating disorder physicians, and eating disorder therapists. Support groups are also helpful. All of these can be part of a program that is the best way to do it. If you can’t get into a program, you can build your own team by starting with your family doctor and getting referrals.

Thousands of people with bulimia nervosa have made a full recovery. So what is the recovery rate for bulimia nervosa? Although we know the percentage or statistics of this eating disorder, it will depend on the treatment program. Please continue to do your research to fully understand this eating disorder and what you can do about it. If you have bulimia or think you may have it or another eating disorder, know that you can recover. You can do it!


Fostering a rescue pug

Pug Rescue Facilities are individuals or organizations that rescue Pugs from less ideal environments. The advantage that Pugs have when they end up in a Pug rescue facility, as opposed to a facility that rescues a variety of crossbred dogs, is that the people who run the facility are experienced in handling Pugs. They know all about the breed’s health issues and are ready to handle the quirks of the dog’s personality. People who execute Pug rescues instinctively know what kind of person will make a good match for a Pug. A Pug rescue is so experienced in handling Pug that they can customize a variety of tests to find out how much the Pug’s past has damaged his mental health.

Some people feel that adopting a rescue Pug is something they can do to make the world better. Cost is another reason many dog ​​owners turn to Pug rescues. However, adopting a Pug is not cheap because the Pug rescue usually charges an adoption fee. Although the adoption fee can be steep, it is generally less than what it would cost to buy a Pug puppy, especially since the dogs in most Pug rescues are neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations.

If you own a dog that has had previous experience with Pugs, you will know that the dog is a happy and social animal that adapts easily to changes in its environment and makes an excellent domestic dog. You probably think that the Pug you get from a Pug rescue will behave like the ones you’ve had before. Although it is possible to get a Pug from a Pug rescue that is normal, you are more likely to find that due to their troubled past, most of them have some personality quirks that you would not see in the breed.

Dogs that come from abusive backgrounds don’t always react to situations in the same way that a dog from a happy past reacts. These reactions often mean that rescue dogs do not do well in homes with young children or other pets. In some severe cases, the Pug is so insecure that the person adopting the dog finds it difficult to leave the Pug in a kennel or with a dog sitter.

A Pug rescue is determined to make sure that the Pugs they have rescued don’t end up in the same situation that they came from. To ensure that the rest of the Pug’s life is peaceful and happy, they have put in place an extensive review process to screen potential dog adopters. The breadth of the selection process can sometimes test your patience and give you doubts about how to get your future Pug out of a Pug rescue. The key to getting through the long and often tedious selection process is to remember that it is for the good of the dogs. Pug rescue simply seeks the best for the Pug.

It is important that you answer all Pug rescue questions as completely and honestly as you can. In some situations, some Pug rescues will attempt to steer you away from the Pug you are looking at and will encourage you to consider another Pug. They do it because they have the feeling that it adapts better to the other dog.

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How to Quickly Build a Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy Rehab Rent Refinance and Repeat

How to Quickly Build a Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat Strategies

In this article, you will gain a complete understanding of how you can quickly build a large real estate portfolio using the buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat method. This strategy was started by Danill Kleyman of True Vision Analytics, who is one of the best, if not the best real estate expert of all time that I have come across. I attended one of their online trainings and the above strategy just blew me away.

Today, I am happy to share my own opinion and I also hope that you can put this method into practice as soon as possible.

If you are in the following market category and have had problems:

  • Property owner,
  • Buying and selling,
  • Buying and selling commercial properties
  • Commercial building for refinancing or sale purposes
  • Change of house for profit
  • Landlord or owner
  • New construction
  • Rehabbers
  • And residential and commercial developments

Then this article will definitely benefit you more and you can come back and thank me later.

From what I noticed, the strategy works with the owners, that is, if you own the property. Then sell and buy more. Buying and selling commercial properties will also benefit if your overall goal is to grow your portfolio. The same goes for homeowners and homeowners who want to grow their real estate portfolio.

One great thing about this strategy is that it works in a flat market and it also works in a volatile market. The juice behind this is that you just use one fund and then recycle that fund over and over and over again until you hit the expected or projected portfolio limit or your goal. Now let’s see what the strategy really is and how to use it.

What is the buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat strategy?

The strategy according to Daniil is called BRRRR which means:

  • To buy of property that is the initial stage of every property owner of future real estate investors.
  • Rehabilitation means rehabilitating the property to sell or rent it for profit.
  • Rent. which means renting for capital investment benefits.
  • Refinance. Which means recycling the financing used in the initial purchases to buy another property as a result of good returns.
  • Repeat. This simply means repeating the process.

Benefits of the BRRRR strategy

  • First, they are the most powerful money building strategies you will ever find in the real estate investment and construction industry.
  • The strategy leverages the concept of “speed of money” to help you roll over the same deal for cash after deal.
  • It allows you to quickly build your portfolio using private money or a limited amount of cash.
  • It works in a market that is not appreciating
  • The strategy allows you to build a portfolio with little or no money on your own, but with at least a 20% equity position against debt that will protect you in a bear market.

How does the BRRRR strategy work?

The first and most important rule here is to make sure you don’t get stuck on the first offer before moving on to the next one. Yes! I was confused myself at first when he explained to me in detail, my jaws dropped, figuratively.

Because these offers, when done correctly, require intensive use of math, and according to Daniil, the best way to keep your numbers from getting bogged down is to make sure your numbers are working before you buy the next offer.

In order not to waste time, let me explain how this strategy works.

Step 1: buy a property

This is the first and most important step of the strategy. This shows that you are ready to build your portfolio and that you are committed to making it work.

You can use several sources to obtain financing and this includes:

  • Your own cash if you have savings
  • Private lender. Just make sure they refinance your rehab as well.
  • Bank loan if you know how to prepare a convincing presentation.
  • A line of credit from family members, friends, partners, private lenders, or even seller financing.
  • To learn more about how to find private money and how to structure private deals that will make lenders ask you to invest with you, watch this video.

Step 2: rehabilitation

Once you’ve secured financing and purchased your first home, you will need to rehab it. Always keep in mind to keep the property in line with the market, as you will rent it out and don’t overdo it.

Aim to create greater property appreciation through larger rehab. To achieve this, you must do this:

  • When you do your reassessment, be sure to tell the bank that you have just completed major renovations and improvements to the property.
  • Improvements such as replaced broken furnace, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc. should be mentioned. These will help to quickly increase the appreciation of the property.

Make sure you do all your rehab work now so you don’t have any maintenance calls for the next 5 years.

Step 3: Rent the property

This step requires you to begin showing the property to prospective tenants before the renovation and upgrade is complete. You will proceed to step four faster if you already have a lease and a tenant to move in as soon as the renovation is complete.

Step 4: refinancing the property

This is a very important step to build your portfolio much faster. As long as the lease is in effect and the rehab is complete, head over to your local community bank to discuss refinancing. This is because local community banks are often required by regulation to make loans to local businesses. And they will lend to you based on the percentage of the property’s new market value, not based on its cost.

Step 5: repeat

In this final step, you are going to repeat the entire process with the net result from step 4. This means that you have paid off your short-term financing and now have a cash flow asset that generates money every month with no cash tied up on your own. . With positive cash flow and 20% equity on paper, your balance sheet is seen and you can take it to your local bank again for another loan.


These five steps; buy, rehabilitate, rent, refinance and repeat are the steps that make up the BRRRR strategy that you can apply today to change. Here’s how you can quickly build a great real estate portfolio. Again, according to Daniil, there are a couple of crucial points to keep in mind to maximize this strategy.

These are;

  • You can find these types of offers in almost any market.
  • Investment Vs appraisal is what matters most.
  • This strategy can work on a 50k, 100k, or even 500k deal.
  • Make sure to use short-term financing and a reliable refinance.
  • You can also use private lenders to refinance, but make sure they have a steady flow of money or a steady job that provides income.
  • Always make sure you can get a refinance before you buy the offer. To avoid getting stuck.
  • Avoid buying in an area where you will have a hard time renting it out. Without a lease, you won’t be able to get refinancing from your local bank.
  • The trade-off to keep in mind is avoiding overspending on renovations. As this could slow down the “speed of money”.
  • Always read the fine print on the loan, get a lawyer review it just to make sure there is no sudden foreclosure clause buried inside.
  • Know your numbers before you even enter a deal.

Here’s how to quickly build a great real estate portfolio using buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat strategy. The most important point again is to know your numbers before entering any deal. And your ability to obtain short-term financing and take-out financing. What is obtaining financing on the net profit of your first deal. You can use the free Rehab Valuator software to calculate and master your numbers in just a few minutes. Leave your comment or any questions below and I’ll get back to you right away.

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Reddit Tips: Secrets to Successful Submissions

Everyone knows that getting more backlinks and traffic is a great key to online success. There are a variety of different techniques you can use to get more traffic, and Reddit is a great additional resource. Reddit is a social bookmarking site that allows you to add your website URL for Reddit users to vote up or down. By submitting to Reddit, you will have a valuable backlink to your website that can make a difference to your online traffic and rankings.

Fortunately, submitting to Reddit is simple. Just sign up for a free account to get started. Please confirm your registration and compile a list of the URLs you would like to submit. The following tips will help you be more successful on Reddit.

1. Focus on your title.

Your title is the most important part of your Reddit submission because it will attract attention and encourage people to vote and visit your site. Even if you have already titled your website, don’t worry. You can use a new title for your Reddit submission. Long titles have been shown to perform better than short, snappy titles, and should be more conversational than direct. For example, instead of “3 Tips to Increase Reddit Traffic” you should try “Wow, try these shipping tips to get more traffic!” It may sound a bit strange and fraudulent, but when it comes to Reddit and other social bookmarking sites, you have to think outside the box.

2. Use pictures and videos when you can.

For better or for worse, these days people like watching videos and looking at images more than reading lengthy articles. Use interesting videos and images in your presentations. Think about the ways you can show your content through videos or images. In fact, this is a great way to get double use of an idea – create it once in written form for your website and once for Reddit and other presentation sites. If you haven’t created images or videos yourself, you can use royalty-free media to add to your pages and posts to make them more interesting. Try istockphoto for collections of royalty-free photos and videos to use.

3. Spread the word on social media.

Reddit works best when there is a lot of interest in your content to begin with. Once a story starts to catch on on Reddit, its interest will only increase. You can start this process by getting people on your social media to vote for your content. When submitting to Reddit, be sure to tell your Twitter and Facebook followers. Ask them to vote for your content as well, and that will get Reddit users rolling. In no time, your content will be popular on Reddit.

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Motivational disability

The professionally disabled are always in tune with possible emotional situations. This time of the football season offers more possibilities than usual, like a bad-game team looking to bounce back, or rivalry games of college football and NFL division games. Texas and Texas A&M play this weekend and I think back to a year ago when No. 2 Texas was a 27-point favorite over the Aggies.

However, A&M coach Dennis Franchione made an unexpected wrinkle, going with a Wishbone and running straight for the Longhorns. They ran extremely well and almost achieved surprise, eventually losing but easily covering. The Aggies were excited not only to face the nation’s undefeated No. 2 team, but also one of their state rivals. They played with more emotion that day.

You can even find players and coaches talking about emotions the week before a game. I used this last week when North Carolina soccer rivals UNC and NC State met. It was a classic case of an end-of-season game with one team in decline and another playing with fire. NC State under Chuck Amato has gone from a 10-win season in 2002 to the 3-7 mark last week. They were a prime example of a team that has packed into the season and here they were FAVORED against a conference and state rival. Remember that many bad teams that do not go to a bowl game may focus on a rivalry game at the end of the season as their bowl.

Look at some of the facts that go into that game: NC State has lost EVERY road game played this year by 6 points or more. They haven’t scored more than 24 points in any game this season. They have been exceeded in 8 of the last 9 weeks. NC State has had fewer than 225 passing yards in all but one game all season. The Wolfpack does not deserve to be favored along the way by anyone. Under Amato NC State is 1-11 against the spread as a favorite!

Say what you want about Tar Heel’s talent, they continue to play hard week after week. Outgoing head coach John Bunting should receive another great effort from his team this week in his last home game. Bunting is 4-1 straight against Amato, including upsets from the last two years as double-digit underdogs. The dog is 10-4 ATS in this series and the Tar Heels have won 10 of 13 games outright. I was expecting a supreme effort from the home team and once again the Heels won the game as a dog.

This can also happen in the NFL, especially with divisional games. Every head coach in the NFL stresses to their players how important division games are, even if they don’t publicly admit it. I had San Francisco on Sunday against Seattle, the NFC West rival. Seattle was coming off an emotional victory over the Rams with a field goal in the final second, sweeping the Rams giving Seattle a two-game divisional cushion. Plus, they still had backup quarterback Seneca Wallace playing and RB Shaun Alexander was coming back after a long layoff. Players like this cannot be expected to be fit midseason and Alexander was not a factor (37 carries on 17 carries).

Seattle the last few years has been great at home, but very different on the road. They fought to beat a bad Detroit team 9-6. They were crushed at Chicago 37-6, beat St Louis 30-28 on a field goal in the final second and lost at Kansas City 35-28. So in four away games they haven’t beaten an opponent by more than 3 points. San Fran was on a 2-game win streak as a DOG each time, and the defense has allowed 3, 13 and 14 points in the last three games. Seattle’s defense has been poor most of the season. These outfits are much more equal than the line suggests.

They had 416 yards, the season-high. The 49ers scored their 17th offensive touchdown of the season against Seattle. San Francisco scored 17 offensive touchdowns throughout the past year. “It’s amazing when you can win, the confidence that you can build,” defensive team captain Bryant Young said. “Wow, what a victory.” And what an easy cover!