31 items to include in the rental form of your lease attachment

The Lease Addenda is a very, very important form for homeowners. This leasing addendum spells out in plain language all the key things we’ve learned over the years that our tenants really need to know about. This document includes, but is not limited to (actually, there are 31 items covered in this document) items such as:

  1. Deposits and last month’s rent (will not be used).
  2. Due dates and late fees for rent.
  3. Smoke Alarm Batteries Reminder
  4. Air conditioning filter reminder
  5. Landscaping responsibilities
  6. Unauthorized repairs / upgrades
  7. 30 days notice reminder
  8. Criminal activity
  9. Move-in inspection reminder (rental property condition)
  10. Sublease

You’ll want to copy and paste these elements as well as other elements that you might think make sense for your specific property in the body of the document at the bottom of this post (which is just a sample header and footer for ease of use) . So without further ado, here are the 31 items that we include in every lease addendum for every rental agreement we sign with a tenant:

  1. The tenant understands that the security / cleaning / redecoration deposit will NOT be used to pay the last month’s rent.
  2. Rentals are due on the 1st of each month and are in arrears on the 2nd. 5-day notices will be provided; There is a service fee for each advertisement, and this is charged to the tenant. The late fee is $ 35.00 per day retroactive from the 5th of the month.
  3. The tenant will take responsibility for checking the batteries in the smoke detector at least once a month and replacing them when necessary. If the smoke alarm does not work, the tenant must notify the landlord / landlord immediately.
  4. Tenants must change air conditioning filters every 30 days. Failure of the tenant to change the filters may cause the tenant to be billed for damages. The tenant must maintain the interior of the house in a clean, orderly and “serviced” manner. Failure to do so can be a cause of excessive wear and tear and can be considered a substantial breach of the terms of the lease.
  5. The tenant is responsible for maintaining lawns, desert landscaping, shrubs, trees, and other gardens, including trimming and pruning. Lack of maintenance of the exterior of the premises is a justification for withholding deposits to restore the property to pre-rental conditions.
  6. Repairs caused by the resident’s negligence or negligence will be billed to the tenant (i.e. a child’s toy causes a blockage in a toilet or sewer line, or excess hair clogs the sink or shower line). Such charges must be paid within ten (10) days of written notification from the landlord / landlord.
  7. The landlord / landlord will NOT pay for unauthorized repairs.
  8. Tenants will not work or repair vehicles on the premises; There must be no unregistered, non-operating or parked commercial vehicles on, in front of, or adjacent to the property that are visibly in view from the street.
  9. The owner / landlord only warrants the serviceability of the following appliances: air conditioner, heater, conventional water heaters, range / oven, refrigerator and dishwasher, if provided, and all other major plumbing and electrical systems. The landlord / landlord does not guarantee or repair the washer (s) and dryer (s).
  10. It is the tenant’s responsibility to purchase and maintain liability insurance if the tenant has a waterbed and / or a pet. As stated in the lease, written permission must be obtained from the landlord / landlord to install a waterbed or keep a pet on the property.
  11. The landlord / landlord is not responsible for the personal belongings of the tenants. The tenant understands that they may choose to obtain renters / renters insurance.
  12. The tenant must give written notice thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of this agreement to vacate or renew. Month to month, the termination of this lease can only coincide with the end of a calendar month, unless agreed by all parties.
  13. The tenant must allow the landlord / owner / real estate agents to show the property for lease or sale during the last thirty (30) days of the lease with proper notice. The tenant will allow the placement of a lockable safe deposit box during the last 30 days of the lease. Failure to comply may result in loss of deposits.
  14. The tenant can obtain a free copy of the AZ Residential Landlord / Tenant Act from the Secretary of State’s office.
  15. Non-refundable fees will apply to the following: cleaning / carpet cleaning / changing of property keys.
  16. The tenant acknowledges having received a move-in inspection form. It is the tenant’s responsibility to return to the landlord / landlord within ten (10) days after occupancy.
  17. Criminal Activity – The tenants or members of the tenant’s household will not allow the home to be used for or to facilitate criminal activity, including drug-related activity, regardless of whether the person participating in such activity is a member of the household or a host. Violation of this provision will be a material and irreparable violation of the lease and good cause for immediate termination of the lease. Proof of the violation will not require a criminal conviction, but will be based on the preponderance of the evidence.
  18. Indemnification: The tenants will indemnify and hold the owner harmless from any claim, liability, penalties, damages, expenses and lawsuits for injuries or accidents to people or property of any nature, regardless of the cause, that occur in or around the rented facilities. . during the term of the lease and any other period of occupancy, including costs, expenses, attorney fees incurred by the Owner in defense of such claims, whether such claims are adequately covered by insurance or not.
  19. Waiver: The waiver of either party to any breach of this lease will not be considered a waiver of such breach on a later occasion, and the failure of either party to insist on compliance with the terms, agreements and The conditions of this lease will not constitute a waiver of the right of said party from now on to enforce said term, agreement or condition, but it will remain in full force and effect. If any provision or part of it in this lease is unenforceable or illegal, the remaining terms will remain in full force and effect.
  20. Utilities – Tenants are responsible for all utilities being placed in their name prior to moving in. The tenant also agrees to pay each and every deposit (if any) as required by the utility companies.
  21. Assignment and subletting: The tenant cannot assign or sublease the premises without the express written permission of the owner / lessor. The landlord / owner will charge an application fee to cover the cost of credit and background checks.
  22. Alterations: The tenant will not make any alteration, addition or improvement to the property, either inside or outside, without the written consent of the landlord / landlord.
  23. If the property has an electric garage door opener, the remote controls will be operational upon move-in. Remotes are not guaranteed beyond move-in.
  24. Tenant agrees to return all house keys, mailbox keys, garage door openers, and any other keys upon move-in. If all keys are not returned, there will be a $ 75.00 key change fee and $ 35.00 for each garage door remote.
  25. The tenant agrees to conduct a final inspection with the landlord / landlord at the end of the lease term. The tenant agrees to have all personal property removed from the premises at the time of the final inspection. The landlord / landlord is not required to conduct a joint move-in inspection with the tenant if ARS 33-1321C applies.
  27. The tenant understands that smoking is not allowed inside the house or garage.
  28. The tenant agrees to notify the landlord / landlord immediately of any water leaks that occur (i.e. leaks in sinks / vanities / tubs / showers / faucets / laundry appliances, ceiling stains, or any observed water penetration).
  29. Tenants are responsible for having carpets professionally cleaned before lease expires; The proof of cleaning is made by receipt.
  30. If the property is located in a homeowners association, the tenant is responsible for any fines imposed on the property for violations caused by the tenant. The two most common violations are trash cans left outside on non-collected days and weed control. Rules and regulations for homeowners are available only by written request.
  31. In the event the property is sold, the lease / rental agreement between the owner and the tenant is canceled on the date the new owner takes possession of the property. The tenant has 30 days to vacate the property or sign a new lease with the new owner at the owner’s option.

Actual.pdf and Word documents are available in the publication of this article that I made on my blog. Located here:


Choosing the best birthday gifts for kids

Birthdays are among the happiest occasions for children – the time they think of gifts, colors, balloons, and decorations. Adults can forget their classmates’ birthdays, but children remember the dates for all the fun it means to them. The fun of receiving gifts is not just limited to the birthday child, but all friends are equally enthralled by the birthday gifts they could take home.

How to select the right return gifts for all children and send them home excited and happy? It can be a challenge when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for everyone. The following guide will make your task easier.

Consider the age group

Regardless of your budget or other factors, age group is the most important consideration when thinking about buying birthday gifts. You can choose to buy separate gifts for each age group or something that can be given to all children. Choosing a universal gift for children can be a difficult decision, but if you have access to more varieties and options, it may not be as complicated as you think.

Your budget

Once you have learned about the age groups of children and whether or not it will be a universal gift, you can narrow down to the most important factor: the budget. Interestingly, in the age of online shopping, budgeting is a secondary option. You can find many more fascinating gift options even on a tight budget. In fact, you might be surprised at what you might find. Over time, choosing the most interesting and memorable return gifts will depend on your imagination and the number of options available.

Kind of gift

Choose a gift based on factors such as fun, decor, usefulness, and learning. There are all kinds of fun-based giveaways, but if you could choose something like chota bheem online games, you could add an element of learning to the present. If the children visiting the birthday party are too young, toys could be the ideal gift. With older toddlers, stationery and related things can be the perfect options.

These are the top three factors to consider when choosing the right return gifts for children’s birthdays. If you make a smart decision regarding children’s gifts, you will eventually have a party that everyone will remember for a long time.

Health Fitness

Regular sessions of cardiovascular exercises

Regular sessions in the cardiovascular area improve the health of your heart and lungs. It also helps your heart and lungs work properly; that’s why it’s called “cardio”.

Cardiovascular exercise promotes the loss of body fat. It is helpful to reduce the level of appetite in many people. For people with diabetes who have well-controlled blood sugar levels in their veins, cardiovascular exercise is good for them. There are numerous cardiovascular exercises that you can include in your daily program. Examples of the most popular cardio training include running, biking, biking, jumping, aerobics, walking, jogging, kickboxing, swimming, and team sports.

Simple Tips on Cardiovascular Exercise:

1. Decide on your goals: Why would you like to blend cardiovascular exercise into your schedule? Looking for resistance? Want to run with your kids without getting out of breath? Do you want to lose body fat and show off those muscles? Are you interested in cardiovascular fitness for health reasons? For heart health and weight loss, you don’t need steady state cardio! However, if your goal is endurance, then you will want to incorporate some of this into your week.

2. Pick something you enjoy: Explore your options for cardiovascular activities. Whether you prefer to be in a gym, at home, or outdoors, there are many options for cardio training. I enjoy being outside. What do you like? Jump the rope? Sprints? Riding a bicycle? Rowing? Elliptical? You will probably stick with your workouts if you enjoy them.

3. Use Interval Training – Incorporate intervals into your workout by alternating between a high and low glow throughout your workout. For example, you can run for 1 minute followed by a moment of walking. Do this five times each for a total of 10 minutes of interval training. Beginners alternate between striking and at a moderate pace. Add a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down to complete your cardio workout in 20 minutes with better results than your hour of steady state cardio!

4. Record your workouts – Keep track of your workouts so you can see what you accomplished. Use a notebook or create a file on your computer or phone. Tracking your progress is an essential step in achieving success.

5. Strength training: Always do your cardiovascular training following your strength work. Maximize fat burning. For best results, incorporate full-body circuit work as part of your strength training. Limiting rest between sets and quickly switching from exercise to exercise increases your heart rate as you build muscle. Combine strength training, cardiovascular work, and nutrition for optimal health.

6. Healthy Eating – Nutrition is the final and most important component in achieving your fitness goals. Not only does food provide us with valuable nutrients and the fuel we need to survive, but the way we eat is also 90% of reaching our body composition goals. Use common sense when making food choices. Eat as cleanly as possible by choosing from whole foods; that is, whole grains, lean meats, poultry and fish, nuts, nut butters and organic oils, as well as organic fruits and vegetables. Keep a food diary so you can see what’s working and where you need to change your food intake to meet your goals.

The benefits of cardiovascular exercise are:

There are numerous recommendations on the health benefits of cardiovascular exercise. In addition to improving your heart health, regular cardiovascular exercise can help reduce saturated fat, lung function, and improve bone and muscle development. It also helps to solve the problem of depression.

Cardiovascular exercise needs to be properly planned so that all muscles and body functions can receive the benefits of extensive training. Plan your schedule for at least 30 to 60 minutes each day. Regular exercise will strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Cardio helps improve the level of endorphins in the body. These chemicals make us feel good, energetic, and upbeat. Even just twenty minutes of training can lead to a long-term mood boost. Therefore, it is possible to see that people choose to exercise early in the morning. Cardiovascular exercise releases endorphins in the brain that can provide you with a natural stimulant, also known as a high “runner.” Cardio also helps with depression and lowers stress while increasing self-esteem.

The positive relationship between cardio and mood can improve sleep, although it is more than that. Cardiovascular exercise, especially in the afternoon or early evening, causes your body temperature to rise above normal. During the next hour, before sleeping, the body temperature slowly drops. Keep in mind, however; that cardiovascular exercise stimulates the muscles, brain and heart, and can prevent sleep if it is too close to bedtime.

The best cardiovascular exercise

The best cardiovascular exercise has to be the one that forces your heart to exercise. Yes, the heart is a muscle and must be exercised. Aside from training your heart for health, the best cardiovascular exercise should help you burn calories, which are necessary for weight loss and fat burning. More precisely, it helps you burn that excess fat that not only clogs your veins and lowers your health, but also covers and hides all the precious muscles that you have worked and built.

So the best cardiovascular exercise should include a proper diet. Not diet, but healthy eating. Exercise with the right intensity and take care of your meals. Avoid fats and sugary foods, eat small and consistent meals.

Cardio workouts don’t have to be long and tedious. They should be short and exciting as you add interval training and circuit work to your program.

Legal Law

Interesting Facts About Silver Spring

Located just outside of Washington, DC, Silver Spring, Maryland has been a residential destination for families living in the area for years. While DC is the place to go for monuments and museums, Silver Spring is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to live outside of the district.

So what is it that draws so many people to Silver Spring? Here are some fun facts about the city of Montgomery County.

Important discoveries

Silver Spring is where one of the largest television and Internet companies is headquartered. Discovery Communications is the world’s number one non-fiction medium that includes channels such as the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Investigation Discovery and Planet Green; channels that everyone loves to go to when relaxing in their condo or apartment. During the ever popular Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, this multimedia company celebrates with a 466-foot shark named Chompie perched atop the corporate headquarters.

The best of cinema

Stepping out of your apartment or condo to watch one of your favorite movies takes on a whole new meaning when you visit the American Film Institute (AFI) Silver Theater and Cultural Center, located in Silver Spring. This historic landmark is dedicated to preserving the art of the moving image. Most of AFI’s programming focuses on films that are not normally available anywhere else, including independent films, foreign films, documentaries, and classic cinema.

Best Places to Eat Cheap in Maryland!

When Silver Spring residents are in the mood for a fantastic meal that won’t cost them a full paycheck, look no further than Ray’s the Classics. Ray’s has quickly become a staple of the Washington, DC metropolitan area due to the fact that Ray’s hand-selects only the best natural, farm-raised, corn-fed meat available anywhere, at any price.

Go for a walk

One of Washington, DC’s hidden treasures is Great Falls. This national park is a short drive from DC and can be entered from Virginia or Maryland. Great Falls has over 800 miles of scenic views and spectacular waterfalls. The trails vary in difficulty. This is a great way to get out of town and get some exercise. After a day in nature, you will return home and be ready for a nap.

There is no limit to the many activities the Washington, DC region has to offer. Whether you’re meeting friends at a movie or having a drink at a bar, Silver Spring is a must-visit destination.

Lifestyle Fashion

What are blackheads and how to get rid of them? The 3 main methods

This article will help everyone to know the best methods on how to remove blackheads from the nose and to answer the question “what are blackheads?”

So what are pimples? Blackheads are clogged pores, often on the nose, but can be elsewhere, appearing black to the naked eye. Why are they black? Since the debris in the pore is exposed to the air, it oxidizes and turns a dark shade of black. Therefore, blackheads are not dirt and it does not mean that you do not know how to wash your face. I hope it has answered your immediate question of “what are blackheads?”

Blackheads on the nose are a real pain because they are unsightly and unruly. Even if you squeeze hard, many of the pimples remain in place. Sometimes these pimples are rough and oily, and can be felt by rubbing your nose with your finger. Sometimes they can also be itchy.

One good thing is that blackheads are not normally inflamed (but sometimes they can be).

Personally, I have had pimples in my teens and into adulthood (so for me, I had the answer to “what are pimples?” From very early on. They were the precursors to the many years of acne that lay ahead. By the way, now it is clear to me and I will share what clarified it for me in a moment.

Now about the top 3 methods on how to remove blackheads:

Method 1: Blackhead Extractor Tool. These can be purchased at Target / Walmart for about $ 10. They are long, thin little tools that are usually in the section with tweezers and manicure tools.

This tool has two ends. One is intended for whiteheads and the other for blackheads. The flat end is the one you will use for your blackheads.

The best method I have to use this tool is as follows: Apply direct pressure to the pimple area. Some of the pimples may come out directly, others will be more stubborn. A helpful tip is after applying pressure, gently scrape the dirt out of the pores.

You will definitely notice an immediate difference. This method is good when used regularly, but you can also consider it in combination with one of the other 2 methods below.

Method 2: strips of blackheads. These can also be purchased at Target / Walmart. These are very easy to use. Just follow the directions on the box, which is usually to wet your nose and then apply the strip directly to your nose.

Then wait 10-15 minutes for the strip to work. Then you take it off your nose. I think the recommended and most effective way to remove it is very slowly. Some people may find that these strips hurt a bit, but personally they don’t bother me too much.

Method 3: a facial scrub. Personally, I use Queen Helene’s Honey Oatmeal Facial Scrub. It is natural and much gentler than other scrubs on the market. There are other brands as well, such as St. Ives apricot scrub, etc.

You may want to test it a bit on a small area of ​​your skin to make sure you don’t have a reaction. When you rub the skin, be very gentle.

Don’t rub too hard as it can cause a breakout. I usually rub lightly for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Wash it and dry it.

You should use this method regularly if you are prone to pimples. You will avoid future blackheads if you do it regularly. If you still get blackheads afterwards, be sure to use method 2 or 3 above.

And that’s it. My top 3 methods on how to remove blackheads and a concise answer to the question, “What are blackheads?”

I use the 3 methods above as part of a more detailed holistic method for fair skin. It’s very simple. Basically, you try to eliminate as many chemicals from your skincare routine. Also, you look at your whole life and not just your skin. You will be much happier if you check it out, and guess what? Your skin will clear up too! (What are blackheads? What are acne? Who cares if they disappear? Check out my resource box for more information.


Bluey – Oldest Australian Cattle Dog on Record

The oldest dog on record was an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey.

Bluey lived almost 30 years. That figure is in human years.

Mature dogs faster than humans.

According to canine age experts, a one-year-old dog is about 15 years old

in equivalent human years. The average life expectancy of the Australian

The cattle dog is about 12-15 years old.

Bluey was exceptional because it survived all the online life expectancy calculations. It may have been his diet or his genetics. The life expectancy of dogs increases dramatically due to better diets, better medical care, and better living conditions.

Bluey fell asleep on November 14, 1939 at the age of 29 years and 5 months.

The official AKC breed name for Bluey is “Australian Cattle Dog”. Sometimes these

the dogs are called “heelers” because they were developed in Australia to control

livestock. The dogs were trained to herd cattle by biting and nipping at their heels.


Bluey’s ancestors are Collies, Dalmatians, and the native Australian dingo.

Bluey was heavier and more muscular than his ancestor, the Border Collie.

The ACD has been working on Australian ranches since the beginning of this century.

Bred to withstand extreme temperatures and the ingenuity to drill

feeding like a wild dog made the ACD a very independent pet.

Physical characteristics:

The coat is smooth with a double coat that is resistant to

elements. The breed is constantly shedding and requires regular brushing.

Bluey and his race are:

  • Sturdy and compact herding dogs
  • Well developed muscles
  • Powerful, strong and agile

Size and height:

    The breed is medium in size.

  • Weighs about 32 to 35 pounds
  • Height 17-20 inches.


Bluey and his breed are very good with the children in the family. This breed has a natural

protective instinct. They are very loyal dogs and easy to train. These dogs need

attend canine obedience classes. As a result of their dog obedience classes, they

They will be absolutely obedient companions.

ACD tends to show some aggressive tendencies towards loud and strange.

children who tend to make fun of the animal. These dogs will pinch people’s heels

and children because of their inherent “heeler” traits. They can be suspicious

both individuals and other dogs.

This breed needs regular exercise. A daily walk will keep the dog satisfied. This breed is

very easy to train. The dog wants to be busy, so involve the dog in the stimulation.

activities like “fetch” or frisbee.

Give the Australian Cattle Dog a toy and he will play with the toy until it is completely destroyed. They will run for clubs, balls, and even cans. The breed is fun and playful and makes an excellent companion for children.

Physical adaptations:

  • Requires a large open patio.
  • It barks at any change in the environment.
  • Needs attention.

When an Australian Cattle Dog gets bored, it tends to become destructive.

The dog will destroy any objects left in its area. ACD is a

active dog and wants to run and jump in open areas.

Health problems:

Genetic health problems can include the following:

  • Deafness
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (causes blindness)
  • Hip dysplasia,
  • Temperament abnormalities.
  • Attention deficit disorders

Few ACD owners complain of loneliness or lack of companionship with this breed.

The ACD wants love and attention and will return it ten times more. Bluey is not

longer with us, but the ACD breed, Australian Cattle Dog is one of the most popular dogs in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Real Estate

Personal Loan Application: What Are Your Options?

The cost of living in many developed countries is quite high and many people live from pay to pay. From time to time, many of us face financial difficulties, especially if an emergency arises and we don’t have extra money to pay for unexpected expenses.

While many people would resort to borrowing money from family and friends, sometimes this is not an option. Perhaps they are hesitant to do so, or their loved ones simply don’t have money to spare.

If you don’t have cash until the next payday, you can ask a lender for help. There are many financial institutions in the country that can help you. But the point is that not everyone can do it.

On the one hand, they will consider your credit history. Have you been paying your bills and loans on time? Do you have any outstanding loans? Are you willing to pay your credit card bills?

The answers to these questions will determine whether a lender will be able to help you with your financial problem in the short term. But if you don’t have a very good credit score, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world yet.

You see, there are personal loans offered by lenders who specialize in helping borrowers with low credit scores. In fact, you can apply for these loans online. For the most part, the lender will only ask you to provide proof of your employment, proof of identification and residency, and your checking account information. Once approved, your money will be deposited into your bank account in just a day or two.

However, keep in mind that lenders often charge high interest rates on bad credit loans due to the fact that it is a high-risk loan. After all, when the loan is approved, there is always the possibility that the borrower will default on the loan payments.

The best thing to do is take a little time to do some research. If you search for loans available online, you will be offered many options in the search results. Take your time to compare their offers, rates, and terms. That way, you can find a lender that offers the lowest interest rates. You also need to make sure that the lender is a registered business, and not a night operator out to steal your personal information.

Generally speaking, if you are short of cash and need money urgently, you can find the solution in lenders who offer personal loans. But practice diligence and use your common sense to make sure you get the best deal. Lastly, don’t make borrowing a habit. Get a personal loan only if it is absolutely necessary and cancel as soon as possible.

Shopping Product Reviews

Can you enjoy the Galaxy S8 without a case?

Samsung just released two of the most hyped phones of 2017, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. These are not only the next generation phones on the Android market, but they are also an opportunity for Samsung’s biggest rival in the smartphone business, Apple. The iPhone has looked the same for three years in a row, while Samsung has iterated and improved its phones by leaps and bounds every year. So even before the new S8 and S8 Plus phones were released, the iPhone seemed a bit dated. It’s not just the design, either. Samsung managed to make the S7 waterproof even with the 3.5mm headphone jack, while Apple’s claim that they had to ditch the jack to give the iPhone 7 water resistance made it seem like Samsung had outdone it in engineering. To make matters worse, Samsung’s new Galaxy flagships make even the iPhone’s design look dated. IPhones have never had the best screen-to-body ratio, with their massive chins and foreheads on their phones, while Samsung has been working to reduce the bezels on its phones as much as possible for the past few years.

The bottom line is that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases are barely larger than the screen itself. The incredible 18.5: 9 ratio screen can take a bit of getting used to and applications and the operating system will have to be tweaked to make better use of all the extra space. What makes it even worse, however, is that the latest Galaxy phones make the iPhone 7 look dated and outdated – a huge insult to a company that not long ago sued Samsung for copying its design language.

Too much screen to use safely?

Which brings us to the original question posed at the beginning of this article. Do the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have too much screen? When we say too much screen, we mean too much to use and carry in your hand and pocket without the certainty that it will destroy phones if you drop them even once. Also, if you use one of the many Galaxy S8 cases or designer S8 Plus cases that are available online through sellers, are you essentially messing up what is the most important feature? There are literally thousands of designer cases available online for new phones, even though the phones are not yet available worldwide.

Case manufacturers even allow people to create a custom Samsung phone case that they can’t even buy yet, in most countries. Buyers of Samsung’s latest flagship phones will simply have to decide for themselves whether they want to live life on the edge or protect their expensive new phones with a protective case.


Top 25 Poll – Week 9 – Number 1 – Auburn, just above Oregon

The AP Top 25 and Coaches Top 25 College Football polls are nationally recognized, but after more than 50 years of watching and / or covering college football games, and being a former daily newspaper sports editor, here is other view:

Auburn and Oregon continue to score and win, so they remain in the top two for another week.

1) Auburn (9-0) – Defeat Mississippi 51-31. He just keeps winning behind Heisman’s favorite Cam Newton. Where will Auburn be if Cam Newton is injured? The Tigers don’t want to know. Auburn has a child’s game against AA Chattanooga this week. Are you kidding me? Not really. The Tigers are not out of the jungle yet; they must face Georgia and then Alabama on the road. Trust me, Crimson Tide hides under the radar in thick brush, waiting to strike like a diamond rattlesnake.

2) Oregon (8-0) – Exploded at Southern Cal, 53-32, after the Trojans led in the third quarter. He kept SC scoreless in the final 25 minutes and scored 4 times. The Ducks have outscored their opposition 180-38 in the final half. They lead the nation in scoring offense (54 points per game) and total offense (572 yards per game). Go ahead, try to stop them. He then receives Washington. Wow, the Huskies are going to get run over.

3) Wisconsin (7-1) – Inactive this week. He has played such a weak schedule (67th) as Boise State (74th), TCU (72nd) and Utah (98th), but he has done something the Broncos, Horned Frogs and Utes have not done, and that is beat 2 first. ranked teams: Ohio State and Iowa in consecutive weeks. That’s why they’re No. 3. The Badgers travel to Purdue next, and they better win big.

4) Boise State (7-0) – Just beat Louisiana Tech 49-20. It then hosts the Hawaiian air raid and the Warriors. Hawaii leads the nation in passing offense, averaging 395 yards per game. The Broncos’ pass defense ranks eighth nationally. Let’s see who the fraud is.

5) TCU (9-0): thrown into the UNLV 48-6 bin. He then travels to undefeated Utah (8-0). Finally, this should be a good test for horned frogs. Utah is third in scoring offense, TCU is ninth. TCU ranks first nationally in scoring defense, Utah is sixth. Someone is going to suffer their first loss of the season.

6) Utah (8-0) – Just beat the Air Force, 28-23. TCU beat Air Force 38-7. Utes has the home field against TCU. What more can you ask for?

7) Alabama (7-1) – Inactive this week. I had the Crimson Tide at LSU this week when they actually travel to LSU (7-1) next week. If ‘Bama hadn’t lost to South Carolina earlier in the season, Crimson Tide would be 8-0. They have had to wait for the right moment, and now is when they must win and dominate.

8) LSU (7-1) – Like Alabama, idle this week and waiting for its chance to rise.

9) Nebraska (7-1) – Just finished visiting Missouri, 31-17. He then travels to the state of Iowa and must win big to stay here.

10) Oklahoma (7-1) – Shattered Colorado, 43-10. You must now travel to Texas A&M. The Aggies just beat Texas Tech, 45-27, and they don’t care how good the Sooners can be.

11) Stanford (7-1) – I just traveled to Washington and knocked out the Huskies, 41-zip. Next up is Arizona (also 7-1) in a huge Pac-10 showdown on Cardinal’s turf.

12) Arizona (7-1) – Managed to pass UCLA 29-21 in Los Angeles in a not-so-impressive victory, but a team of substance nonetheless. He has a golden opportunity for promotion by beating Stanford.

13) Iowa (6-2) – Big unexpected win with ease over Michigan State, 37-6, ruining the Spartans’ perfect season. They have lost to Arizona and Wisconsin, two good teams, but if you think they are an easy mark, play against them at home. Then travel to Indiana.

14) Michigan State (8-1): Iowa delivered lunch to the Spartans, but only 5 other teams have 8 wins so far this season. The Spartans host Minnesota next, and they must win big over the Golden Gophers to regroup and regain some strength early in the season. Too much success proved difficult to handle, but now he must try to win the rest of the season to qualify for a major game of bowling.

15) Ohio State (8-1) – Just beat Minnesota 52-10. The only loss was in Wisconsin, not bad at all. It will be inactive next week, and then will host Penn State the following week.

16) Missouri (7-1) – Lost to Nebraska on the road, but still a strong team. He then travels to Texas Tech, and must recover and win to stay here.

17) Oklahoma State (7-1) – Defeated by Kansas State 24-14 in an away game. He hasn’t really played with anyone; the only loss was to Nebraska. He faces a tougher opponent this week when Baylor (7-2) arrives. The Bears just beat Texas 30-22, which is good for their ego, even if this is a bad year for Mack Brown and the Longhorns. The Cowboys better be ready for the Baylor Bears.

18) South Carolina (6-2) – Just beat Tennessee 38-24. The Gamecocks are 18th just for beating Alabama earlier in the year. South Carolina has lost to Auburn (like 8 other teams) and the Kentucky Wildcats.

19) State of Mississippi (7-2) – Defeat Kentucky 24-17. They have only lost to Auburn 17-14 and in one road game at LSU. Not many other teams with 7 wins can say that. He has a week off and then he must travel to Alabama and face the Crimson Tide, which will tell us a lot about the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

20) North Carolina State (6-2) – Just beat Florida State, which is ranked 16th, 28-24. You must have something to do. He lost to Virginia Tech and in an away game at East Carolina. They have played the 45th toughest schedule among the top 120 teams. Then travel to Clemson.

21) Hawaii (7-2): Beat Idaho 45-10 and has the best air offense in the nation. You get real change to do some major damage on your next visit to the state of Boise. Boise State has the eighth best passing defense in the nation, so let the battle begin.

22) Baylor (7-2) – Beat Texas on the road, 30-22. He has played a tougher schedule than Boise State, TCU and Utah. You do not have a winning signature; lost to TCU and Texas Tech. He then traveled to Oklahoma State (7-1), a perfect opportunity to advance in the polls.

23) Nevada (7-1) – Won a shootout against Utah state, 56-42, which isn’t saying much, but has 7 wins with just one loss in Hawaii.

24) Oregon State (4-3) – Put a 35-7 beating on visiting California. Best 4-3 team in the country. They lost to TCU 30-21 and Boise State 37-24, but have beaten Arizona, Arizona State and crazy Washington. The Beavers have played the toughest schedule of any team, and Sagarin has ranked them 15th nationally. Then travel to UCLA.

25) Illinois (5-3) – Defeat Purdue 44-10. He has wins over Penn State and Indiana, and has played the 26th toughest schedule. Travel to Michigan for an interesting showdown.

Week 10 will find another undefeated team losing when TCU (9-0) travels to Utah (8-0) in a key Mountain West Conference clash. Other major games include Alabama at LSU, Arizona at Stanford, Arkansas at South Carolina, Baylor at Oklahoma, and Hawaii at Boise State.

Copyright © 2010 Ed Bagley

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Holy Mackerel! It’s tuna!

Part of the mackerel family, tuna was virtually unknown to most Americans before the 20th century. There were no canned fish of any kind and tuna was considered undesirable (except for cats). In 1910, Americans were consuming only about seven pounds of fish a year, compared to 60 pounds of beef, 60 pounds of pork, and about 15 pounds of chicken. Of course, availability and cost played a key factor in these figures, as tuna is a saltwater fish and most people lived inland where local meats and poultry were prevalent. Most consumable fish come from lakes and rivers. Perishability was also a factor limiting shipping capabilities across the country. Those with access to the coasts preferred shellfish and other varieties, such as cod, sole and haddock. It’s highly unlikely that foodies’ president Thomas Jefferson ever served grilled tuna salad or ahi steaks at the White House.

However, in other parts of the world, it was a different menu. On the Mediterranean coast, Phoenician fishermen caught tuna 2,000 years ago, mainly the abundant variety of bluefin tuna, now practically extinct. The Greek philosopher Aristotle mentions tuna in some of his writings in 350 BC. C. The Greeks encouraged eating tuna for its nutritional and healing powers (or what they believed to be healing powers at the time.

Tuna played an important role in sushi consumption in Southeast Asia, where fermented fish and rice were consumed for centuries. It appears to have been introduced to China and then Japan around the 8th century AD. Over time, Japanese immigrants brought sushi to Los Angeles in the early 20th century and it slowly moved across the country to the east coast. In the 1980s, her popularity skyrocketed and there seems to be no end in sight.

Meanwhile, off the San Diego coast, the tuna industry had thrived since the late 1880s, thanks to the large concentration of Portuguese fishermen. Canneries appeared along the docks and SD soon became known as “The Tuna Capital of the World.” Originally, yellowfin tuna could be easily caught in small boats in the abundant waters of the Pacific, which gave way to larger fishing fleets and more canneries. While much of the catch was consumed locally, the excess was shipped up the coast to Los Angeles and points north, primarily to San Francisco, where a sizeable Asian population lived. Originally shipped in barrels, a local sardine canner began preparing other fish, particularly longfin and albacore tuna, cooked and canned. It tasted similar to white chicken meat, which is why the description, “chicken of the sea” was coined. Canneries provided thousands of jobs as they multiplied along the San Diego docks. Canned fish (originally in olive oil) offered convenience, long shelf life, and affordability, and as it became more popular, its popularity skyrocketed. But as foreign competition continued to expand, particularly in Japan, the SD canneries were no longer able to compete and eventually closed their doors. The Bumble Bee brand succumbed after 70 years of production. It’s certainly not the most glamorous job, workers were saddened to see the doors close on what was once a thriving industry. Although canneries no longer operate locally, both Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea (originally Van Camp Seafood) still maintain corporate headquarters there. (This author confesses that after eight hours a day on the assembly line, she would never be able to look a tuna sandwich in the eye again.)

In the US, sales of canned seafood have fallen nearly 30 percent since 1999. By 2012, canned tuna was a measly 16 percent of all fish and shellfish consumed in the country, bottoming out in its consumption. lowest in almost 60 years. Salmon has surpassed tuna in popularity as more fish farming has increased supplies and availability. But lest you despair, here are some guidelines to allay anyone’s fears about the main types of tuna:

Albacore tuna can be one of the healthiest fish, as long as it’s caught in the US or British Columbia (sorry Japan);

Albacore, bigeye and yellowfin tuna can be sustainable and therefore the best varieties of tuna to buy;

Sorry sushi lovers, but testing has confirmed that bluefin tuna, which is still used for sushi, has some of the highest levels of mercury; use your own good judgment and ask questions before ordering (as an endangered variety, you shouldn’t eat bluefin tuna, anyway);

So there you have it, tuna fans. Moderation is always advisable. And while some people may have given up on tuna entirely, there really is no need to give up a favorite fish, which is versatile, inexpensive, and simply delicious. And be sure to practice moderation with your cat’s favorite food, too. Enjoy.